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The Dells

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About this City Journal

The Dells (Formerly Dewey Dell) is a compilation of shots from a few maps I've been playing on.

Dewey Dell is a collection of my screenshots from a city I built using Nightingale Pass by Kold.

I haven't developed a story or anything to go along with these screenshots as of yet. Maybe in the future or in another journal. It's been several years since I've kept up a journal, and I'm hoping you all enjoy these images.

To celebrate the release of After Dark, I've selected a collection of dawn and nighttime images of Dewey Dell. Enjoy! :)

Downtown a dawn





Residents call this interchange the Dewey Donut




I hope you enjoyed the images. More to come soon!

Entries in this City Journal

The Big Z


Life had been crazy getting ready to move, but I found some time to relax and play Robyn Dell for a little while this weekend, and here are the results. I'm not going to introduce each image this time either. I hope you enjoy them anyway. 

























Well, that's it for this one. Feel free to comment, like, etc. I welcome any and all feedback. 

The Big Z


Robyn is growing pretty well, but I don't want it to become too large, so I've been keeping residential and commercial at a lower density. I'm not going to explain too many of the images today but will let them speak for themselves.












Well, I hope you've enjoyed this entry. Sorry again for the images popping up at the bottom. I honestly don't know what's going on. Feel free to comment, rate, and so on.


City Hall.jpg











The Big Z

Humble Beginnings


Greetings! Unfortunately, this won't be a very long entry because I only had enough time after somehow breaking my game to play for about two hours today, so here's what I've completed so far. This image is one of the new neighborhoods in Robyn Dell that I've been working on. Nothing too schnazzy just yet, but the beginning is promising.

Here's part of the neighborhood on the opposite side of town. I decided to start working in the wooded area instead of the farming area, which will come as a separate community in a later entry.



The aptly named Main Street of Robyn Dell boasts some bustling shops and businesses.



And here's the overview of the small, sleeping town of 3,000 people. 



The plan as of now is to put in a few park areas and expand the residential to the area at the top of this image. After that, I'll let this area grow and settle while I start the farming community.

I hope you enjoyed this short entry. I apologize that it's usually only half of the images I typically post, but there isn't much going on just yet.

Feel free to rate and/or reply. I'm open to any feedback. :) 

Edit: For some reason, it's posting my pictures again at the end of the entry. I'm not sure what's going, so I apologize for the repeat. I've tried removing them, but they keep showing up no matter what.





The Big Z

Robyn Dell


Well, with the release of Snowfall, I spent a lot of time trying to figure out what broke my game. lol Once I finally figured all of that out and unsubscribed to all of it, I decided that I would just start a new Dell.

I present the as-of-yet undeveloped Robyn Dell. It is the Alpine Meadows map from the Workshop. Hwillemse has done a really great job making a simple but dynamic map here, so I figured I'd give it a whirl.

Unlike Abbey Dell, I'm going to focus on making small, rural towns scattered throughout the map rather than one, large, central city.

More to come soon.


The Big Z

Abbey Acres Sprouts


First of all, I apologize for how long it's been since I've posted an update. Life has been crazy busy, but I took some time this evening to work on the expansion I mentioned in the last entry. Here is a nice dirt road that borders a citrus farm in Abbey Acres (currently the only farm lol). 

Here is a picture of the barn for the citrus farm. As you can see from this direction, there is much left to develop and turn into farms.


In this shot, you can see downtown in the distance, giving you an idea of where Abbey Dell is in relation to this new area.


The farming community has brought many people to the area, and they have founded a small, rural-ish town, Abbey Acres. The main plaza/park is the centerpiece of the small development. (I'm not a fan of that building's shadowing in this shot, but it captured the park pretty well)


A night shot of the park from a different angle gives you a better idea of the small town feeling of Abbey Acres.


A shot of downtown from Abbey Acres. No matter how far from the city, the lights and skyline still loom in the distance.


Here's an overview of the area I'm currently working on. As you can see, it's very much a work in progress, but I'm excited to work on it and see how it turns out.


As always, I hope you enjoyed this entry. I apologize again for how long it's been since I've posted an entry.

Feel free to comment, rate, like, and all that jazz. It's very appreciated.


The Big Z


I apologize for how long it has been since my last entry. The near year has kept me busy so far, but I have managed to briefly plan on some expansion in Abbey while revisiting Dewey and even starting a small, polar side project.

The shot above is the area next on my list of expansion. I've hit the western border of the 25 tiles and am now looking to expand across the river. Right now, the plan is to actually start more toward the east border rather than expanding across the river immediately.

The Eastside has a lot of potential and some amazing landscape, such as this estuary.


