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Welcome to the island nation of Mitron, where peace & prosperity are commonplace!

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So, you might notice this update is a little short...and that it's been a while. :P I worked on this city for probably close to a good month or so once I finished Elmore, but about a month or so ago I must've moved some plugins around, because now when I go to load the city I get a CTD. I'd take the time to fix it, but quite honestly I have a pretty big plugins folder, and I've been really bogged down with real-life issues. I'm just starting summer from high school, but quite honestly I think it's more productive to spend my time working on Beaumont and other cities. Oakdale, for the most part, was probably about 95% complete anyways. So, you're only getting a couple pictures. I didn't take that many while I was working on it. :(


The lone picture that's good enough. :( Enjoy the suburban sprawl, though!


This is the best overview picture I have...it shows most of the city. That undeveloped area across the river eventually became mid-rises.

I promise I've been working fairly hard in SimCity, and I'm glad to report that a fair amount of the greater Beaumont area is complete. Complete work includes a couple of large tiles (Elmore & Oakdale) and some other tiles I have some development on. I've also started a little on Beaumont, but I'm still building up the suburbs surrounding downtown. I've been bogged down with real-life issues, as well as a general lack of motivation after cranking out two big suburbs. I am working steadily, albeit slowly. I promise. :)


@Neto Dari: Thanks :)

@Vitor13: I don't speak Spanish, but half of that survived the translator, and I think that was a compliment? Muchos Gracias? :P

@feeroz123: When you get close to downtown, those wide roads really help traffic! And glad you like it! They're one of my favorite parts of Elmore.

@IRE505: I'm not sure exactly, and I'm having computer issues so I can't check SC4 for any help, but if you search 'barge' on the STEX, or perhaps PLEX, I think you can find them relatively easily. (Don't hold me to that though)

@paulmc: Thanks! :D

@Tonraq: I love your stuff too!

@sejr99999: Thanks a lot! I feel that they add uniqueness and give the neighborhoods a little bit of variety. :)

@city89: The barge, again, should be able to be found on the STEX or PLEX by searching 'barge', and the bridge is also part of the latest NAM, I believe.

@sarthakknight: Hey, we're a growing nation, we're always hiring!! :D


It's been a long time! But don't worry, this CJ isn't dead, I just got sidetracked and temporarily lost interest. But I'm back and I'll have to say this is my best city yet. Boasting a population well over 100,000, Elmore is an outlying suburb of the currently under construction capital, Beaumont. Located about 15 miles from Stark City, Elmore has a little of everything -- factories, shops, offices, sprawling neighborhoods, even some midrises too. Elmore encompasses what the Chancellor envisions Mitron to be.


Elmore is a major industrial city. It handles much of the freight headed to the capital, most of it construction materials at the moment. Located along the Cleveland River, large ship traffic is restricted by depth and bridges, so rail handles most of said freight. Here we see a large railyard located in the middle of a large industrial district, along a major 6-lane artery.


This is how most of the ship traffic that comes through Elmore is handled -- barge. At the mouth of the river, a few miles east, larger ships that don't head to Port Adams can load and unload cargo.


As you can see at the top of the picture, Elmore has experimented in renewable energy. This is a larger scale attempt at powering this industrial area through solar energy instead of fossil fuels, although those are still needed to an extent. Most of these factories, although they look polluting, don't create that much air pollution in the area, and due to strict regulations, don't pollute the nearby waters of the Cleveland River, either.



Elmore is the "sprawliest" city in Mitron so far (is "sprawliest" even a word? :P). Neighborhoods like this seem to go on and on, and newcomers to the area often get lost heading down side streets. At main intersections, offices and shops have claimed the valuable real estate.




