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An Ancient civilization called the jacklese break off of ancient japan. hundreds of years later development helps the Oriento Republic grow into a large metropolis along with its 3...

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                     The Territory of Porte Royal, Cavlaire, Porte Royal

Founder: Grenus the Mongol and Royan of  Calvius

Founded:200 ad

Capital: Cavlaire (p.545,000)

Language: Orienton (official), Russian,Voyran(ancient native)


Ethnicity: Russian:40%, Eastern European: 25%, Native 15%, Orienton 10%, European(british,dutch,french)10%,

Religion: Christianity 60% , Orthodox 20%, Jewish 10% , Protestant 3% , Other 2%

Official Sport: Soccer

Governor: Governor Serge' Voy Bylvakic


Official History:

Mongolians inhabited the small island at 170 bc.  However, in 550 ad a Roman Christian  Centruion named Calvius Dolomus deserted from Rome

with his fellow Christians during an expedition to the east past Turkey.  They traveled the indian ocean before shipwrecking within the foot  of the mountains of

Port Royal.orien.jpg


 Calvius was attacked by Mongolians after they landed. In response to this, Calvius walled the young city of 'Cavlaire,' the ancient name for St.Royal/After a series of wars between the two societies peace came in 700  ad when the sides saw too much killing.  Christianity took over.  Eventually the two cultures intertwined to form the native people we see today


In 900 ad   St.Royan becomes the great prophet of Cavlaire. He delivered  to the people the now- lost Book of Peace all from his vision. He set up the Royal Laws, which set up a new church and governed the people.  Porte Royal was renamed for him.

Invasion and security:

Oriento invades the island in 1520 with suprisingly little violence.  Orienton citizens move in leaving their culture with the people for years

Between 1690-1907 Russians,Serbs, and other Baltic people move into the island.


Russia tries to invade Port Royal, destroying FortFreedom on Port Royal near Russia.  This begins the Russo-Oriento Affair.  Oriento reconquers Port Royal but loses heavily in the war as the death toll is 23,000.

Cultural boom:

Between 1892-1908 the culture of

Port Royal becomes famous for its elegant dances, great opera and their singers.  Literature is also at its peak.

World War II and

Soviet Union:

In 1938, A Russian plan to take Porte Royal is uncovered by intel.  Royan citizens fear becoming soviet and communist

 In 1940-  Oriento's

Port RoyalTerritory off the coast of Russia is threatened by Submarines. Oriento Army attacks Russian Submarines.  Russia loses.

European Immigration

After World War II the French,English, and Dutch settled    within Porte Royal


Hello im Robert Montaire from Channel 1 National News. Here I am interviewing Jean Carlhinho,  head captain of The Oriento National Soccer team, before they represent Oriento in the Sim World Cup held in Petrovar. 


Carlhino, what do you hope to accomplish at the world cup?


I am hoping we can win the cup and bring credit to the millions of many of soccer fans here in Oriento.  The team has been working too hard and long to be defeated.  Every morning we practice.


What do you think will need to be done to win?

I feel like I have to go out there and shut out the fans and just score goals. like what I did last month at the Warriors Cup where I scored 11 goals.  Since our defense is pretty good that’s all I can say , I know my teammates are prepared.


Realistically I think Oriento can win this, but our competitors are also very, well, um competitive.  I love Oriento with all of my heart and I don’t want to disappoint my soccer crazed people.

I and President Caguerre XV wish the team the Best in the World Cup.


Jean Carlhino was born 9/7/1983 in OrientoValley,Oriento.  He grew up poor with his Brazilian father and His Orienton mother.  He’s been playing soccer all of his life.  He has the most goals scored in Oriento history and has won a record of 20 Warriors Cup titles in soccer.  He plays for the Oriento Metropolitians.

Home of the Oriento Metropolitians and the field where the national team practices,  Warriors Cup,Ruinas,Oriento


In June, he married Jazsmine Caguere, sister of President Caguerre the 15th.  This wedding married Carlhino into royalty.  The matrimony was controversial in that it cost nearly 30 million dollars, which the government reportedly paid for half of it.

St.Lukes Basilica, where the marriage took place.


            Today Carlhino lives with his wife in Beachton,OrientoCity.  On November 27th, just recently he gave birth to a twin boy and a girl.  He says he will miss his kids as he travels to Petrovar tonight.


          First Day at Work In Oriento

Today, I left my house at about 6 am to begin my work of delivering newspapers with my distribution Company.  My superior on the job is a guy named Roland.  He will be doing all of the driving meanwhile i will carry,unload, and deliver the papers to the businesses that need them.