Seen from a distance, you can see how cool the estuary is. I'm planning on keeping it how it is but will probably put a bike pedestrian path along the bluff above the river.


I had to build the highway that cuts through this part of the map. The nice thing is that it will alleviate some of the bottle-necking that is occurring on the highway into Abbey's main industrial complex.


Right now, I don't have anything planned for the island. I'm thinking a small residential area and maybe some farms. I thought about making it a big industrial shipping area, but I'm a little partial to the pristine conditions currently in place.


It's not much in the way of planning as it is in the way of rough-scale idea. But before I end this entry, I thought you all might enjoy some random images from other places. This is Dewey Dell, currently dealing with frigid temperatures that have caused difficulties for the river traffic and some some in the higher elevations.


Here is a picture from a currently unnamed dell in the polar regions. They're in the midst of the long night that is known to last for months at a time.


The icy cold weather doesn't stop the citizens from enjoying the waterfront either.



Well, I hope you've enjoyed this entry. Hopefully, I will be able to post some progress for Abbey's expansion this next week.

As always, feel free to like, rate, and comment!

The Big Z


Thanks to the holidays, I've been able to work quite a bit on Abbey. She's grown from 97K to a whopping 135k in only three days. Here is a shot of the moon setting over the city.

Here is a shot of the dawn just before sunrise when all the city's lights are still on and people are waking up and getting ready for the day.


A school bus hauls kids from home to start the day in this northside suburb.


A passenger train cruises down the quiet suburb north of downtown.


To northeast of town sits this little suburb. Unfortunately the residents have to deal with the airplanes as they come and go from the international airport.


Here is a shot from the eastside of town, right off the huge interstate from several posts ago.


And finally, another far away shot for you. The city's population now sits at 138,000 citizens.


I hope you've enjoyed this miss-mash of shots. I've hit the west edge of the map, and after I fill in some of the loose spots, the only place to go will be across the river to the island and the bank beyond!


The Big Z

Abbey - Facelift


With the new release of the Terrain Themes Mod, I decided to change the appearance of Abbey Dell to look more like Ireland. Abbey is only a few thousand citizens away from 100,000!

Today, I thought I'd just give you a random bunch of images to show new areas and a few old ones with the new skin because they've definitely changed. First up is Abbey Park. The new Ireland terrain has changed the color of the pathways to be a darker gray. With the new ground color and the new path color, I think the colors stick out even more.


Here is an image from further way, capturing a little of downtown.


Here is a new neighborhood I've been working on that sits closer to the ocean, not that you can see it in this image. But you can see how far from downtown it is.


This last image is on the opposite side of the city from the previous image. This is Coleridge Square, the coal-mining section of the city. The game chose the name, and I thought it was a nice pun, so I kept it. The surrounding area is largely undeveloped, and hopefully I have more time in the coming week or so than I have in the last week. lol



I hope you've enjoyed this randomness. I'm also thinking of switching to another LUT since this one seems a bit gloomy to me. What do you guys think?

The Big Z


Welcome to Victoria Heights of Abbey Dell! This is a newly developed/still developing suburb. While the architecture here varies, many of the buildings favor a Manhattan and Brooklyn style.

Victoria's pride and joy is the massive park that features basketball courts, a soccer/football field, a baseball field, skateboarding rink, a botanical garden, and a local zoo!


The park is nicely landscaped to not only promote sporting activities but also an appreciation for nature.


Locals have come to use the park well into the night, especially during the city's summer basketball league.


Victoria Gardens features a wide variety of plant species, some of which can be seen outside the main building.


The Skateboarding Park helps diversify the sporting opportunities provided by the city.


The park from above shows the full scale of activities available.


Victoria Heights even has its own subway stop while multiple bus routes.


A view of downtown from the distant corner of Victoria Heights, which is actually on one edge of this map.


And here's a view of Victoria Heights from the tallest building downtown (the tall building to the far right in the previous shot).



Well, I hope you enjoyed Victoria Heights! There will surely be more to come from there as well as much more!

As always, please feel free to comment, rate, and like. All feedback, critique, suggestions, etc. are welcome!

The Big Z


Another installation of Abbey University campus! The above picture is a shot of the university's recent expansion across the river. In this shot, you can see the Engineering and Biology buildings in the foreground.

Here is a picture from the front side of the Engineering building, taken in the late afternoon.


Here is the Biology Building. AU is particularly known for their Marine Biology degrees since it is so close to the ocean.


The university also added some new dorms that will help attract more students and will be an extra source of income for the university. You can see the stadium and Political Science building across the river.


The AU Bridge provides a great vantage point for romantic walks. Students often throw coins off the edge, wishing for anything from true love to passing finals.