Heading from east to west, we see HWY-1 as it cuts directly through the northern half of Elmore. First we crossed the Cleveland River. This bridge was created without much forethought, and now it's causing issues for a planned interchange across the banks. I'm sure the guy who signed the approval is already fired. ;) Next we see the two main interchanges, one a folded diamond under Robinson Avenue, and the other a half parclo/half diamond under Fifth Avenue. The Fifth Avenue interchange generates a large amount of traffic headed to industrial jobs, so the city planners decided upon creating a high-capacity interchange along the 7-lane roadway. (Oh, and ignore the smog, it must be some dust on the camera lens or something :P)


Next, we get to the main CBD of Elmore. The eastern half, shown here, has several offices, hotels, shops, and even a Tina's Grocery store. Elmore Central High is shown too, along with it's plethora of sports fields - a football stadium, practice field, and baseball field. The soccer boys play over at a park and the indoor sports teams (basketball, volleyball) have their own complex not shown here.


Here, in the western half of the CBD, after driving along several shops, past the local hospital and several more offices, we reach the Elmore rail station. This station is both part of the larger Beaumont Transit Authority with commuter rail, as well as the nationally-owned long distance company, which connects it to Stark City. The station is expected to see a lot of use as a hub for local residents to head quickly into future downtown Beaumont, and as such tracks are kept in tip-top shape (see: small railcar, bottom rail line, edge of platform :P)





To end this update, we follow Fifth Avenue from north to south. We start at an intersection with Industrial Avenue (originality at it's best), cross the overpass, to come upon the interchange with HWY-1. Managing to get through the traffic jam that is that interchange, we cross the Cleveland River, drive through some truck traffic in the industrial area, and end up finishing our drive in the sprawl that is southern Elmore. Noticing some rather large buildings in a residential area (oops!) we pull into the parking lot at Ernie's Burgers for a nice lunch. Please, do come back another time! :)

I tried a new system this update, where I put a bunch of related pictures in a row and then explained them all in one paragraph. Please, do comment and state if you liked it or not. It definitely made it a little easier on my part, but I'll go with whatever you guys think. Also, this is my first update in a while, so I'm a little rusty on the narrative. Please don't judge. I've been away for a while! But I'm glad to be back. :D

Replies (Update 8)

@RepublicMaster: Thanks! :D

@Schulmanator: I think the curvy streets add a very positive anti-grid feel, don't you? :)

@Tonraq: I've been working hard! :D

@WreckingBall Man: Great minds think alike, right? :)

@Titanicbuff: I've got a paper bag if you need one! :(

@agunter999: I'll attempt to use your ideas to better my work, any constructive criticism is welcome! :)

@Ln X: I've been working hard and I think the layout in this city is my best yet! :D


Welcome to Port Adams ! This is going to be the main port of the region. It's named after Henry Adams, an industrialist who financed much of the construction. Right now it’s not that big, but it’s going to become a huge shipping port for the country, don’t you worry. :) Perhaps we’ll revisit it when it’s grown larger? *wink wink, nudge nudge* But until then, enjoy this update! (And the little precursor to it) :P

About those technical issues….well, I've realized that they aren't a big problem. I mean, if you think about it, we don’t HAVE to revisit those cities (although we will) until we do a region shot. So, don’t worry about it. :P And besides, they’re almost recreated fully anyways. But enough of that, onto the update!


This is the port. Don't cry, I know it's small. But so is Mitron, and it will grow as the country grows! :) Most of the activity so far is imports, such as steel, cars, and oil (don't forget people too!), seeing as Mitron is self-sufficient with food and lumber, and the budding industries produce a large variety. On the left is where people come in, as well as some of the material imports that don't ship in containers. On the right is the container terminal. Shipments come in from all over the world.

Here's some close ups of the port!


The warehouse area, full of break bulk materials.


The container terminal, full of ships that are either loading or unloading, I can't tell. :P


This is where containers are sorted and shipped in and out. To the right, a little out of the shot is also a truck sorting area. Although highways are limited, trucking is still important to the country.


