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  1. CP PloppableRocks Desert BSC

    I like it, but it isn't realistic beacuse i live in australia!!!! goooo soceroos!!!!!!!!!
  2. zhonghua zutao China Cityblock Pack

    this is the best F**knig thing i have ever seen on simtropolis :) !!!!!!!!1
  3. BLaM French Connections Radiused Brown Wall

    meh lame nah it is okay
  4. MMl for Daddyo117272s Custom beach Set

    cool this is sooooooo rad i'm gonna use it straight away
  5. RLM MML Files

  6. AMP Air France 737

    yeh first comment could be better, but it is okay
  7. Marrast Underwater Cable Kit

    coooooooooooool nice
  8. marrast Drag Racing Track

    meh not bad 5/10
  9. marrast underpasses20

    sorry 10/10
  10. marrast underpasses20

    supper cool but what about a round about ??????????????
  11. Asphalt Highway Texture

    meh it's okay, not perfect though
  12. The Polaris Tower

    Holly S**t that's tall, too tall
  13. HKABT Shun Hing Square in Shenzhen

    The first real comment. Good I like it but it could be better.
  14. Dixon Kennedy Stadium

    Hey do you know the melbourne cricket ground or telstra stadium, if so could you make one of them
  15. HKABT Langham Place in Hong Kong

    Hey can you make a version of the hong kong satdium, because that would be real cool. p.s I didn't dowload