A shot of the new expansion from the baseball and soccer fields.


And finally, back to the Engineering building with the parking lots that provide parking for most of the university. The university employs several shuttles that take students from the parking lots all the way to the administration building and back again.


That's it for the university expansion, but here's a sneak peek at the next update. Suburbs that border the industrial area have taken shape and are developing nicely. The blank spot in the center of the image (where the powerlines currently are) will be developed into a park.


Well, I hope you've enjoyed this entry. As always, please like, comment, and/or rate. I'm open to any suggestions, feedback, critique, etc.

The Big Z


So, first things first. This post isn't of anything in particular except random shots around the city and some planning and progress on that planning. I've been working on suburbs in between the university and park updates, so here are a few shots of my progress.

The shot below is of the Emerson District. You can see the park in the center of the picture with the graveyard and crematorium on the blvd.


Here's a shot of the Emerson District with part of Abbey University's Campus.


The highway overpass in one of the newest suburbs that is currently developing.


Overview of the area during the day. The empty area that spans the bottom middle will be the next area to develop.


Overview at night from further up.


And one last shot but not of Abbey Dell. This is a shot of Dewey Dell. I messed around in a little this week but didn't do too much with it. The city's getting too large for my poor computer to handle.


Well, I hope you enjoyed the randomness. Hopefully I'll have some time to get a proper update together once the new areas develop further.

As always, feel free to like, rate, comment! I welcome any feedback, critique, suggestions, etc.

The Big Z

Abbey Park


Now that I have the LUT sorted out (for now), here's some shots of the new Abbey Park that I mentioned in the last entry (the last picture). 

Abbey Park not only has a dog park, it also has a gazebo that overlooks a vast garden of blue, light blue, and white wildflowers.


Across from the gazebo is a long row of red and pink wildflowers with a row of purple flower. On each of this long row are Japanese Cherry trees.


Next to the gazebo and accompanying garden is a carousel for patrons to enjoy while they're walking through the park.


Further down the main path of the park is another garden. Surrounded by small, white rosebushes, pink and red wildflowers, and then a circle of large, red rosebushes, the cherry tree in the center is the focus of this area. Benches line the circular pathway, so visitors can sit down and enjoy now only the view but the array of aromas.


After enduring months of construction, University Blvd has come along way from simply being the edge between a forested area prone to criminal activity and is now lined with beautiful bushes, trees and flowers.


A view of from the northern end of the park shows the park's overall features and surroundings.


I hope you've enjoyed this entry. I had a lot of fun building the park. Apart from the university's campus, this is the first actual park that I've "designed" and plopped. It was a lot of fun.

As always, I welcome any feedback, critique, suggestions, etc. Feel free to like, rate, and/or comment!

The Big Z


Here we are again! Before I go too far, I have to give a shout-out to Yorkshire Gamer's video series on YouTube. A lot of the landscaping is a direct result of watching his awesome video, University Landscaping. Generally, I've redone and added some landscaping in addition to more buildings! I redid the AU next tot he Administration Building in the picture above.

Next is a retaken image of the History Building/Museum with some additional landscaping.


Next is the Visual Arts and Design Building with new landscaping.


The expansion of the campus took some time, but was thoroughly enjoyable. Now I just need to decide whether to expand the campus across the river or build a residential area


A close-up shot of the Literature and Languages Building next to the Math Building.


Here's an even closer close-up of the pathway behind the Literature and Language Building that leads below the bridge to the baseball stadium.


The small University Park offers a place for students to get away from classrooms and study halls to sit and relax.


Founders' Plaza is a fun place where students also go to relax and get a breath of fresh air.


Here's the Political Science Building at the end of campus proper. There is a statue at the top end of the grounds to commemorate the 25th year of the department.


That's it for Abbey U for now. I'm planning on building a park in larger empty area in the image below, maybe both areas.


Also, I realized I haven't given an updated picture of the entire city as it stands. It's not the prettiest and it's far from complete, but it gives you a shot of what I'm working on other than the university.


Well, I hope you enjoyed Abbey University - Part 2! Feel free to like, comment, rate, etc. As usual, I'm open to any feedback, suggestions, and critiques.

The Big Z


This is a view from the opposite side of the city than I have been posting. In the right "foreground" is the industrial section of the city.To the left of the shot is a recently laid out suburban area.

In this update, however, I'm going to give you guys a brief preview of the university area I've been working on – subject to changes though. Here's a shot of the university's football/soccer field.


These buildings are the College of Performing Arts and the College of Visual Arts buildings.


This is a shot of the university square with the roof of the History Department and Museum building.