           On our way to the city we stopped and picked up catfish and spaghetti, an Orienton Breakfast must.  Roland ordered a plate of Orienton Yogurt and cherries. 

Roland is a 29 year old guy from one of  Bedmen's toughest streets. he is the kind of guy who knows it all.  He lived in the City  all his life.  He seems cool to me.  he says his mother was Japanese and his Father was half Trinitian Half Orienton.

Upon arriving in the city our first delivery point was the Beachton Condos.  This was my first time ever arriving in the big city.  Ive never seen a

building so grand before,  The building was blue and white and many famous people lived there like Carlinho.  


     Roland says: " Carlhino is the greatest soccer player in Oriento, he is leading our National team to victory in the Sim World Cup."

   Pierre: What is that?

    Roland:  It is a soccer tournament that many nations will participate in, Chiriro won the right to host it.

           Our next order of business was to drop off papers in a rich part of the city, where grand mansions sat below the Tall Skysrappers.


Roland speed down the street making a right on

Aviation Blvd.
  Avaiation blvd was a weird street jam packed with cars and pedestrians trying to cross the steets.  Roland pointed out the World Aids Medical Center of Oriento.  This place is Unique in that all they study is cures for Aids. 

While we were passing the airport Roland passed the Oriento Bus/Transit Authority buidling.  It was a huge building with a red tower on it.  

People stood outside waiting for buses because the inside were so packed.  


  Pierre; have you ever been in there before?


  Roland:  Yeah, once while i was a teen in the 80's.  My grandmother had just died so we had to visit her in Japan.  

  At the time the city was so bad that the place was filled with pimps, runaways, and the homeless.  My bus was 2 hours late

  and someone had tried to steal all of our bags!

Roland stopped the car at the National Library of Oriento, where i delivered magazines up the marble steps.  Along the way i noticed a placard saying that the Library was built in 1833 as a palace for President Claude's twin daughters.


From the Library i could also see the Grand Palace Square Arena, where flashing lights told of a boxing match between the Heavyeight champion Bruce" Bedmen Brawler" Jackson and Glen" Golden Boy" Tyson.

   Roland:   What Brings you to Oriento?  Aint it true you came on a boat here?  Whats it like where your from?

   Pierre:    Where come from it is beautiful.  The women, the climate, the beaches, everything is beatiful in Trinitia.

   every friday and saturday i go partying   In Trinitia everybody knows everybody. I came to Oriento to support my family in Trinitia and when i     get enogh money i will move them here.

   Roland:  Trinitia City, I went on a cruise there once, me and my girlfriend went to  the Majestic Casino.  When you lived in Trinitia, what

   did you do?

   Pierre:  I worked for the National Newspaper until i was fired for being loyal to Oriento Rule in Trinitia.

   Ronald:  Oh so thats what all the fighting and arguing on the news is about.

We delivered our papers to the National Supreme Court.  While i passed the Building i noticed many lawyers and one lady in white crying.


Our last stop called for us to get on Avenue of The Revolutionaries: one of the most famous and historic streets. Where it intersected the

Aviation Blvd
  stood TeleMagic Tv Studios.  Outside we could see million dollar Ferrarris and loud special effects.


While also on the Avenue we saw a round about.  This area of the City was called 

Eden Square
.  Ronald says he lives in the first White apartment facing the square.  He claims the rent is unberable .  He said he pays 2,500 dollars for a one bedroom one bath apartment.


We finally arrived to our delivery point just past 12 o clock.  We made it to the Orienton Stock Market Complex on the Avenue.  at 12 oclock is when the stock market closes for break so we saw all the fancy suits and rich men outside on their cell phones.  All though the World Stock is going down Orienton Stock has remained the same for 6 months, which is neither good nor bad.




Name:Pierre Kazuma

DOB: 11/12/77

Arrival: 11/21/09

Height and Weight: 6 foot 0,  182 pounds

Nationality: Trinitian-Orienton

Address: apt 512 Slopentu Avenue,Kings Island (Jacobis R.Vellman Houses)

Gender: Male

Criminal Record: None

Identifying Marks:  Falcao tatoo on his heart/chest

Family :  Roberta Kazuma 31(wife) Juan Kazuma16(son) Rico Kazuma 8(son), Cecile Kazuma 2 (daughter)

                   Hello, My name is Pierre Kazuma.  I am a Trinitian citizen that escaped the trouble that has been sprouting.  In my old country i was a journalist for the National Trinitian Paper.  I made decent wages but now me come to Oriento with only 3,000 dollars in my pocket and a dream to make it.  I have to support my family any way i can back at home.

