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  1. Hi, I'm facing some problem looking let say all SimGoober or Pegasus or other uploaders bats, when you click View other files from this member you can hardly find all bats their had uploaded. Some of the uploaders have blank, but when you make a manual search on search bar you actually can find it, why there is that problem, is it possible to fix it? cheers
  2. Hi, I have occurred today with search engine problem, it doesn't matter what i want to look for it always says "no results where found" Does anyone else having the same problem or it's just me? Also I have found out, that as example if you want to look all buildings Equinox or SimGoober has uploaded, you hardly can see all of them around 30% has dissparead from their list, but you can found them separately at search engine, but not when viewing from a uploader's list. Why is that happening too?
  3. What is exact Cjs site?
  4. I just built a new one with 18 million. If mrbisonm wants I can open the buildings tab and you can see how many residents lives there. Edited post, please refrain of insulting other users. TekindusT, forum moderator.
  5. I didn't change buildings number at all, as I explained. I once did a 16million populated city on a large zone. I changed only commercials.
  6. I build a lot of Kwik E mart (2x1 plop market) ,then with program SC4 Tool changed jobs to 65k.
  7. Here you go the picture as a prove. I once occupied the whole zone with 16 million residents. Mostly of highrises has btwn 3-7k residents. Maybe later, when I'll have more free time, I'll try to break my record and reach 20million population. (current record 16million)
  8. I'm a big fan of huge populated cities, so here's what I built in 1 hour. Nothing special only nearly 12 million residents.
  9. Commute time mod

    It took me maybe a few days to build 16million populated city. I just played and from zero I build a city in one hour with 4 million population. Of course city looks like a ghetto, no parks, nothing, just jobs, hospitals, schools, police. I don't find it to be very difficult to build that big cities with "Max Out" aka CAM. I do have widening mod, I have mostly all of the most important and most popular mods.
  10. Commute time mod

    Yes in a single biggest zone. What's CAM? I got it, yes I'm using, but different mod, it's called MAX OUT.
  11. Commute time mod

    Yes right 7 million. But let's say I had another city with 16million and believe it or not, but none of buildings were abandoned due to commute time, even it had less metro and only narrow roads, but my other cities having avenue wide roads, but ...
  12. Commute time mod

    I do have NAM, but it doesn't really help, even R$ gets abandoned due commute time. Or maybe it's because my cities are hella big (average 7million population per zone)
  13. Commute time mod

    Does anybody knows any relevant mods to commute time, because majority of my buildings gets abandoned even I build a lot of bus stop, metro, but people still moving out due long commute time. I guess you get what I'm really searching for
  14. Midrise Office Pack Volume 4

    Is the any possibilities to get a plop files, cuz honestly I don't really play with grow and anyway they would grow into my city even with some mods