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  1. PARIS Metro Pernety

    Good work, as always! But first of all: congrats for Porkie Jr. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Outdoor Chess Plaza

    It's very good... only the chessbord is placed wrong... every player must have a white square on his right... but everything else is wonderful 8/10
  3. Roundabout Subway Station

    Good work. Why don't you go on BATing? The community really love your work...
  4. Dutch Village Church

    Very good!
  5. Kormaer

    It's seems like the Black Sea... with a modification of Crimea... isn't it? Ciao
  6. Uspenski Cathedral

    Grande! Molto bello! (..."Very beautyful" if you don't speak italian) :) 10/10
  7. Arcadia Row 1

    Very very Good! We need more european style buildings like yours. Thank you.