And here is a shot of the university's administration offices and university square from another vantage.


I apologize for the shorter-than-typical entry. I hope you enjoyed it. Part 2 will come in the next few days!

Please feel free to like, comment, or rate. As usual, I'm open to any feedback, suggestions, critique, etc.

The Big Z

Abbey Roads


Going to revisit a couple places in this entry to see how they've changed in the last few weeks. Here's the sunken highway. The two over passes in the distant have been experiencing some crazy traffic, so they were expanded.

Here's what the two overpasses looked before they were widened.


They were converted into one-way avenues to allow for more traffic.


One of the intersection affected by the recent expansion is an intersection I've shared in the last few entries, and here's what it looks like now.


Now here are a few zoomed-in images that help capture the city's nightlife.

This road is in a few of the images because it's one of the main avenues of the city. The overhead wires have been removed and I've been switching between train models to see which one I like most. This is the current version.


Here's where the road ends with a T, at least for now. There is still room for me to expand a little further.


The tram runs along many of the cities busy and not-so-busy streets.




Until it turns down the Abbey Ave.



I hope you've enjoyed this entry! Please feel free to comment, like, and/or rate. I'm open to any feedback, suggestions, and what not.

The Big Z


Nothing like dinner with a view.

I've been working on the suburban areas around downtown, specially the larger green area from the image in my last entry. The suburbs aren't completely remote. The local tram and bus system make access to the city easy.


Another major feature I was working on lately has been the raised highway. I figured now that I've tried a sunken highway, why not try a raised one.


The tram runs over the highway and turns into the elevated rail system that runs throughout the area.


In this station, citizens can transfer from the suburban lines to the urban lines to get even more access to the city.


The nightlife is more popular than ever with the addition of a couple new skyscrapers.


The cathedral, however, is a serene and peaceful place, especially at night.


And in the morning, the burbs await for the morning commute.


And finally, a nice overview of the city.


I hope you've enjoyed this entry. Feel free to comment, rate, and/or like! I appreciate and feedback, suggestions, critiques, and of course, compliments.

The Big Z

Downtown Abbey


Thanks to matthewscott6615 for the advice with the close-up shots. They're looking much better, so I decided to have a bunch of them in this entry!


Some of the roads in Abbey can be quiet and basically empty.


Others, however, are packed with people going out to the club, the movie theater, or one of Abbey's many restaurants.


A nice, brightly lit alleyway that runs through one of the older neighborhoods in Abbey.


Many of the citizens of Abbey like biking, so the city decided to build a long bike path. It's even more popular on cool, summer nights.


On the right is the wooded area that the bike path runs through. The Abbey Avenue borders the bike path as does the light rail.


The sunken highway from around the bend, leading into toward the soon-to-be-developed suburbs.


But before the highway leaves downtown, citizens will pass the football/soccer stadium that houses the local team, the Abbots.


The view from across the highway.


A random picture of the rail system. I don't know why, but for some reason, I find myself taking a lot of shots of the rail. lol


Ok, here's the "plan" so far. The green areas will be for commercial and residential development, but the darker green area to the right of the shot will be basically all low density. The other area is planned for low density as well. The yellow area is where I'm planning on developing the industry. I'm also planning on adjusting the highway in the darker green area to look more realistic than geometric.


I hope you've enjoyed this entry! Please feel free to comment, like, and/or rate!

The Big Z

Abbey Dell


I decided to put Absolom on hold for now because I couldn't do what I wanted to do with it, but I liked the direction it was going. I'm sure I'll revisit it, but for now, I present Abbey Dell!


I couldn't do sunken highways with Absolom like I can with Abbey Dell, which is why Absolom is on hold for the time being. This is my first attempt at a sunken highway since SC4, and even though it took several hours to get a decent stretch of highway completed, I think it was worth the time.


I searched youtube for tutorial videos to help me with my sunken highway project, and I found a really good one! Unfortunately, it was in French, so I couldn't understand what he was saying, but as we know, city-building transcends language, and I got the basic idea what he was describing. Well, toward the end of the video, he shows one of his cities that I thought had alleys. I thought that was a pretty cool idea, so I tried to do them with the wide pedestrian paths and then some parking lots from the Workshop. I found out after watching the video again, however, that what I thought were alleys were just streets, but I liked the idea, so I still went with it. What do you think so far?


Here's the beginning (or end depending on the direction) of the sunken highway that goes through what is currently the heart of the city.


A random close-up shot. My only qualm with this shot is how blurry the foreground is and how clear the background is by comparison. Does anyone have any suggestions to fix this? I'd appreciate any ideas.


