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  1. Golden super mayor statue

    This is over the top awesome. I will use this.
  2. SC4Terraformer Support

    That's why I back up the System32 folder before playing. The 46 cabs that deployed to it were easy to find anyway. OK. Take 2. I downloaded directx_oct2006_redist.exe found here: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyId=013C0F78-3C9B-44DC-B8BE-46783BCAC3CB&displaylang=en and opened that into a folder on my desktop. I then ran dxsetup.exe. I now have a bunch more d3dx9_*.dll files including d3dx9_30.dll. I went to my SC4TF folder and ran SC4Terraformer.exe. WhooHoo! It works. I'm at work so after looking at the region of my choice I had to shut it down quickly. I'll play later. THANKS!
  3. SC4Terraformer Support

    from wouanagaine in different thread... the directX problem can either be another app that use it or that you don't have the correct DirectX versioncheck in your c:\windows\system32 if you have d3d9x_30.dll, if not then you should visit the links provided in the SC4TF readme to get an up to date directX version ( and do not say you already have dx9.0c , I know that, it is just those marketing guys at MS think it will help the great community to name each 2 month version of DX the same name ) Take carequote> I already checked for d3d9x_30.dll I don't have it. I ran dxdiag and found that I have DX 9. I went to MS' site http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyId=013C0F78-3C9B-44DC-B8BE-46783BCAC3CB&displaylang=en to download the latest and greatest version. directx_oct2006_redist.exe I installed it into .../system32 and I still do not have the required dll. I even looked for it in the directX cabs that got installed. no luck. EDIT: SC4Terraformer.exe.log is empty after a trial run of SC4Terraformer.exe & SC4Terraformer_debug.exe
  4. BLaM FBP Shanties Pack 1 Version 1

    THANK YOU - I have been playing with the idea of converting a third world region into thriving city state. Now I have something to start with.
  5. Three Rivers Region

    Thanks for showing me the land bridges. Now why can't I find "Rain Mod" on the STEX?
  6. The features sound impressive. I am going to give this a try. Thanks! You might want to update the first post to include the link to v0.6 and future versions. It is easier than reading through all the post to find the latest link. I can't wait to use this tool!
  7. PEG Garbage Chute

    I have seen this in too many screenies not to have it myself.
  8. Space Invader Amusement Arcade

    I had to have it to match the blimp.
  9. Space Invader Blimp Plaza

    I'd love to see a whole series of Blimps! These could easily be used in a CJ to help tell a story. I am downloading just to see it in region view.
  10. Small Eagle Statue

    Small? At three times the size of a light post I wonder how big the normal sized eagle would be. Very nice original statue!
  11. Merchants House growable

    Thank you.
  12. Elephants as Taxis

    Oh I do see a need for this.
  13. Monkeys as Ambulances

    I have no use for this. Then again, maybe I do. Maybe I do.
  14. Park And Ride

    Bones1 - consider this used. I always thought it looked odd to have a multi-story parking structure in the middle of the suburbs when a slab of asphalt would do. THANKS.
  15. Pro Softball Stadium

    I still need to load it up, but this is cool. Oh the memories... The MKE Schlitz, The MN Goofys, the Cin Suds, and the Fort Wayne Huggie Bears. Now all we need is non-pro softball field complete with the kegger behind homeplate.