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Oriento Republic

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1163-1911 The Oriento Republic Dynasty Years(From Independence to the Bronze Fever)

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Jacklese Era

June 18,1163-Independence is declared from Japan after the Jacklese administration decides to be free.

6/23/1165- Japan Tries for a reinvasion of Oriento.  Fort Jacklese is held.Oriento Wins.

8/29/1212- General Jackles, the official founder of Oriento dies

1/21/1320-General Jacklese IV rule is cut short as he is killed by rebels try a coup that ends up failing and instead starts one of the bloodiest wars in Orienton History, the Oriento Civil War

Agressionist Era

3/30/1422-General Roumain I comes to power and breaks up the Jacklese dynasty.  He is noted for building up the stock pile of munitions and the navy.  He also begins trade with Russia,Japan, and china.  His administration discovers the pacific island of Trinitia, home to Samoans and Spainairds.

1520-Oriento Republic  conquers an island of the coast of Russia, they name it Port Royal.

7/17/1576- Oriento City population reaches 500,000.  The Republic's population is 1,500,000. 

1644- Japanese-Oriento Invasion occurs as Oriento conquers land from Japan in a war that last until 1651.Oriento Wins

1650-Oreinto builds the National University of Oriento.

1679- Kings Islands are sold to the British.  Oriento conquers the former trading islands of Trinitia and Port Royal.  Port Royal puts up no battle but Trinitian rebels fight the War of Trinitia.

Constructionist Era

1780-Oriento City population is 2 million.Kings Islands is 20,000.Las Ruinas is 2,000. Port Royal is 12,000. Trinitian islands hold 100,000.

1784-Spain tries to conquer Port Royal.  This begins the 10 day War. Spanish Oriento War.

1788-The Orienton Palace is completed in its final form as it is today in Oriento City.

1811-Oriento ruler Carinho II wants to diversify Oriento so he allows free immigration from anywhere.Oriento City and their population skyrockets

Decline of Imperialism

1816- General Caguerre X writes up the new constitution and writes rules of business which sets up the Stock Market

1816-1818-  Russia tries to invade Port Royal, destroying Fort Freedom on Port Royal near Russia.  This begins the Russo-Oriento Affair.  Oriento reconquers Port Royal but loses slightly in the war as the death toll is 23000.

1819- Trinitian citizens declare freedom and hold our soldiers hostage on the island.  This begins the 12 month battle that Oriento lost against the lesser Trinitia.  Trinitia for the first time in years is free. Generral Caguerre X is disliked for fighting over Port Royal but losing Trinitia so riots break out all across the city.  Caguerre steps down from his Presidency.

Reunification Era

1895-  The Stock Market Crashes in Oriento for the first time.  Money is bankrupt and banks shut down.General Jacklese XX fights this by reorganizing the way money works.  To show success, the Grand Tower and Grand Palace Square Arena in Oriento City are built.

1899 Las Ruinas is incorporated into  Oriento

1901-The Kings Islands are taken back from Britian

1908-Skyscrapers are being built allover Oriento City.The Population is 10,000,000 in the city.  Also the first case of the Bronze Fever is reported

Bronze Fever

1909-1,000 people succumb to the Bronze Fever.  This is a nasty fever that eats at the brain.  This makes people's fever temperatures very high at 113 degrees.  They Die and their faces when they die are Bronze.

1911-The cure to Bronze fever is invented in the National University Of Oriento.Bronze Fever is eradicated

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