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  1. Pre School V2

    The transition of textures needs a lot of work. Concrete/and pavement to dirt to grass. Odd looking. And why is the bus in such a strange place? Nice try but...
  2. DEDWD Sunken Plazas Mayan Plaza

    this is kooky!
  3. NDEX Marshall Field River Warehouse by Ardecila

    I reads the description but it still looks all bent on the roof.... Pretty lights tho.
  4. Medical Shopping

    Barbee: may-b there should be a rule then that u can't make comments unless you make lots. that way u can pat each other on the back. I think u're just mean.
  5. Tire

    It's like a black donut!!
  6. Fireworks Park 3x3

    why do the baseball diamonds face each other? I'm confused but it's still really cute!!!!
  7. Fireworks Park 2X2

    It should go off every day!!!
  8. Fireworks Park 1x1

    Does it sparkle by itself? wooohooohooowooowooowooo!!! wooohooohooowooowooowooo!!! FIRST POST!
  9. SmalltownUSA Pit and Balcony Theater

    Small town Canada - yes it's like that!! GR8!!!!!! The building is such a QT!!
  10. Downtown Commercial

    that is whack!!!!!!
  11. Industry Pipeline Set

    I can lay pipe all night long!!! 25 menu entries?? In parks?? I can scroll and lay pipe all night long!! wooowoooowoooo!!!!
  12. mountriver east

    It's bumpy!!
  13. Nexis Little Joes Resto

    I'll take fries with that lot! I like it!!!
  14. SmalltownUSA Smalltown Muse

    you're like the energizer bunny...you just keep on posting!! nice!!!
  15. Nexis Village Battery No Road Version

    A totally powerful post!! A zillion uses!