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  1. Spot on, +1 and a cigar to the young comedian.
  2. "Disaster insurance": keep building your city while your neighbours burn to a crisp. Just 0.99 $ for 1 in the mayors armory. Or buy a day pass for just 9,99 $! Sounds about right.
  3. is complexity always evil?

    I have been dreaming of modular buildings since sc4. Think about it: a building that grows based on land value, avaliable land and possibly on other factors. There would be no need to flatten the land or to only use a grid layout for a beautiful and efficient city. The first thing I saw in my first city where the hideous slope to the highway bridge just outside my borders. Gah! Ten years and that still exists? What's so complex about a city that looks nice and alive?
  4. Anyone else lost interest?

    Yep, lost interest. I thought that this would be the end for my project in Dwarf fortress. But it was just a minor bump. After my fortress has crumbled I think I will revisit SC4 again.
  5. RCI Nightmare..

    As far as I know the RCI is broken, over simplified or abstracted to kingdom come. There is always a pressure from R as far as I know. And since freight is borked both C and I are separate systems. And intra region RCI? Oy vei...
  6. This gives me great insight into why sim city, in many ways, are broken: http://www.polygon.com/2013/3/29/4161422/simcity-pedestrians-teleport
  7. Ha ha maybe I'm just tired but the shroedingers arcology joke really made me laugh. I love how absurd this game can be.
  8. Discussion about City Tile Size

    As DLC, and they will give it away for free to some and charge it for others. In that way they can earn money while simultaneously looking like they're being nice guys.
  9. While I agree largely to what you say, it´s not a bad game, I have found that I have to force myself to play it. Ordinarily I tend to ponder about my cities during work and plan magnificent and efficient layouts, not with this one though. It´s very pretty and I love many of the details, but when it comes down to it, it´s just not that much fun for me. I have resumed my mega-project "the hollow earth" in Dwarf fortress and will probably try SC2013 again when they have released service pack 1.
  10. Shoppers hell

    I agree. This is one of the many things that make it more of a puzzle game than a simulation. Kind of like Cities XL.
  11. The future of Sim City

    There is something about this that I like!
  12. The future of Sim City

    I don't consider this to be game worthy of loathing, I reserve that for sim city societies. And I have bought this game fully knowing that it lacks alot of features that's dear to me, but with the expectation that it will be corrected and expanded. By modders and Maxis employees that love the game and what it can do.
  13. Well... So it's here and I am both pleased and underwhelmed. However, my opinion on the current state of the franchise is not quite the point here. I am a sc4 fan and not shy about it. The last years of sc4 has been fantastic, and I wished that a successor would build on all the fantastic mods and wild discussions that's been made. That didn't really happen, but a Sim City game nowdays are more about upcoming possibilities in the future than mundane reality in the present. And What greatly worries me is precisely the future. It's got great potential for modding and expansion, that's obvious. But said modding can be hampered by EA focusing hard on a mod store of their own. where you can buy thousands of simple things, but a NAM impossibly can be allowed to exist. And the expansions, oh the expansions: sim city seasons will add snow and a santas workshop, sim city nightlife will give you a party district and sim city wonka will let you to build a chocolate factory. In short and to the point: my worry is a loss of variety and quality of modding due to a focus on micro transactions and future content.
  14. Well then I stand corrected. Pity there isn't a 2013 reboot of Sim Earth or Sim Ant. Regarding the topic: in which way isn't it worth the cost?
  15. "The exodus has begun." If I recall, in SC2000 they would launch if you had a bunch of them. Maybe if you built multiple arcologies in a 16 city region, they would launch. I would hope for an epic cutscene if I've slaved away building multiple arcologies and they all took off. Someone should totally try this and report back! Maybe you are thinking of sim earth there? The final stage of any civilisation there is the exodus where all the cities lift off.