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  1. IBM CityOne: impressions?

    Hi Guys, what are your impressions on IBM's city-building game/simulator "CityOne"? here's the link: http://www-01.ibm.com/software/solutions/soa/innov8/cityone/index.html it looks like it may be a true successor to SimCity 4, in the right direction too: as more of a true city simulator than a casual game. but it seems like the game focuses more on fixing problems and streamlining the efficiency of existing systems - micromanagement, rather than truly building a city from scratch. Will this be a true city-building game with such detail down to that level? or will it just be focusing on the industries talked about: energy, water, banking, etc? And where is transit? will the game include that as well? -Sap
  2. I love the NJ towns, especially in Bergen & Essex counties. One great example is South Orange. it has a quaint little downtown of its own, with shops and irish pubs.A NJ transit stop runs right thru it, giving it quick access to Newark and NYC. Some other examples: Bloomfield, Ridgewood, Montclair, Demarest, Closter, and up to Nyack, NY.
  3. CO Vs. CS

    So then how does one tweak his city to optimise CO vs. CS jobs?
  4. Hey guys, what's the difference in how sims choose either passenger rail or elevated/subway, and monorail for that matter? When I plop them in a city, they all seem to use either one alot. Do higher $$$ sims use a certain mode of transportation? Are the passenger trains more used for certain types of zone travel (e.g. residential to industrial), or for longer distances? Thanks!
  5. CO Vs. CS

    Hey guys, I was wondering what the difference is between CO and CS when it comes to the commercial zones? Thanks!
  6. Is this a public competition? is there a website or something?
  7. Worst City Planning

    New Jersey seems to be one of the worst-planned areas in the country! (I speak of northern NJ) - It has a few cities scattered throughout, but most of it is overflow - unplanned sprawl from NYC. So as a result, you have all these cities in NJ surrounded by randomness...i cant even describe it! Take the meadowlands area for example. Just west of Manhattan is Hudson county - Hoboken, Jersey City, etc. - Most of that is in a grid format, has its own light rail, and is very well planned out - in and of itself. But to the west of that, is un-developable wasteland (the meadowlands) - so NJ was forced to spread to the west of that....and here is where Newark and Paterson lie. They are originally independant cities in their own right. But as NYC and Hudson county got full, the commuters move out here, and building in the 1950's era was so rampant and hasty that roads were not planned out, residential areas were built next to factories, and traffic is terrible. The NJ Transit is very efficient, and is the only state-wide commuter train system in the country. But NJ would really benefit from expanding their subway system - PATH. If they could expand PATH north and west of Newark/JC, I think commuting would be much better. Oh, and because there are only 3 ways to get into manhattan (Holland, Lincoln tunnels, GWB), the millions of commuters have only 3 roads to take. BUILD ANOTHER BRIDGE!!!!!
  8. Detroit:do the collapse

    There is no one quick fix for the city, but I have studied it in some detail lately: It is the leading city in america in terms of collapse. No other city (of its size) has lost such a proportion of its population! (New orleans is an exception to anything I may mention here, because of natural disaster) - I think the origin of this is due to the white flight in the 50's, once people started moving to the suburbs. One thing that would bring the city back to life is to drop taxes really low - property and income - in the state, and create incentives for businesses to move into the city center. Even Ford's HQ is outside of detroit! If you bring business back to the center of the city (occupying its currently abandoned 40%? of its downtown buildings,instead of building new stuff), it will reviatalize the existing infrastructure. Then the city may have to do some beefing up of its police force in the inner ring surrounding downtown, while these companies' workers move in. Detroit wouldn't hurt to create a commuter rail line either. We need to get off of our dependancy on the automobile, if we are to expect people to live in the city that they work in! - these are just 3 ideas...obviously budget issues may prevent this ideal situation from happening.
  9. I would disagree about people being uncomfortable in high rises because of 9/11 - a lot of people i know love working and living in highrises! and that type of terrorist attack was an isolated incident, as we can see. I think they should rebuild the twin towers more to the design that they were. but that's another forum hehe
  10. The story of the Incredible Edibles, and their universe is an epic struggle between the Good and the Evil. A number of funny adventures, dubious plots, and poop-man style drama AWAITS! - Through construction, destruction, and manipulation of these cities, a story emerges..... We will start off this tale with the introduction of our original three members, collectively called "The Incredibles"! Smart, a young adventurer - lives in the attic above his garage, rooming with his brother Stupid. Well, actually -its not HIS garage....its his parent's house. Smart's mom: Now Smart, i didn't name you this for your brains you know. I wanted you to become your name! Come on. You're 34 years old, and still living in my attic! It's time to get a job. Smart: Aww mom.....but i dont want to work! i want to be a superhero! Look what I made! .:.Smart shows his mom the costume he contraped.....it looks like a mix of some superhero from a famous prime-time cartoon show, and a pillowcase. Smart's mom: You're going to go out in public like THAT??!! Smart: Mom! I want to wear it to the comic book convention in Toonsylvania! Smart's mom: Why can't you be more like your brother, Stupid? .:.Now here is the irony: Stupid isn't actually dumb at all....he just looks it. In fact, he spends most of his freetime inventing things and experimenting. BOOOO-MMMM!!!!! Stupid: What was that?? felt like an earthquake, but sounded like an explosion! Smart: Maybe it was an................Expluake?!?? .:.There is a crashed meteor outside.....with someone INSIDE IT!!!! A DOOR OPENS....... AND OUT STEPS A SILVERY MAN, WITH A SKATEBOARD AND HAIR LIKE A JET! IT'S SKYTE ETON!
  11. Favorite citites

    Of the cities i've been to: 1) Toronto - applause for a great streetcar system that US cities mistakenly abandoned, great diversity, extremely safe 2) NYC - Very efficient subway system & extensive commuter rail networks, can't beat the skyline 3) Minneapolis/St. Paul - I like the dual culture of the cities, plus their strategic location on the Mississippi, as well as plenty of lakes and parks out in the suburbs 4) Chicago - the "True" Second city. (Los angeles is not a city, it is a mess.) 5) Washington DC - I like how the subway system reaches out into the suburbs, and how there are multiple cities surrounding it. I am not a fan of the roundabouts, though it does give the city character. The surrounding area leaves something to be desired though: terrible traffic, and no nearby beaches (even though it is an "east coast" city)