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  1. Commie towers

    Thnaks very nice but no links for dependencies? I can't find some of them - :-(

    Really nice but no jobs???
  3. Metamorphoses Mutual

    wow! amazing great for my suburbs!
  4. Bogota Area Colombia

    Help! How do I download this map? All I get is a bmp or jpe file but how do I make a file usable for sc4?? Thanks
  5. FmBeachesForIrregularCoasts

    I have another problem.....the beaches look great on my city but there are no people/umbrellas/cars on them thay are always empty!
  6. NESCO Government Center Transit Enabled

    Very nice but would I get that big box after I plop it? Sometimes lots that I plop come in a box just like the one above......... any body knows why is this?
  7. BAT Industrial Prop

    Looks nice - One questions do I need to have some kind of prop to get the image on the left and not that big box on the right? I have plop some downloaded lots on my city and all I see is a huge gift bow!......
  8. The Marvellous Country of the Winter

    Thanks xeni-2
  9. The Marvellous Country of the Winter

    somebody nows how to get the rockfeller center?
  10. Nexis Grand Shopping Center

    anybody knows where to get bldgprop_vol 1 and 2?