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  1. Sithlrd98 Simple Filler Lots

    Thank you for lotting these and saving all of us the time!!
  2. Sithlrd SimpleTextures 1

    Definetly need some diagonal ones now, These are very good tho, i'll definetly use 'em
  3. Sound like what we need are water mines that only explode when they touch boat metal, so as to avoid going foof when an animal (whale) gets too near. now if only they can be made and programmed to only go foof on certain (whaling) boats. Not actually kaboom and hurtin people (tho the idea of doing bodily harm to people who kill whales does me happy in a sick kinda way), but just enough to make the ship inoperable.
  4. MP 711 Apts

    very nice, good job with the fire escapes, keep at it
  5. BSP Happys Pizza

    a little bland for the lack of windows, but thats realistic to life, so great job, always love the stuff you put out. 9/10
  6. Brei Market and Happy Camera

    great job, thisll fit in awesome with the small town stuff, thanks for sharing 10/10
  7. FF MEB Al Karya Mall

    Nice bat, no nightlighting is sad, but i'll live, will fit in great as an suburban office park kinda building. 8/10
  8. Madison Square Garden Gay Pride Version

    cool variiation, i'll add this to the group
  9. BLaM 111 Huntington Avenue

    very nice, i agree with mmorales on the night lites, tho not to the point where i wont download it anyway, as it's still a great improvement.
  10. Worldwide Plaza

    Holy Bit Shatman! 10/10
  11. Dependency List

    Cool, Very useful, hopin those pesky w.i.m.p.s. navy port boxes will finally go away
  12. German Small Houses set

    Yep, mm-hmm, downloadin this one too, great works haar
  13. German Suburban Flat

    Click! Very nice batting, very ugly building, great job 9/10
  14. NDEX ITS Terracotta Mews

    Cool, a little bland, but just the buillding not the bat itself, i'll definetly use it. 9/10