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  1. NYBT BAT Thread

    Would ya'll quit getting mad at me? So what if I'm not posting at ST only anymore. I don't even want to just download and look at CJs anymore here. It's not like I don't appreciate this place. Few people helped me here. Only a few. Then I get invited to this other place, then a whole overdramatic crap about banning people for it happened and how some people acted towards me when I got really annoyed with the banning thing, and it just bothered me. I thank those who helped me out with BATing and stuff but it's just...I can't really explain. I just want to avoid here, not because I want to leave everyone here. I KNOW most people here have acounts at Devotion too. You think I'm stupid or something? This is really annoying me to the point to just not even bother to go to any SC4 Fansite. Just leave me alone about it. And drop the subject. Just drop it. I'm not posting here. Please don't post anything about this below my post. Anyone who posts below should be NYBT members showing there work or people commenting the work being shown.
  2. NYBT BAT Thread

    Ugh...page flip EDIT: Didn't see the other replies since the page flip bug... Who knows what I'll end up doing. Right now, I'm going over to Devotion. I won't quit BATing, but ST has annoyed me too much. I don't really feel appreciated here anyway. @Cockatoo-210893- .......well I don't see my potential here. This place is distracting, but with my quick thinking, I don't think I'll quit BATing. And yes, I have been making it damn clear, but I just posted here again to answer a quick question that I didn't really answer for a week or two(or longer?). The LOL was a little unnessecary, but that's not what made me decide to suddenly quit. I didn't want to keep making a big deal about it, so I just made a quick post announcing I quit again....but here I am, explaining everything. @SimHoTToDDy- You've worked with me better than most people concerning the quality of most of my non NY BATs. Mainly the Guaranty Building I did from Alexandria. Thanks for helpming me with Texturing many of times on alot of BATs(even though I never got it completely right....).
  3. NYBT BAT Thread

    I only posted here again to answer a question and mainly be sure if Gwail had done the modding which doesn't really matter for me now. I made a post rather than a few Pms to let most of ya'll know I was still BATing I was just at another site. But, I am quiting now. I don't think it's really funny that I have came back a few times, but every time that I did, I just got even less interested here. Besides, I'm mainly tired of the old ST and TG Bullsh*t and now feel like I shouldn't have gotten involved with anything. I think I should really quit ST, but maybe not NYBT. I don't know for sure, but I want to kinda avoid this place. It's to distracting...
  4. NYBT BAT Thread

    No, I'm serious this time. I'm just tired of this place.
  5. NYBT BAT Thread

    Well actually, I'd rather just completely quit. No more NYBT for me, or ST. NYBT will either have to go on with out me or just dispand.
  6. NYBT BAT Thread

    Originally posted by: maikeli.1 Simcity4fan hows The Marriott marquis coming? also what has happenend to kryptowhite's 17 strate street and 599 lexington ave simcity4fan did you and kryptowhite move your models because i tried to download them and they said file does not exist so what happend to them? quote> Mine were removed by me. Kryptowhite was banned and so his models were removed. I'm not really posting here at ST anymore, just visting to send PMs to friends and read some CJs and still download some stuff, I'd rather completely leave ST but I have to stick around a bit and check on the ol' NYBT. @Gwail- Was most of the modding on my BATs done? I think I want to release them at Devotion with the custom querries. I don't think NYBT is really active over there...so I think it would be good to kinda start out a little more out there. @Seraf- Wow is all I have to say to that! Fantastic work! By the way, your Supreme Court building makes a fine addition to a Civics District to one of my cities. @Kelistmac- It's been a long time since you posted here for NYBT! I had thought you quit. I'm glad you're sticking around. The model is looking excellent so far, the base could use some more work, and it seems that there is a tiny issue with the lighting rig on that model where part of the roof has no shadows coming from it's details. The shadow cuts off halfway there. Also, I think the model is a little too tall(it needs to be scaled down just a little bit not too much though) but it's not much of a problem and is your choice to change it. I think some of my models are too tall(or possibly too short) so it's not really a problem at all for you to worry about. And what problems exactly are you having with the lighting or is the no shadows deal the only problem? O don't really know much about that since I haven't had this problem yet, but you might need a larger lighting rig or something like that. I'm still with NYBT and wanted ya'll to know that. I haven't been BATing much New York stuff, but I'm going to try to finish the V3 of One Brooklyn Bridge Plaza soon. This might be one of my last posts in the forums here(My last was in the Leaving/Returning Thread, but I'm posting this to let you all know I'm alive).
  7. Should I release these BATs?

    Guys, I just quit Simtropolis. There's not going to be more from me(here at least).
  8. The Leaving / Returning Thread

    I'm going to quit posting at ST. I'm still involved with NYBT, but I will be at other sites. This has nothing to do with anything, I just want to. I'm mainly going to be over you know where but I'm not a member of their team. I just don't want to post at ST anymore. My work will be showcased elsewhere. Most of ya'll will know where I'll be. I'll still check my PMs here, but that's all I'll do. I'm still going to keep in touch with ya'll. I'm not quiting NYBT, but most of my work is now exclusive elsewhere. I might take of all of my BATs of the exchange. Now, ya'll(NYBT) can still post here, but I'm not. If you wana post a little where I'm at, that's fine. I might post at Devotion too. So...I quit.(posting at ST) -simcity4fan12
  9. Deajoen station

    I think someone made something like this a long time ago, but yours isn't a copy of it, so good job. :)

    I don't see any texture mapping problems. :P Looks fine to me. 5/5
  11. NYBT BAT Thread

    I haven't been up to much NYBT Stuff lately but here's a little bit I've been doing- CitiBank Building in the Financial District. Still very basic so far. Part of the base of the HSBC Bank. It's still in the works. I've been tryin' to add some detail to the plaza of this one like some railing. Is it too high or too low? I thought of something one day about NYBT having it's own logo. This is the logo of the HighSchool(some type of highschool for business) next to One Brooklyn Bridge Plaza. Notice how the triangle shape in there is the same shape of the building. I thought that a logo for NYBT could have that triangle with NYBT inside it with different stuff around it. Just a thought. I never thought about this before, but what if NYBT branched out of making other BATs besides New York BATs? Like stuff from our imaginations or anything. I wonder what that would be like if we decided to make more than just NY BATs...
  12. The different looks of NYC

    I say we go take a trip into the Bronx. Central Park is getting too cold for me. It would be fun though, to walk on the ice of the ponds in Central Park. Great updates Rene!
  13. Schulmania

    AH! I've missed so much! Great updates and Happy Schulman Day! The McDonald's sign was genious.
  14. NYBT BAT Thread

    Hope you will too! I can't wait for the official release of 345 Park Avenue(I still have the landmark test one haha) and the release of that other one...I forget what it's called, but it looked amazing! I'll try the RL stacked triagle again on this BAT, I messed up the first time. BTW, the builidng is W2W on two sides in a way were it's best to place it on a corner. It will make a perfect coner cap in a city.
  15. NYBT BAT Thread

    I'm still around working on this- I didn't do much, I just added the triagnular roof to my 14 Wall Street. For Simcity, should I make it just a regular Triangular roof(like 40 Wall Street) or make it stacked-boxes in the shape of a triangle like in RL?