         When i first arrive in Kings Island at the stadium i  was greated by unruly police and many a conmen trying to persuade me to buy me papers or a place to live.   They say "sula de ma via" trust me with your life.   i spent 6 days in the Bank of Oriento Stadium before meeting up with me a man named ramon who hooked me up with a spot to live in.


Me  moved into one of the toughest "Zuzus" in the Kings Islands,  located on Slopentu avenue,the Jacobis R.Vellman houses , named after the greatest President of Housing.  It was built in 1948.  my hallway is filled with graffiti and drug dealers and gangsters sit in
the halls playing dice and smoking. 

Me lord charge 450 dollars for a 3 bedroom, refrigerator,stove,toaster, microwave and a  bathroom.  it cheap but the water work only when it wants to.

The violence however is the worst.  it make me scared.  last night me hear a quarrel in which one man get shot in de back


My neighborhood contains a lot of different nationalities, jamaicans, cubans, trinidadians, and Trinitians.

I always walk on rivera blvd, it remind me of the Blvd of 1819  back at home in Trinitia the way its on the Coast.  Street venders cars taxis and subways create the loud atmosphere within its palm tree lined roads.  everything i need is their from my bank to send money home to my church.  the traffic there is so bad

The other day i come from church on the Rivera Blvd when saw a sign talking about a job as a newspaper distributer in the Oriento City.   This is my first job in Oriento
The pay is alright about 11 dollars minus los taxos.  the average worker in Oriento only makes  12-16 dollars an hour.

Today i start working.....



The Oriento Times  Vol.44 XXXXI 11/22/09


Today The Port of Oriento woke up to something a little different.  Instead of the Usual cars and food imports coming through,


Oriento awoke to a massive immigration of 25,000 Trinitians Fleeing their native territory.  Technically the Trinitians are Orienton Citizens so

they fleed in planes legally.  However today the situation caused  12,000 poor desperate  Trinitians that fled through boat.

 Many of them fleeing after the recent aggression of Falcao Party President  Raul  Govenez and and his declaration of  "anger " against current

Prime Minister Christophe Jacquez for the results

of the Independence Poll.  The Oriento Government still does not knjow where to hold the massive ammount immigrants

                The independence poll was implemented in 1980 for the Territory of Trinitia as a public opinion poll.  If 60 percent vote for

independence, the Oriento Republic will give independence to Trinitia.  Every year the poll has voted no to independence.  The closest

independence has ever came to the island was in 1985 when 50% voted yes to independence.  Last week the poll voted 42% yes and 58%

no.  Falcao party president and Police General Raul Govenez declared the poll false and his declaration is sending fear into the Loyalist

Population of Trinita

         President General Caguere XV of Oriento says,"  we shall take the Trinitians with open hands.  as for the

Trinitian Court Government we shall protect them from the angry Falcao false prophet.  if any war shall be declared upon

the Trinitian Palace we shall help out our Loyalists, our Trinitian businesses, and our allies.  An election is an election.

The Oriento National Palace where Caguere the 15th made his counter declaration today.  Are we going to war find out?



Independence State University:  "the Main Ingredient for success"


Founded: 1790
Founder: Thomas DeLorenzor
Location:University Avenue,Ruinas,Oriento City


Dean: Dr.Jean Maglore Sainte Joseph
Number of Students:10,321
School Majors: 192
School Specialties: Engineering,Technology, Medicine.

Division One
Team Mascot: a runaway train
School Colors: Black Grey silver and White
Rivals: U-OR(University of Oriento)
Number of Warriors Cup Wins:25
(2 in football,8 in basketball,6 in tennis,2 in oriento boxing,3 in soccer, 4 in track,)

Stadium: Warriors Cup Stadium:  tailgating parties are a mandatory before the ISU vs U-OR games

Welcome to ISU one of the top leading colleges in the Oriento Republic.  Students accepted here are apart of a great experience.
2 presidents and 5 congressman have come from ISU.  When Isu was founded in 1790 it was built to be a school of the arts and engineering.  Today it houses a wide variety of things like medicine,agriculture and workshop. 

ISU is served by city and private buses and 3 subway stops linking students to anywhere they would like to go.

ISU doesnt allow Freshman to park on its premises.

This is the General Building: Largest on campus.  The general sciences,general maths, history, and all the Language and Literature classes are in here.  This building wasn't always like this in 1940 it was renovated to its new form to appear modern and take up less real estate.

The buildings off of the General Building are where the classes of Technology,workshop,arts, chemistry, biology and engineering take place.  These are some of the oldest buildings on Campus.