Industries have raced to build plants and factories along the port, but they can only build so close to the port; the rest of the land is right of way for port expansion. There are several goods stations, as well as the city train station. Right now the rail lines are expanding westward, and cities are just sprouting up along it.


This is the port power and garbage complex; coal is burned for power, as well as oil to a lesser degree. There's also a small recycling center, although most garbage is still sent to the Mooreville waste management center.


Here's the suburb north of the port. As you can see, they have lots of sprawling single family homes, and even a few apartment towers. Homes made by an architect named Matt B. are very popular in Mitron right now. ;)


Lastly, here's the CBD. It's mostly offices at the moment, and several of them run port-related businesses. The Port Authority HQ is second building on the bottom right.


@Pioneer: I think I did! :)

@Schulmanator: If it ain't broke, don't fix it, right? ;)

@Indiana Joe: It's working fine now, as long as it's not a pre-existing city with the prior terrain mod. I don't think it was a dependency, but it doesn't matter now. :P

@monomass: I have probably downloaded over 50 pieces of custom content in the past week, and I have my goals pretty planned out (you'll see). The future looks bright for Mitron! :)


Well, we have a little problem with this CJ. About a month ago, I made a change to a new terrain mod. This ended up causing every single one of my cities to CTD after about a minute of playing. So, I’ve been recreating them. So far, I just need to recreate Byner, Seager, Riverbrook, and Stark City. That should be done by mid-December, I hope, depending on how often I play. But my big question in this update is: Do you guys think I should start a new CJ with the new cities (I’ve actually changed them up slightly, and modified some of the RP, but they are definitely better), or do you guys think I should just edit the new stuff into my old posts, replacing the old stuff? The same basis for the city is there, there are just slight differences. :P

I’d like you to please leave a comment on your opinion. I’ll tally them up and when I finish recreating everything, I’ll let you guys know what I’ve chosen! :D

To hold you guys over, here’s a little photo of a residential neighborhood from Mooreville.



We're finally here! After 6 1/2 updates, we've finally got a metropolis in Mitron! And today we're going to see it! It's not that tall yet, but it's pretty dense. :D


A beautiful bird's eye view of the city. As you can see, downtown is located on an island. There are only a couple hi-rises, most of downtown is medium-rises, but it still manages to double the population of the suburbs. There are only 3 connections to the mainland, 2 avenue bridges, and the subway pops up to create a bridge, linking the island's subway with the mainland's el rail. The subway is the way to travel if you ever visit Stark City; the roads are always full of cars.


Here's a zoomed in shot of downtown.


Here, on the west side of town, it's mostly residential apartments and condos. You can also see part of the CBD, which is augmented by that dark, shiny building on the corner of Main Avenue (the 7 lane avenue E/W) and Center Street (the 5 lane N/S).


Here's the CBD. It may not look impressive, but looks can be deceiving. There are a couple of huge department stores, as well as some flashy offices.The hospital is also located here, which may be a bit of an oversight considering the mass of traffic ambulances have to fight through. On the right of the shot you can see the provisional government's center; city hall and the courthouse. The capital is currently being planned and land is being bought up, but it's still a ways away from materializing, so this is the temporary capital.


Here's some High Tech along the south shore, you can also see the tennis courts along the south bank; that area is immensely popular on weeknights as a great way to relax. There are many pharmaceuticals and technological companies making their regional headquarters here, so sometimes you get to see a CEO or owner walking down the street --- pretty cool sight!


Stark City also has great recreational opportunities. For those that bring in a little more green than others, there's a state of the art, beautiful marina located on the eastern edge of the island, protected from waves by a small breakwall. There's also a small ferry service that goes out onto the ocean. It's really relaxing to just go out on the ocean. It's very popular with tourists and local citizens alike!


There's also a beautiful pathway full of open green areas along the shore. You can go out and take a nice, relaxing stroll after a hard days work. Here we see Shore Park, along the southern coast. Not only are there breathtaking views, but you can see boaters out on the water, play tennis, and just relax along the coast. You can see for miles into the ocean.


