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  1. Appalachion

    very cool. 4.5/5 lol
  2. Dutch Historic House Purmerend

    YAAAAY!!!!!!!!! You're back!!! Beautiful!
  3. ARS Sunken River

    super! definitely useful.
  4. Show us Your Flags!

    Flag of the Latusian Union: Nations (all 14) of the Latusian Union: Auchtenaliastov: Datsun: Dostrovek: Ementrosia: Hunsinia: Jonkoland: (please pronounce the J as a Y) Kanne: Korgia: My least favorite... Malia: Neva: New Ammel: Pol-Monterre: Svierestal: The Falkands: (Notice the lack of an "l" after the "k")
  5. Originally posted by: Shingure This is because English is a defacto language and everyone uses it. In Europe in one country alone people may speak three different languages ( Belgium comes to mind automatically ) Due to this in order to get around it's key to know all 3 which in Belgium is French , Dutch , and German. There in Belgium , In the east they speak primarily German and Some Dutch , In the North it's Dutch , and In the south it is French. In the United States we use English , English , English , English. And to be perfectly honest there is no such thing as Pure English , There are so many different dialects in the US that it's really regionalized. Other than that you can count it as base-English. Now they are trying to teach Spanish because many people who are moving to the United States Legally or Illegally are Spanish speakers and use it as their first language and use it in everyday life. I can tell you that my friends who Speak spanish as a first language , If they got the same qualifications as me , Would get more jobs because they are fluent in Spanish and English. Meanwhile , I'm Using Spanish as a Secondary. The sad part is that they are just starting to teach Spanish in high school when it needs to begin to be taught as early as kindergarden so that way , Instead of trying to make fluency occur at a rush in 4 years. They have all of school to do it and be fluent by 9th grade. The United States Education system in short , Is beginning to show the signs of failure in terms of conforming to populations other than those who are English-Speaking and Are Socio-Economically sound.quote> I believe the reason why the US doesn't start teaching languages until high school is that they think everyone in the world knows English. This is true if you travel to Japan, Germany, Australia, the UK & Ireland, and Scandinavia. Another reason, probably the underlying cause that no one in government wants to say, is that the US can't afford proper language learning. As pointed out earlier in this thread, the average teacher struggles to make 40k a year. The schools themselves are already occupied with things like proper diet, recess, and keeping the school in shape. School budgets are generally getting smaller in the US, and I'm sure the cost of hiring teachers is going up, and the cost of buses, food, supplies, etc. The schools just can't afford a good language learning course. But it is true that Spanish is only being taught because of the immigrants from South and Central America. If that wasn't, we wouldn't be learning a language in the first place. But then again, I would hardly call the high school Spanish courses "learning." The students that are learning these languages (as pointed out earlier) cannot engage in real conversations beyond grreetings. Add that to the fact that most of the kids will never use the language in their lives because of poor employment oppurtunities, and they aren't really learning anything. Originally posted by: Patricius Maximus 7? I think 7 is a little late to start school,then again 4( head start programs) is to early. 5,5 1/2 or 6 is proabaly about the right time. I was reading when i was 5 before i went to Kindergarten. Kids books but i could already read. I do Agree with weissenschaft and kenntnis, quote> Firstly, Finnish children start school at 6-7, as far as I know. Also, that is not late to start school, as people can learn at any age, but the general area (6-7) is about the earliest that most people psysiologically and mentally suited to the kind of work that we are talking about (academic studies, c. 7 hours a day). Also, the test scores and other factors suggest that they're doing something right...quote> That is very true. I do think 6-7 is the right age to start school. But apparently, the US does not agree. We start school at age 4, but there is a growing trend of holding back kindergarteners until they are age 5. Even then, it is in my opinion, too young.
  6. as could I. But apparently it works.
  7. I have to say that like Barbarossa said, the problem is not just about languages. While it is true that almost no school children in the US speak something other than English and Spanish, there are many other things gone wrong with the schools. First of all, there are two types of "knowledge." For example: I know Sarah. I know Chemistry. I know Sarah: I know what food she likes, I know what her favorite dress is, etc. I know Chemistry: I know what Chemistry is, I know the Periodic Table. In English, these two types of knowledge are the same word. But, for example, in German, they are different: Ich kenne Sarah. Ich weiss um Chimie. These can be applied to various examples, such as students attending medical school not knowing how a heart works. They know what a heart is (weissenschaft) but do not know how a heart pumps blood, or have never seen a heart pump blood. (kenntnis) In today's schools, it is all about weissenschaft. There are less and less field trips, and when there are, they are rarely kenntnis-oriented. Students learn how grass spreads, but don't really know what happens or they have never seen it. Many students, especially boys, need this sort of kenntnis in order to learn properly. Another thing that is wrong with America's schools is when they start. If you take a look at Finland, which is up there in the "smartest" so to speak countries, they don't start school until age 7. Here in America, children now start school at age 4. The children in Kindergarten for 4 year olds (4k) is not like the kindergarten many of us remember. There aren't many blocks, singing, dancing, or finger painting times. It is no longer half-day. Kindergarten today is sitting quietly and learning how to read and write. This is not what 4 year olds should be doing. This brings up another point: Because these young children (especially boys, who are much more active at age 4 than girls) are going to school earlier, and are having to sit still so long, they get a bad impression of school. They think school is bad. This impression will most likely last their entire school career. Have you ever seen a kndergartener before his/her first day of school? They are very excited, and really want to go. After a few weeks of sitting all day, the children lose this attitude. The begin to dislike school, which in turn causes them to lose the will to learn about things, which brings down their grades. On the other hand, when you start school as a 7 year old, you are ready to sit down for a day. You are ready to learn to read and write. You can handle this sort of responsibility, and you like to learn. I am not sure if the following is correct, but the Finnish students scored higher on a standard international test than same-grade American students, and yet they started school three years later. That is all I will say.
  8. NHP Wisconsin 3 Pak by blade2k5 and papab2000

    you should make one of the Four Lakes area; Lake Geneva, Lake Como, Lake Delevan, etc. Nice map though!
  9. BLaM High Capacity Monorail Station MAC FIX

    *downloads* 5/5 very clean and sleek.
  10. HK Yongfu House

    :O i was planning on playing the sims today, but since checking in on the stex my plans have changed.... amazing 100/10! :D
  11. HK Taikoo Group

    as a side note, the base textures of the sides of the buildings are missing, it looks like you do have some dependencies. If you could please find them and link them I would appreciate, seeing as they will soon be featured in my next CJ update. :P
  12. HK Taikoo Group

    considering what kendiecasttsoi said, I looked at a large picture on my wall of HK and instantly recognized about 8 buildings that I had in-game. lol nice building, great job on the nightlights too.
  13. Police Impound

    Interesting. I think it needs a little bit of work here and there, but overall it is a good lot. 3/5, good for your first upload. :) btw First Comment! :P
  14. ??? *does not understand* apparently it is a joke, so I'll just give it a 4/5 for being daring.