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  1. Fun Games for Mac?

    Title says it all. You can post FPS's, but I'm more into God Games, because I'm actually not that big of a gamer and realy only play those.
  2. Micheal Jackson dies

    This is........wow......I'm shocked. RIP MJ!
  3. Your Regions and their Population

    1701adguru, could you take a screenshot of Western MA?I happen to live there On the other hand, I only work on 1 region because I stink at SC4 really, really badly. It's called Garlinga and it has a population of 112,000 people.Yeah I know. It stinks.
  4. Network Addon Mod June 2009 Release

    Can someone tell me if I can just gett rid of NAM March 2009 in my plugins folder, and put this in? I'm saying this because the link that was given above me is locked.
  5. Rural School

    Is there a dependency form this? Please? pretty please?
  6. Ok, so I think you are all tired of me asking how to do stuff that I should know, BUT I really have been trying for about 3 months to get highways to work and I don't know how! This is the main reason right here... I don't know how to connect them to roads and stuff, like how do you get people to get on the highway? Please Help
  7. SimCity 2000

  8. SimCity 2000

    I just got SimCity 2000. I have a power plant with power next to EVERYTHING and EVERY zoned space, I have water pipes running everywhere(I have a water tower and 3 water Pumps), a fire station, a school, a zoo, a ton of parks and trees, AND NOBODY COMES TO MY CITY! I've tried everything, but nothing works. I once got a FEW people to come after like 12 years, but they all just abandoned their houses! PLEASE HELP!
  9. The Capital of the World!

    New York City. And maybe in 10 years, Dubai.
  10. Will Cities XL be for mac?

    I only know I little bit about this game and it looks really good, so is it going to ever come out for mac?
  11. PEG Garbage Chute

    This is cool, but the zip file for mac users on that support site is just some weird job/advertising site. Please fix this!
  12. SC4 Terraformer for Mac?

    I tried to on Crossover, but it said SimCity 4 wasn't installed for some reason.
  13. Ok, so I stink at Sim City. Whenever I start a new game all this unemployment starts up. So, I zone some low density commercial because most of the houses are low wealth. THen I wait.....and wait..... and wait about 5 more minutes and NOTHING pops up. Then I realize there's no demand for it. How do I get demand for commerical?It neer explained it in the tutorials!Also, how do you get demand for Industrial?I'm having problems with that too.
  14. Burj Khalifa

    Dude, this looks incredible! Hope it's done soon!