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  1. The Cobb Oceanic

    cobb your the best!!!!!!!!!
  2. The Cobb Altura Tower

  3. RisingSun Oil City Pipeline Set

    cool i have the first post and second lol
  4. IJL Financial Center

    i love this building but i have a problem when i plop it it causes everything near it to get abandoned since it decreases desireablity
  5. Trump International Hotel and Tower

    i think it could be taller, from the looks of the pic
  6. Trump International Hotel and Tower

    i know this might be a drastic comment. but dont u think it should be a bit more slim and a bit taller? after i saw the pic thats the thought that came to mind. great buiding though.
  7. DuskTroopers Andover Tower

    i love the building dusk but i cant get it to grow?
  8. The Cobb Regency

    what can i say i love ur old building and this one keep it up