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  1. Small Brick Home

    Looks great
  2. New Official BAT Request Thread

    It would really be amazing if someone could make some Toronto buildings. I'm not sure how to show the pictures so here are the websites. Just copy and paste them in your browser: First Canadian Place Rogers Centre(formerly known as Skydome) the retractable roof is not necessary Canada Trust Tower Commerce Court West http://www.skyscraperpicture.com/toronto24.jpg Toronto Dominion Center http://oee.nrcan.gc.ca/Publications/infosource/Pub/commercial/existing/images/tdcentre.jpg Most of these are just boxes with textures so they should't be too hard, but I cannot get BAT because my code does not register. It would be greatly appreciated if any of these towers/stadiums were made. Thanks!
  3. ITS Shopset 4 Queen Street Corner

    wow great upload. this looks like something from timesquare, new york, i am so gonna have this in my cities
  4. Shanghai World Financial Center construction site

    VOOOT VOOOT!! 4000th person to download!!
  5. Lakeville - a city in cyberspace

    nice city, btw how did you get the roads to go in so many angles? i have city life and i only know how to make up and down and left and right roads. also, how do you terraform, i just dont really get citylife. i love the night pic of the street with the concert and hospital.
  6. Thermal Power Infusion Corp

    i loved to use your previous version in all my cities and always found pollution a problem,not anymorenow though! Advanced looking!
  7. Office Tower

    good looking, it would work well in my small but growing city!