Here we have a General overview of ISU campus.  We see The General Building to the top. to the bottom left we find the Bio-Agricultural  building. 
Opposite that to the right. we see the Main Hub of ISU.
In the Middle of University ave we find Education Park.  Education park is the fields where many like to hang out besides the Main Hub.  In 1819 and again in 1985 protest against war were held here.  On both occasions police and students clashed. 

Today, Education Park housed many concerts,festivals,events and anything the clever students wanted to showcase was and still is done within this lawn.


Next, We have the main Hub, also an original to ISU.  This Hub is home to the Student Radio, The sports Hall of Fame, and many stores.ruinaaug21251254627366.jpg


Here we see the Universities Agriculture building.  Classes of Agriculture, Zoology,Biology, and Ecology hold classes here.  Just recently added, the class of Agriculture has opened a shop on University avenue called the Creamery, where they make dairy products for students.


Here is the Student living section of ISU, capable of Housing 4500 students, mostly freshman and sophomore. The large apartments house Sophmores and Freshman.  The other Buildings house Seniors and Juniors.  Fraternities and Sororities are limited to only 10 if they are on campus  thus there are 7 frats shown.  Those 7 include the famous Phantom Fraternity, Brotherhood, Revolutionary Fraternity, and Sigmus Primus. 


Rise and Good achievements of the Borgoise Party

1912-Oriento elects Jean Paulistine, who establishes the Borgoise Party.  A single party that made the rich richer and the poor poorer.

1914- Dynasty Park Field Stadium is opened housing 59,000 people for baseball.  The Oriento Phantoms

1916- Jacque Paulistine takes over, trying to model his country and his countrymen after the luxury of France.  He designates French as the central business language and invites many french citizens to the country escaping WW1. 40,000 arrived.

1918-Immigrants from all over come to Oriento

1922-Oriento's rich run most of downtown and establish Oriento City as the most eloquent place in the East.  They build theathres, cinemas,museums,and Grand railways.

1924-Oriento Builds its Subway lines

Fall Of The Borgoise Political Party

1930-Borgoise elite build up much of what Power City,Oriento City is today.  They decided this should be a cite of lights and capitalism at its finest.  This causes problems with those poor individuals living there because they are uprooted abrupty.  They riot and are killed.

1936- Borgoise reconquer Trinitia after 100+ years.  The people there were experiencing political trouble so Borgoise made a deal with their ruler.  The Borgoise's vision for the island is a island playland.

Transition OF Power- to WW2

1938-Borgoise president Junta Delaqois is assassinated by the Black Sheep Project.  The military turns on the Presidency.  Borgoise elite either flee or hide.  The revolution happens.  Borgoise party is banned.

1939- United Peoples Party president Pietro Subna wins elections he immeadiatly increases defense as Japan and Russia are getting aggressive in WW2.

1940-  Oriento's Port Royal Territory off the coast of Russia is threatened by Submarines. Oriento Army attacks Russian Submarines.  Russia loses.

1942- Japan attacks Oriento Republic.  Oriento Republic loses some battles especially the Battle Of The Frontier.  Oriento attacks Japan in their land too.  Oriento wins. Japan plans on taking Trniitia.  Oriento wins in the Desicive Battle of the Conquereration Front.  Japan and Oreinto call truce.

Reconstruction of the 1950's

1950- Oriento builds its Oriento International Airport.

1955- Oriento Bulds the Oriento Japan Bridge, Bridging the two countries

1962-Oriento City population 21 million strong

1966- now-Oriento experiences  a renaisance of tv,music,art, and literature

Oriento Republic's Crime Epidemic

1979-1989-Oriento City and the Kings Islands go into a crime wave

1980- 156 people die in the Warriors Cup Stadium upper deck collapse as the Earthquake of 80'.  Another 315 people die in the city as fires rip through the city.

1982- 100 milion dollars in Cocaine are found in an entire mafia apartment bulding on Bedmen ave, Bedmen.

1984-  a plane carrying passengers is hijacked for ransom in midair, the apparently high criminal crashes the Plane into 12 houses in Ruinas,Oriento City,Oriento. 110 die including the hijacker.


1/23/1986-Trinitian Militia try to overthrow the Trinitian Government and Oriento Government.  Oriento puts the coup out.  This streghtened the ties between Trinitia and Oriento.

4/25/1986- Several cTrinitian Milita try to use domestic terrorism in Oriento.  Luckily they are caught by Police Officer-turned politician Darrel Jeanaout.  Police found them with enough dynamite to level 2 city blocks

End of The Crime Epidemic

1988- A major blackout in Kings Islands cause widespread looting and Arson.  After this Kings Island is given an ultimatum to join Oriento City.