Thanks! I hope you enjoyed your first taste of Abbey Dell! Please feel free to comment, like, and/or rate!

The Big Z


Nightlife in Dewey's downtown bustles with activity, especially on Friday and Saturday nights.


A more quiet part of downtown in the evenings.


Absolom is my new project. A small village at the moment, Absolom has several old churches, including this abbey.


From the hill, you can easily see the cathedral in the distance next to the town hall.


Absolom's citizens have begun little league footy, which has become quite popular.


The tram runs right past city hall. You can see the water tower in the distance.

I hope you've enjoyed these shots. More to come of both Dewey and Absolom.

The Big Z


A different angle for the overview. The city hasn't grown much since the last entry. The city's expansion has mostly decided to go vertical instead of horizontal. Downtown has really blossomed lately, especially with the addition of several new skyscrapers.


With the recent boom and new harbor, much of the city has seen growth, including the commercial sector of downtown.


With the new skyscrapers, downtown has become more prominent in the background of many suburbs, including this one.


However, you can still find those small, quiet places that even the most hardcore street racer enjoys a slow, casual drive at night. Here, downtown is just an afterthought.


With the recent residential and industrial growth near the river, the valleys further inland are a hassle to get to. Right now, the only way to transport goods or to get to one of the major commercial zones other than downtown is to go around the long Huey Hill. As a result, the city has proposed the construction of a new tunnel that will cut the travel time drastically. Construction is expected to begin any day now. The black line shows the proposed path through the mountain.


The plan is to connect the tunnel to this junction. The plan is to expand the current junction, which will result in the destruction of a many homes in the neighborhood at the right of the image.


Next Time – The new tunnel and more.

I hope you've enjoyed the shots in this entry. The tunnel and reconstruction shots will follow in the next few days.

The Big Z

Out and About Town


Here's the daytime shot I promised. It's from a different angle than usual. As you can see, there has been significant growth on the ridge/valley near Dewey Dell called Dewey Ridge.


A daytime shot of the radar tower and the road leading up to it on Mt Dewey.


The homes up the side of Mt. Dewey that lead up to the radar tower.


Dewey University, nicknamed Dewey U. There has been some changes since this screenshot was taken. A larger parking garage has been built across from the stadium to accommodate all the Dewey U sports fans.


A small farming community has been founded in the little, fertile valley near the Dewey Resevoir.


Dewey Downs, as people are calling this new farming community, has a quaint Main Street with some specialty diners and shops.


A sprawling suburban neighborhood on the Dewey River.


Crazy traffic jam caused by an accident during the evening commute.

I hope you enjoyed the shots for this entry! If there's anything you'd like to see or any suggestions, please feel free to mention them in a comment!

The Big Z

Highway to Dell

Dewey Dell reaches 100,000 residents!


As seen at dusk, Dewey Dell has officially surpassed 100,000 residents! I'll post a daytime picture of it in my next entry. I've recently subscribed to the mod that removes clouds, so the further images will be crisper.


On the top of Mt. Dewey sits a lowly radar tower. People have been known to drive the 45 minutes or more in order to look at the city below.


As Dewey Dell begins to come into its own, the city approved a massive expansion project that has expanded many of the main highways in the city to compensate for current traffic and prepare for heavier traffic as the city grows.


The large highway and elevated train system act as barriers between the highrises of downtown and the comfortable suburbs.


The College District has begun to grow faster and faster, especially now with the ease of transportation.


Hopefully, the driver of that scooter is wearing a helmet, but as we all know, the life of a scooterist is wild and risky, so he probably isn't.

I'll be back with more images as the city expands around the mountains, building where possible. Until then, feel free to like and/or comment!

P.S.: If you're curious, the mod I'm currently using for my streets and highways is the Network Extensions Pack (click to go to Workshop).


The Big Z

Over and under


An early-morning drive into town for this trucker, but what a view he has on that lonely highway.


During the day, the city is bright and vibrant. The elevated train has expanded to incorporate small suburbs just east of town.


Though the burbs are small, the highway junction here is one of the busiest in the area (even though the picture doesn't do it much justice).


A new commercial area is springing up just out of town in the mountains. The town's highway connection was too far to be convenient for citizens to use, so construction of a tunnel connecting the northern part of town to the southern highway began.


The connections have reduced traffic on the town's main avenue drastically, and now the town is basically a giant loop around at this time.


The junction was particularly fun to construct because I didn't want to simply lower and raise the railroad tracks. When I build, I try to maintain a somewhat "realistic" view when it comes to transit: it's easier for a car to go up and down than it is for a train. Either way, it provides fun challenges.


I hope you've enjoyed this entry. Please feel free to like and comment. :)


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