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Oriento Republic

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Oriento History 2(1912-1990) From the Borgoise Party-WW2-Crime Wave

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Rise and Good achievements of the Borgoise Party

1912-Oriento elects Jean Paulistine, who establishes the Borgoise Party.  A single party that made the rich richer and the poor poorer.

1914- Dynasty Park Field Stadium is opened housing 59,000 people for baseball.  The Oriento Phantoms

1916- Jacque Paulistine takes over, trying to model his country and his countrymen after the luxury of France.  He designates French as the central business language and invites many french citizens to the country escaping WW1. 40,000 arrived.

1918-Immigrants from all over come to Oriento

1922-Oriento's rich run most of downtown and establish Oriento City as the most eloquent place in the East.  They build theathres, cinemas,museums,and Grand railways.

1924-Oriento Builds its Subway lines

Fall Of The Borgoise Political Party

1930-Borgoise elite build up much of what Power City,Oriento City is today.  They decided this should be a cite of lights and capitalism at its finest.  This causes problems with those poor individuals living there because they are uprooted abrupty.  They riot and are killed.

1936- Borgoise reconquer Trinitia after 100+ years.  The people there were experiencing political trouble so Borgoise made a deal with their ruler.  The Borgoise's vision for the island is a island playland.

Transition OF Power- to WW2

1938-Borgoise president Junta Delaqois is assassinated by the Black Sheep Project.  The military turns on the Presidency.  Borgoise elite either flee or hide.  The revolution happens.  Borgoise party is banned.

1939- United Peoples Party president Pietro Subna wins elections he immeadiatly increases defense as Japan and Russia are getting aggressive in WW2.

1940-  Oriento's Port Royal Territory off the coast of Russia is threatened by Submarines. Oriento Army attacks Russian Submarines.  Russia loses.

1942- Japan attacks Oriento Republic.  Oriento Republic loses some battles especially the Battle Of The Frontier.  Oriento attacks Japan in their land too.  Oriento wins. Japan plans on taking Trniitia.  Oriento wins in the Desicive Battle of the Conquereration Front.  Japan and Oreinto call truce.

Reconstruction of the 1950's

1950- Oriento builds its Oriento International Airport.

1955- Oriento Bulds the Oriento Japan Bridge, Bridging the two countries

1962-Oriento City population 21 million strong

1966- now-Oriento experiences  a renaisance of tv,music,art, and literature

Oriento Republic's Crime Epidemic

1979-1989-Oriento City and the Kings Islands go into a crime wave

1980- 156 people die in the Warriors Cup Stadium upper deck collapse as the Earthquake of 80'.  Another 315 people die in the city as fires rip through the city.

1982- 100 milion dollars in Cocaine are found in an entire mafia apartment bulding on Bedmen ave, Bedmen.

1984-  a plane carrying passengers is hijacked for ransom in midair, the apparently high criminal crashes the Plane into 12 houses in Ruinas,Oriento City,Oriento. 110 die including the hijacker.


1/23/1986-Trinitian Militia try to overthrow the Trinitian Government and Oriento Government.  Oriento puts the coup out.  This streghtened the ties between Trinitia and Oriento.

4/25/1986- Several cTrinitian Milita try to use domestic terrorism in Oriento.  Luckily they are caught by Police Officer-turned politician Darrel Jeanaout.  Police found them with enough dynamite to level 2 city blocks

End of The Crime Epidemic

1988- A major blackout in Kings Islands cause widespread looting and Arson.  After this Kings Island is given an ultimatum to join Oriento City.

1990- The first linking subway between Oriento and the Kings Island is put down.

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