1990- The first linking subway between Oriento and the Kings Island is put down.


otaa.jpg Oriento Transit Authority

Aviation Ave & Promenade Blvd    -Oriento Terminal-     Oriento City's bus terminal used for all international buses and buses that are leaving to go to Ruinas and Tokyo Mainly. Much of the building is underground. Russians,Chinese and Koreans and those driving from far away have developed methods to ship buses across the tiny Span of the  Sea of Japan.  Oriento plans on building a bridge to mainland Asia next year.  There is already an Oriento-Japan Bridge completed in 1967.



Oriento City Bus Depot- Portland Avenue and Heathcliff Street, Kings Islands

Built in 1931 stores 1/2 of the buses that don't run all night.  Also used to repair and clean busses.  Much of the building is underground too.


Oriento Central Station- Crossings Blvd,Bedmen,Oriento City-  Rebuilt in 2008.  All trains pass here and 16 subway routes pass through here.  There is an annual traffic of 6 million.  Trains to Tokyo,Yokohira,Nagoya,Fuji,Sapporro, and HOPEFULLY OTHER CITY JOURNALS. the  and express trains to Ruinas and the countryside come here.


Victorian Street Rail Depot-Victoria Street,Ruinas,Oriento City-

run by the OTA to provide for repairs and storage of all trains in the city.  This was built in 1861.



Jacklese Era

June 18,1163-Independence is declared from Japan after the Jacklese administration decides to be free.

6/23/1165- Japan Tries for a reinvasion of Oriento.  Fort Jacklese is held.Oriento Wins.

8/29/1212- General Jackles, the official founder of Oriento dies

1/21/1320-General Jacklese IV rule is cut short as he is killed by rebels try a coup that ends up failing and instead starts one of the bloodiest wars in Orienton History, the Oriento Civil War

Agressionist Era

3/30/1422-General Roumain I comes to power and breaks up the Jacklese dynasty.  He is noted for building up the stock pile of munitions and the navy.  He also begins trade with Russia,Japan, and china.  His administration discovers the pacific island of Trinitia, home to Samoans and Spainairds.

1520-Oriento Republic  conquers an island of the coast of Russia, they name it Port Royal.

7/17/1576- Oriento City population reaches 500,000.  The Republic's population is 1,500,000. 

1644- Japanese-Oriento Invasion occurs as Oriento conquers land from Japan in a war that last until 1651.Oriento Wins

1650-Oreinto builds the National University of Oriento.

1679- Kings Islands are sold to the British.  Oriento conquers the former trading islands of Trinitia and Port Royal.  Port Royal puts up no battle but Trinitian rebels fight the War of Trinitia.

Constructionist Era

1780-Oriento City population is 2 million.Kings Islands is 20,000.Las Ruinas is 2,000. Port Royal is 12,000. Trinitian islands hold 100,000.

1784-Spain tries to conquer Port Royal.  This begins the 10 day War. Spanish Oriento War.

1788-The Orienton Palace is completed in its final form as it is today in Oriento City.

1811-Oriento ruler Carinho II wants to diversify Oriento so he allows free immigration from anywhere.Oriento City and their population skyrockets

Decline of Imperialism

1816- General Caguerre X writes up the new constitution and writes rules of business which sets up the Stock Market

1816-1818-  Russia tries to invade Port Royal, destroying Fort Freedom on Port Royal near Russia.  This begins the Russo-Oriento Affair.  Oriento reconquers Port Royal but loses slightly in the war as the death toll is 23000.

1819- Trinitian citizens declare freedom and hold our soldiers hostage on the island.  This begins the 12 month battle that Oriento lost against the lesser Trinitia.  Trinitia for the first time in years is free. Generral Caguerre X is disliked for fighting over Port Royal but losing Trinitia so riots break out all across the city.  Caguerre steps down from his Presidency.

Reunification Era

1895-  The Stock Market Crashes in Oriento for the first time.  Money is bankrupt and banks shut down.General Jacklese XX fights this by reorganizing the way money works.  To show success, the Grand Tower and Grand Palace Square Arena in Oriento City are built.

1899 Las Ruinas is incorporated into  Oriento

1901-The Kings Islands are taken back from Britian

1908-Skyscrapers are being built allover Oriento City.The Population is 10,000,000 in the city.  Also the first case of the Bronze Fever is reported

Bronze Fever

1909-1,000 people succumb to the Bronze Fever.  This is a nasty fever that eats at the brain.  This makes people's fever temperatures very high at 113 degrees.  They Die and their faces when they die are Bronze.

