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About this City Journal

My first City Journal in Cities Skylines, I'm telling the tale of Blackwater city, a city founded by tax dodgers on a small Island.

Entries in this City Journal


Traffic, my old friend.


Part 1 http://imgur.com/a/fuLtx

Part 2 http://imgur.com/a/XnJ4v

The traffic leading into the second isle becomes unbearable, there has to be a bad junction or a cause somewhere further into town.


I think we may have found the culprit...


The traffic lights on this junction are the cause, they're not free flowing enough.



Roundabout! Much more free flowing, and should solve the problem.


The residents and businesses in the way are "politely" asked to move, and most comply, with the rest disappearing mysteriously and leaving empty demolishable buildings.

Highway no more


Blackwater also turns its attention to this ugly highway section through their city, it's a bit of an eyesore and the land could be used for other purposes. The port area is already as dense as can be, so the land is desperately needed.


The first part of the highway is sunk, this might take time.

On a rail


More transit improvements! This rail line was approved when the roundabout was still in construction, as traffic was still a nighmare. In order to cut commuting traffic to Blackwater Isle, a rail line was constructed between there and the second Isle, which has become known as Kerwan.


The line sneaks around the farms and highway interchanges on Rilgar Isle


Towards the police station on Rilgar


Past the Hospital and school


And on to the shoreline of Rilgar isle, opposite the Isle of Blackwater, where land was still vastly cheaper and where Rilgar didn't mind adding a station, due to the possible development and growth.

Investment pays off


Shh... the first library in the district of Blackwater arrives, along with a university. It's situated next to the station, for ease of access. It's accompanied by another police station, which really starts to make a difference in crime.


Rilgar sees high density as the area around the station becomes more accessible.


A line is even added to the industrial centre on Rilgar, trying to cut commuting further.

Infrastructure section


The traffic on Blackwater becomes near unbearable, but not much can be done. All upgrades have been made.


Rilgar, seeing the issues Blackwater is having, prepares for the onslaught.


The rapidly growing industrial sector needed an upgraded roundabout to cope, so tunnels and an overpass happen.

Green belt


The highway is sunk, finally. It's taken a while, but looks much better and sound pollution has dropped considerably.


Realising its potential benefits, Blackwater council designates the area as a recreational zone, forbidding any construction of other natures. Parks and such pop up, as council funding arrives.

Power woes


The new quality of life in Blackwater entices more density, and more people to the island, so the power plant is expanded yet again. Rilgar takes yet another hit, as another smog belching plant is added to their land. They may want to consider green energy in the future.


At least the crap lake is now cleaned, and desirable to be near now.


http://imgur.com/a/XnJ4vImgur link, for those who are interested. It's identical.

Construction begins


The new Island, acquired by Blackwater and absorbed in to their council's area of influence, is prepared for construction.


A wider road of approach is built, and the trees are cut down. There's an area of Oil on the island that's been left alone for now, as no-one can work out what to do with it. The old owners or occupants are given offers they cannot refuse to leave, so they all did.

Green wave


The residents of Blackwater Isle start turning their attention to the industry, which is squatting on their shoreline and making a large mess.


The recycling centre is also expanded further.

Industrial expansion


Rilgar Island decides to zone for more industry, in anticipation of Blackwater shunning theirs, to try and take a chunk of those taxes.


A highway connection is set up, albeit a temporary one.

Construction begins


Whilst some of the money to build the roads mysteriously disappeared, the sole construction company managing to get the contracts starts to build on the island.

Power situation


The power stations are starting to get old, and cannot cope with the new levels of power Rilgar and Blackwater require.


So a larger, more efficient station is built on Rilgar, near the industrial zone already present. It's hoped the Industry might expand nearby.

Blackwater Isle upgrades


The main street becomes 6 lane, to accompany the traffic of the ever increasing density, and to provide for the new buildings.


The old Industrial area is dismantled, and the clean up begins. It might take a while, this filth has been there for years.


The industry wastes no time moving to Rilgar, where they don't have to pay so much protection money to certain businessmen.


They even expand near the coal power station.



