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  1. Hello, swamper, I don't know if you still visit here, but I was trying to DL your construction sites 3 and the download button is AWOL. Would you mind very much sending me the files (google drive or something of the sort would do :-) Thank you very much !

    ...and I see I am not the only one looking for them. I think I'm gonna ring some STEX admin...:-)

  2. can you design a police car of the Ohio State highway Patrol and the city of Cleveland, OH. Maybe Cleveland EMS with their yellowish green ambulances?

  3. Swamper,

    I have downloaded you Construction props 3 file and the links to the dependincies are not working. The send me to a Simtropolis error page. Please let me know if it is possible to get the right links to these files!


  4. Unfortunate event

    Sarcasm doesn't carry very well across the internet -Swamper77
  5. Tunnel Question

    For your particular setup, you will need to make the embankment 2 tiles wider. The game does not allow networks to be directly on top of tunnels. So you will need to have 4 tiles between the slopes that will be along side the network on the embankment. -Swamper77
  6. Avenue/Oneway intersection problems

    Temporarily remove the "Oneway Arrows Reduction" files from the June 2007 NAM from your plugins folder. Something about these files prevents that intersection from being made. -Swamper77
  7. Driveable Semi Trucks

    Rockraider: Windows may be hiding the DAT files since it believes they are "system files". There are 5 DATs in the zip. Ask for some help from others on how to make Windows display hidden and system files on your system.
  8. Is there a mod like this?

    Someone else will have to create the models for the clumps of trees for that to happen, but it could be done. Flora modding is outside of my modeling and modding abilities. -Swamper77
  9. BSC Prop Packs and Textures.

    Next time, post your issues with transit related mods/textures in either the Transit Modding, STEX Discussion, or Bugs & Technical Issues sections. This thread is for BSC props/textures issues. -Swamper77
  10. NAM General Discussion Thread

    Originally posted by: Yoshiislandthe red/green/yellow signals don't appear in front of turning lane roads/avenues.quote>Yoshi, Sorry for taking so long to get back to you on this. The stop light prop Exemplar and ATC files are in "NetworkAddonMod2.DAT" and the graphics & AVP files for them are in "NetworkAddonMod1.DAT. If both of these files are present on your computer, you should have them in the game. If they are still not appearing, then you have some other mod or file that is overriding them and preventing them from being shown. -Swamper77
  11. Is there a mod like this?

    This has been asked several times before and with the same answer given: No. The auto-street behavior of the RCI zones is controlled by the EXE and we do not have permission from EA to modify it. Please stop asking for this because it cannot be done. -Swamper77
  12. Shadow problems

    Switch your rendering from Software to Hardware under Options (...) -Swamper77
  13. College/University Time

    Colleges and Universities affect the entire city they are placed in. They will not provide education for the surrounding cities. -Swamper77
  14. Why am getting boxes in my game?

    If you are downloading BATs, which have SC4Model and SC4Desc files, you need Rush Hour or Deluxe to use them properly. -Swamper77