1911-The cure to Bronze fever is invented in the National University Of Oriento.Bronze Fever is eradicated


Welcome To The Kings Island PART 2 :Kings Island East


AT The tip of the Kings islands lies Serenity Island, formerly home to an exclusive Gated community, now it holds Eden Botanical Gardens of Oriento and Serenity Island Prison-based off of rikers island in ny.  and of course the Bank Of Oriento Stadium.



Comming fresh off of the Athena Romulus parkway (the bridge between serenity island and east kings islands) lies the athena section of Kings Islands. Athena Av and Lincoln Blvd  is the Main Thruwway.

  below that lies the new castlelot district to the bottom left and the slightly larger parliament district to the bottom right.  The area is inhabited by British,German, and Polish citizens.  Today the area is in disrepair because on January 29th 2008 the Nubian Bay Flooded during a typhoon drowning 800 people.  The government is still trying to levee the area but it is hard to find people who want to live here know.


Above the Queensland Blvd monorail line the city becomes increasingly more brown in complexion.  The low houses are called East Province/Spanish Park.  This area has a lot of crime but is home to millions of Argentines,Mexicans,Dominicans,Colombians, and especially Brazillians then to the north it becomes home to Jamaicans,Trinidadians, and more Carribean folk.

The more high rised area in the upper left crest of the island is known as Princeman Grands.  It is home to many Nigerian, Filipinos Chinese and Japanese.  Slightly above that land is Olympus Heights.  This area is known as little Greece because of its Greek Flair.

Exeter Park at the far middle left of the photo is a very popular park in the whole Oriento City.  Its history is  strange because this used to be the grounds to a large university until 1969.  The University was called Athena University for Women (1898-1969))and it sat at 1155 Borough Street in Princeman Grands..  Today it is a community college on the southern part of the island on Athena Avenue but before it was a thriving University. The university was torn down by the  Dictator Jean Claude Ezra and his Foundations Political Party.  He instead replace it with a Cruiseliner port.  It was torn down on the principal that it honored pagan gods. 

Today all that stands in Exeter Park is the Athena Library,formerly apart of Athena University.



And from here we can see to the bottom right of the picture what appears to be 5 different  theatres.  They infact are all one Theare known as Normandy Hall. Normandy hall is famous for its design because it is completley underground and for its share of great acts.  Ray Charles,Yo-Yo Ma, Boys Choirs, and Frank Sinatra and Nat King Cole have all played here


Welcome To the Borough Of Ruinas.  Ruinas  was incorporated into the Oriento City in 1899.

Ruinas Facts:

Mayor: Remington Romain

Population: 3 million

Ruinas is suburbia outside of the hectic Oriento City.


In the Photo above we can see the suburbia at its finest.  The Highway that rips through the city is the famous National Express.(i couldnt figure out a name at first so i called it ruina new jack city express o well.) This highway drives from Oriento City  through Ruinas.  Along the way it drives past the Independene State University.  The Independence State University was founded in 1790 by Thomas DeLonzar to train men to become builders of the new society.  The school is a very good school and 98 percent of all graduates find jobs paying higher than 30000 a year.  Many of the graduates never leave Ruinas though as they find work across the river at the Nissan Production Plant.


Across the Oriento River, National Expressway turns into the Mount Genesis Freeway.  Named after Mount Genesis a dormant volcano that in the winter time turns into a ski slope for the city people to enjoy. 

Continuing onto the freeway is Exit 806 aka the Caguerre Military Academy. 

Beyond that exit where the tall building is is the Nissan Production Plaza, where nissan execs build such cars as the gt-r,infinitis, and altima coupes, and the nissan suvs. 

The Mount Genesis Freeway is turned west and now becomes Interstate 88 into Mainland Japan.


National Express is rebadged northbound into the Sports Mecca of Oriento, Warriors Cup Park.  Within the Warriors Cup Park Plaza lies  the Nascar/Formula one race track known as the Oriento Race Track.  This is the Venue for the Oriento 500.  In the Far left lies The Oriento Horse Grounds where the rich come to the horse tracks.  To the right of that is the Warriors Cup Rink where iceskating and swimming competions happen.  Next to that  lies the world famous Warriors Cup Stadium.  The University Of Engineers play games here.

The Skysrpaer infront of theWarriors Cup Stadium is the Marina Building.  In it lies the offices of the ncaa,fifa, and many other sports organizations along with a sports museum.