High density starts to appear on the second isle, amid lots of union action and more corruption. Blackwater can't seem to shake its roots that easily.


Freshly cleaned, residents and businesses start to move to the old industrial port.


The oil still hasn't been worked on, and neither has the little tree park. Any construction companies trying to gain the rights start to have unfortunate accidents


To accompany these accidents, a new hospital is built over the river from Blackwater, on Rilgar.


Industrial expansion continues unabated on Rilgar however, and a train line is introduced to try and lower the traffic on the highway. The Power plant is also expanded to cope with the extra people.


High density arrives in the old port area, as we see an insurance sca... accidental fire occur in the foreground.

The Cleanup begins


Starting to get a bit sick of this overflow of crime, Rilgar builds an actual police station on their border to Blackwater, and starts to invest in education.


These attempts encourage more High density commercial to arrive on Blackwater.


It also encourages some more expansion on the second isle.

Sewage woes


The crap lake starts to overflow, so the pipes need to be turned off. It's also started to seep in to nearby groundwater, so residents there aren't happy.


The Kogor refinery is built, on a completely uninhabited island in the bay off of the second isle. Hopefully this is a more lasting solution than crap lake.



The hills above the old beachfront start to see small houses appearing.


With an actual police force nearby, construction starts to begin on the wooden patch and near the oil reserves, as the accidents have mysteriously become less prevalent.



Crap lake is becoming cleaner, which symbolises Blackwaters attempts to re-invigorate its corrupt image and past. Will it succeed?


New Beginnings

Welcome to the new town, called Blackwater. I hope to continue this CJ throughout this cities life, and then continue it to other C:S maps.

http://imgur.com/a/fuLtx This is a link to the imgur album, it's identical. Just in case you want it.

This is the Island of Rilgar. Due to an inheritance dispute, the small island off the main island, in the bottom centre by the fork in the river, is no longer considered part of Rilgar, and its already weak council has no say over the land.

http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=439565708">http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=439565708is the map

New Beginnings


So, the town of Blackwater is founded. The lower taxes on this island start to attract all sorts, although its lack of government means no real infrastructure is provided


Industry arrives too. Gotta have jobs, and a lack of environmental laws means you can get away with higher profits at the end of the day.

Government arrived


A town council is soon founded, as they realise that chaos is not the best way to run things, and their first measure is to provide an actual main street, which should minimise traffic issues in the future.

Main Island expansion


A small satellite village founds on the main Island, connected to the newly built road. The road was originally intended to go further, but the money ran out, and Rilgar refused to allow further building on their island, due to the shady nature of Blackwater town at this time.

More Growth


The relatively low taxes encourages yet more people to arrive, providing more money to improve road surfaces.

Developers get involved


Land value on the starting island starts to rise, so to cut costs development starts on the main Island of Rilgar, who realise that the money flow from the new development could be just what they need.


This new growth is hell for the Traffic situation of Blackwater.



Solution? Bypass the town



A new highway is built going around Blackwater town itself, hoping to provide a route in the future. It was paid for by the Government of Rilgar, who is keen to encourage the city's growth as a source of income.



The new highway, combined with the low taxes and the increasing image of Blackwater as a respectable town, spurs massive growth on the island itself, and it starts to see its first high density buildings. The lack of planning law allows quick expansion.



People need food, and somewhere to work, so they pop up on the main island itself.

Clean up


People are dirty, and this massive influx made the Rilgar Council put their foot down. A designated lake, off of the island of Rilgar on a currently empty island, is the new sewage dump. No more dumping in to the sea and hoping it washes away.



Rubbish also gets out of hand, so Rilgar funds a new recycling centre in the hope the situation doesn't pollute too much.

Beachfront Property


Rising demand, and a newly clean beach means houses start to get built on the main Islands beachfront.

Mass Transit arrives!


Blackwater city council starts to get its act together, and starts bus lines between the beach, main city, and suburbs as more people start to arrive. One of the first decent acts of a reforming council.




With overcrowding becoming an issue, the tax breaks are revoked by the City Council.

New lands


The new city council gains control over the sewage island off of Rilgar, and the small shopping district already there will have its infrastructure expanded, and more areas zoned.

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