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  1. SimCity Modded to Play Offline Indefinitely

    Also this launch shouldn't be a surprise for anyone here. During the entire process the devs were feeding us BS about how awesome this online experience would be. How much Kool aid did these people drink? The whole process was flawed and Cities XL model should have proven the online idea was complete and utter nonsense with this type of game. Now one interesting thing I read was that the Devs (to their credit) may have made the game easy to crack as a big FU to EA and kick-start a proper "re-development of the game" My hope is the source code will be discreetly released and full open modding of this game can begin to a result that will allow glassbox to run properly (as I don't think glassbox is the issue)
  2. SimCity Modded to Play Offline Indefinitely

    It really i$n't that hard to $see why EA decided to put limit$ on thi$ game $ince tho$e item$ can be put into the $imCity$tore for late purcha$e Nice one... I was just about to say that $-$ made EA have probably its worst fail ever!
  3. My guess would be lack of RAM. Open your task manager and see how much RAM is loaded when you click. That will tell you if you need more or not.
  4. SimCity 2013 - Intro Video

    All that dead space between cities makes me sad Modders time to shine!
  5. Go to Houston, TX and you can, although it might be hard to get a ticket as they are currently 10-1
  6. Interview with Maxis Lead Designer Stone Librande

    Yup dissapointment after dissapointment. WHen will Maxis say @$&@-you EA and let us make a game that is a REAL Simcity. I am already making plans for another rendition of SC4 and will continue to play it until they have a REAL new city builder. CitiesXL, Simcity 2013 can suck it!
  7. Will you buy Simcity 2013?

    Thanks for all the interest in this post guys. Good to see some convo out of it. As for me cloud saving isn't a large issue, it is more the lack of offline to play and the massive shift from the core SC values that we have worked hard on to keep developing. To see that maxis doesn't value a lot of the community work is what is really disappointing As well the loss of terraforming and being able to build your own regional highway and rail systems is BIG let down.
  8. Here is a chance for the Simtropolis community to show EA what they think. I am curious to see these numbers.
  9. I have read on here that maxis said they would "drop complexity and realism, to make the game more fun!???" WTF Isn't that why you buy Simcity? For the complexity and realism? "Oh this game is so easy I have no challenge, next game please?" That statement proves that they have sold out to EA and their own values as proper game designers. This disgusts me more and more everytime information comes out about this game, I was excited to hear about it then appauled by the scope of changes, and drop of overall philosophy. I believe, and I am sure I have a bit of support on this. That SC4 was a great start. It combined expanability with nice realistic value and challenges that were accomplishable with computer hardware and software of the day. Now that we have come forward 11 years. One might expect that instead of redoing a game that has been puchased and built upon for the last decade, they would take the basic philosohy and add the stuff modders have been attempting to add over the last 11 years. Sure make it more pretty, use the more advanced technology, improve on your platform by any means nessecary! All for that. Heck even add a multiplayer function, but for them to impose an all encompassing online aspect, where the "global market" even while in their "single player" mode still affects you is not right. I will be waiting for a non-online version that either by EA and Maxis' own admission will admit that online was a direction that was "un-wanted" and "unaccepted" by users. Which happened two years ago "Cities XL." Or if not them, by modders leveraging the game dynamics and engine to make a game that is more to the liking of the core SC users. Either way until it happens I will not be puchasing this game. As I know full well a lot of you will not as well. Maxis EA thanks for ruining the most epic game that we core SC fans have been waiting for, I hope you fail and eat a MASSIVE piece of humble pie. Regards, REAL Simcity Player
  10. Insider's Look: GlassBox Game Engine (Part 1)

    Yea I gotta have this! My new PC built in December should run this fine AMD 8120 8-Core CPU 3.1 GHz 12GBs PC1333 AMD Radeon HD 5830 1 GB card Nvidia 9800GT 1 GB card I hope I am fine... I should be.
  11. Oakland County: Update 50 - gaming anyone?

    Have another region map? That last one was awesome!
  12. Cathlamet, Washington.

    This is the real-size version of the Columbia Delta map released about 7-8 years ago... Really nice though!
  13. Very nice industrial area you got there man! One thing though. If you want to move toward realism in terms of power delivery the Transmission lines should be in their own corridor, for if they were to ever give way they wouldn't end up on a building which in turn would energize the building below making exiting very difficult. Keep em coming... btw Loving the road map (I think I say that each post in this journal)
  14. Hey man NICE WORK!!!... My real name is Marshall so I REALLY like all the Marshall St Road and Ave Are there any plans to put a limited access bypass around the city with a trunk line into downtown? If that is the case could it be named the Marshall Expressway? Keep it up... I can't wait to get my new PC built next weekend then I can enjoy SC4 again. AMD FX8120, 16GBs Ram, 1 GB Gfx Card Gonna be sweet!
  15. New World Trade Center

    You Sir are a master of your craft and have selflessly made perhaps the single most important BAT for SC4. I believe you and Rubik3 deserve honorary Trixies for your work on this and his work on the original site. Thank-you so very much. Never Forget! Much respect from your Canadian Counterparts!