So your wondering whats the warriors cup.  its a competition that happens every 2 years that allows for a huge cash prize for the winners of the following sports exhibitions, boxing,football,wrestling,swimming,autoracing,hockey and basketball.  Highschools,Colleges,and Professional sports teams compete here every two years for the prize.





The Kings Island is the second largest city in the Oriento Republic.  It has a population of 8 million.  The area is located south of Oriento City. 

The Kings Islands are made up of four islands Port Royal(the official port of Oriento Republic), Kings Island West,Kings Island East, and

Serenity Island.  The Kings Islands were founded  as part of Oriento City for monks in the 1100's but were sold to the British and the French in

the 1600's.  The Kings Islands were taken back into the Oriento Republic in 1901.  Prior to that it was known as The London of the East, but

as of recently crime and drugs have ravaged the islands forcing it to be annexed as a part of Oriento City and not its own city  in 1989.  Today it

is home to people from all over the world.  People Everyday ride the bus or subway into Oriento City to work.  Although the area is known for

its grittiness it is also home to hard working people.


This IS Port Royal.  The island is made up of 80% industry 10% residential and 10% Commerce.  The islands major throughfares are Portland avenue,Royal Avenue and 2nd AvE.  The area has the highest crime rate in the republic and yet it ships in and out biillions of dollars of goods every year.  The residential Areas house many Dominican and Irish Citizens.  On the Corner of Portland ave and Heathcliff ave lies the Bus Headquarters of the  Oriento Republic.  Buses are stored here and all international bus trips stop here.(enacted after 9/11).

The Oriento Open is held at the Olympic Tenis Center every summer.  The building opened in 2001 to replace the old baseball stadium,Monarch Stadium.

The Odessa Casino on Second Ave is located on the infamous 2nd avenue.  2nd ave is essentially the 42nd street or Red Light District of the Republic


Traveling West from Port Royal we encounter the northern end Kings Island West.  The Major Streets All alligned themselves here such as The Riveira blvd,Grandston avenue, Island Parkway, and Rappaport avenue.  As we can see here Santa Annas Cathedral and behind that lies the Infamous Jacobis.R.Vellman Housing Projects.



The area to the top left is known as Mary's Gardens And tHE Area to the right of the parkway is known as northern Gardens.  Below Northern Gardens lies the Area known as Fulland. Home to Many Italian,French,and Spainards.

Below: Shows the mid section of this island.  Home to the Royal Mall and the Ancient Port.  The Orange building to the middle is known as the Winchester Housing Projects. This area is known as Ingraham hills. to the left of the parkway lies the Horozante District.



iN THIS PHOTO WE CAN SEE THE SPACE MUSEIUM AND THE MUSEUM OF ANCIENT CIVILIZATIONS(THE SPHINX) located on the triangle between New Portael ave and Durvill ave and the Riveria...


Here We can see the tip of the West Kings Islands leading into Serenity Island from the Tricity Bridge. 



                                Oriento International Airport

In June 2009 General Caguere Decided that it would be in the nations best interest to expand the original city airport and connect it to the new airport being developed.  The new airport boast flights to all six continents and many different airlines.  The airport hotel is to the far left and is linked together with the airport monorail.

Lufstansa,Delta,Continental,JetBlue,BritishAirways,Aer Lingus,RoyalAirMaroc, and more.

Terminal 1 Bejing Tokyo Seoul Calcutta Jarkata Tehran Jerusalem Manila Istanbul
Terminal 2 Paris Vienna Rome Milan Berlin Munich Barcelona Madrid London
Terminal 3 Havana Bogota Kingston Brasillia Rio De Janero Santo Domingo Port au Prince Port Of Spain Buenos Aires

Terminal 4 Mexico City San Juan Montevideo Caracas Tegucigalpa Miami New York(jfk) Los Angeles Chicago Washington Dc Detroit Houston Las Vegas Boston
Terminal 5 Moscow Budapest Dublin Prague Lisbon Algiers Alexandria Cairo Beirut Morocco Tunis Rabat Tripoli  
Terminal 6 Australia New Zealand Addis Abbaba Johanesburg Capetown Khartoum Nairobi              


The Theme Park That is located near the airport is called Planet Action.  It is a Teen Oriented thrill park that is themed after the comic books, specifically Marvel and Dc.  It was completed in 1989 and attracts 32 million people a year.


Here we can See the right side of Planet Action.Aquaman WaterPark, The Magneto Extreme Ferris Wheel, The Marvel Vs Dc Arena, The Iceman Ice Rink, The Xmen Thrill ride(in yellow)


The left Side of Planet Action includes The Catwoman Underground Thrill Ride(The Sphinx is Entrance), The Flash(the yellow coaster), The Wolverine(blue),The Joker(purple), The Castle is the Justice League Headquaters(indoor rollercoaster shaped like a castle)...


