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Alderley Rivers

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About this City Journal

Alderley Rivers is a new city that am currently starting. The city is currently made up of two areas, Pine Tree Hills and Conifer Point. This city is currently in the early stages of being built so please join me as we transform this small town into a massive city full of life.

Entries in this City Journal



The First area I started on this city is Pint Tree Hills on the bank of the river. The idea is to try and make this into a suburb of a larger city in the future around the river. Here’s a picture of Pine Tree Hills with a bridge connection ready to be placed on the East bank once construct starts in that area. (We also have a British tall ship parked of the marina)

Pine Tree Hills


This Area of the city is current served by Pine Tree Hill High School as the main education centre for both areas of town. This school is fed by a number of smaller elementary school placed around both Pine Tree Hills and Conifer Point. As Alderley Rivers currently lacks any major sports teams, the High School Football team is well supported. Parents and fans flock to games at the High School Football stadium located just outside.


Pine Tree Hills is also a religious centre currently featuring the city’s first church. The church holds a number of services during the week along with Sunday mass. As well as being used for funerals within the city. Next to the church is the city main cemetery, however smaller crematoriums are located in Conifer Point a little to the south. It’s said that this Church is one of the oldest buildings in the area.


Pine Tree Hills also as a number of green spaced areas located within. These make handy connection between roads without the need of a car. Due to these green spaces and other city services Pine Tree Hills is one of the more desirable places to leave with high land value across this area of the city.  



Conifer Point East

As you reach the shoreline you enter Conifer Point, thats split into two sections East and West. This is the central business district for this part of town. Residental life falls away and is replaced by a number of river front bars and clubs. Heres a shot from the top of one of the late night clubs. If you are looking for a good night out heading down to the river side. There is always something going on in this part of the city.


It’s not just fun and games down in Conifer Point however. Conifer Point east also features the local town hall that services both Conifer Point and Pine Tree Hills. Here a picture of the tax office with the central plaza out front. This area also plays host to the areas main bus station. Bus routes from connecting the city up start here allowing residents to interchange from local services running up to Pine Tree Hills, of to the Industrial sector to the north of the map. These Bus connections play a vital part of the city’s transportation plans.


With the Future in mind the city’s main North to South highway passes through the middle of Conifer Point. This highway drops underground as it approaches the cost tunnelling south towards to high density areas of the city. There is also a foot bridge places across the highway. This is rumoured to lead across into Conifer Point west where planning permission has been granted for a main line train station. The hope is this Train Station will provide Conifer Point with quick access to major parts of the city along with appealing to tourists wishing the stay.


This is a quick look at the first two area of my city. Hope you have enjoyed the screen shots. From now on this city journal will go into more details about the areas as we build them.


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