Oriento City

                                                            Welcome to Oriento Republic International Airport


The Downtown Area is one of the wealthiest areas on earth.  The Area is home to 41/50 Oriento Republics Billionares Oriento International Airport can be found here.  The red building is known as the Aviation Tower.  It was built in 1899 as a radio tower for the airport.  in 1969 a huge project turned most of it into a museum.  

The Black Building is known as the Dynasty Center. It was built in 1934. Today it currently houses the likes of Att,Cingular,Lufsansa,Delta,JetBlue,Continental airlines. 

The National Express is the major highway throughout the city it. It starts from the City Of Ruinas and Terminates at the Microsoft of Asia building. 

GPSA(Grand Palace Square Arena) is a major venue in the city.Oriento boxing,Basketball games, and concerts pack the 61000 capacity crowd everyweek

The University Stadium is located next to GPSA. It houses the University of the Orients football and soccer games


The Downtown vista also has the Southern Pkwy(lol where the oneway marks are). On the Southern Pkwy lies the National Fountain. This Beautiful sculpture was built as a memorial to the revolutionary leaders.  The Fountain was immortalized in 2006 when italian citizens jumped in it after their joyouos world cup win.  It also was made famous when the General Caguere proposed to his wife on live television

On the Southern Pkwy lies some trendy shops that include gucci,couture,louis voutton,DKOC,and Prada


 The City Changes drastically once you cross the National Express things become more residential. The Skyline Building is located in the Western Front District.  The Skyline Building completed in 2001 houses the likes of Geico,Pepsico,Allstate, and NBC-East.

To the North of it lies The District known as Asakasakusa.  The area was named for a Japanese mercenary who joined the Oriento's fight for freedom thousonds of years ago.  The general area is filled with hardworking immigrants mostly from Itlay,African,and Arab decent.The University of The Orients and The National Art Museum lie in this area. St.Lukes Basillica is the oldest Building in the City built presumably in 1398. 

To the East of that lies Powercity.  This area is The Entertainment area of Oriento. it houses a ferris wheel and the Great Electric Mall.  Creole blvd is a main thruway through this times square of the East.  The Large Ancient night market is also in this area.  The area is packed with many grand stores(like the espn club,nike store,playstation building,nintendo city) and nightclubs. Comic book stores and Tv Studios pack the areas lofts.



This View is of the Eastern half of the City.  The City of Ruinas is to the far right and at the bottom of the picture lies the Emperor District, home to the national palace The area has a great majority of Diplomats and Congressman.  The area has been nicknamed Federalle City by citizens. 

To the North We jump to the Immaculate Tower.  This Tower was built in 1938  by the Borgoise Political Party as a free view of Oriento.

The Crystal blue tower is the Bank of Oriento Center

To The Far right lies the once crime and drug plagued district of Bedmen.  Today a revival is going on.  This area has the highest concentration of apartment buildings in the world.  It IS vERY culturally diverse but there are high populations of indians, jamaicans,puertoricans and russians spearheading the change.

Bedmen also holds Dynasty Park Field Stadium- Capacity 59000



Emperor District


This is a view of the Southeastern end of the City nicknamed Beachton Heights.  This area was controlled by the Spanish Army from 1889-1910 and thus was crafted as a fort.  The Oriento rulers sold the area for what is now 170,000,000 Dollars.  The Kauker manors are the fort rooms that have been renovated to house civilians.

Please Comment  i know the city isnt like tricked out with downloads but i like it i hope you do.



                                                                                      Oriento Republic : "Ilibertante o deth,unionte makesa Force"

Founded:June 18,1163(from japan)

Founder:General Jacklese

Emperor: General Cagere XV

Capital:Oriento City

Population: 31,000,000(including 3 incorporated cities)

Government type: Currently Capitalist

GDP:20 Trillion

Ethnicity:40% Asian&Paciic islander 40% Mixed 20%Immigrant

Religion: 70% Catholic/10%buddhist/ 7% hindu/3%Muslim/ 5% Jewish /5%Protestant

Official Sport: Oriento boxing--boxing that allows only 3 grapples and 3 illegal hits (kicks,knees,or headbutts) 

Soccer,Baseball,Basketball and Football are widely enjoyed

Official Food: Lozano(a seafood platter that includes coral)

Official Bird:The Oriento Peacock

Tallest building(Skyline Building)

Official Flag

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