3 bridges connect the mainland to the island. The westernmost road bridge is Sorrington Bridge, seen here, named after the architect who designed it, Ronald Sorrington.


The centermost bridge is known as Ripley's Bridge. There was a radio contest to determine who would name it, and a man named Don Ripley won. So, he named it Ripley's Bridge! I wonder where he came up with the name... ;) Anyways, the subway pops up and goes over the water; it was decided this was cheaper than building an underground tunnel.


The easternmost bridge is the most unique and originally named of all 3.....East Bridge. Named because of it's geographical location in respect to the other 2 (shocker, I know) it is another road bridge. This one is used much more than Sorrington Bridge because of it's proximity to most of the suburbs. There are regular traffic jams on here, as the road narrows and the speed limit is decreased.

Please, if you're ever in Mitron, make sure you visit Stark City! There are so many sites to see and it's really a beautiful place. Everyone's kind here, and I promise you won't regret coming! :D


@Agunter999: Well...it's the terminus of multiple rail lines, and oh yeah, this is a metropolitan area! :P So it's not too big!

@gman28: Yeah, I'm probably going to go back through a lot of my stuff and develop it more. I'm trying to show "natural growth" but it's not looking very well. xD

@Alex_1210: Just like what I told gman. :)

@Schulmanator: Can I have your autograph! xD jk But thank you for the compliment. :)

@riane: Thank you, I take pride in the story. :) I think this is the best suburban area I've ever made. I hope you aren't disappointed with my future updates! c:

@GeometryMath Algebra: Yes, yes it is. 8D

@city89: It's Sorrington Terminus. Just search that on the STEX. It's a modification to one of ill tonsko's stuff. Check out his work too, it's really good stuff! :D


Today we visit the largest city in Mitron! Boasting a population nearing 50,000, it has quickly exploded into the center of everything in Mitron. But, we won't be seeing much of that today. Instead, we'll be seeing the quieter, calmer side of Stark City. The suburbs. :D


Most of the suburbs are griddy and planned out, but for the loss of some good looks you get functionality. Most of this area is middle class; the richer people have their own little community right on the water. As you can see, Victoria Elementary School is rather large and holds most of the kids grades k-8; the downtown has their own elementary schools. Stark City also has an elevated rail system that runs along the main roads of the suburbs. By being elevated it helps to keep traffic flowing while avoiding any accidents with pedestrians on the tracks. Yes, it happens. :(


Here's some more homes, as well as a continuation of the elevated rail line.


This is the rich side of town, segregated by HWY-3 "Coastal Parkway" to the north, and the bay to the south. If you drive down the hill you're at the Stark City Country Club - one of the most elite and hard to get into clubs you'll see, although it's 100% worth it. They say you can't get in unless you make at least $100,000 annually.


These homes are even more expensive then the last. Waterfront property goes for a ton in today's market.


Here's a low-capacity diamond interchange. Many of the residents of this area take it to get to work, seeing as many of them work in the offices of downtown Stark City, this is the quickest way. It has a high-capacity on ramp for westbound traffic, because all of the freight trucks from Stark City uses this entrance.


As we head back to the middle-class neighborhoods, we can see a couple different things. On the far right you can see Stark City High School, home of the nighthawks. This high school services all students grades 9-12 in the greater Stark City area. On the left half is the sports area. We have Nighthawks Stadium, as well as the baseball & soccer fields. Oh, and the rail line passes by here too.


This is the main suburban CBD. It is full of apartments, as well as Tina's Grocery Store and several shops. You can also see Stark Station, a major rail hub for the region.


Stark Station is a terminus for all rail lines in this region. The northern two tracks are for all lines heading north, to cities such as Tanguay and Seager, while the southern two tracks are for southbound riders, currently to Byner and beyond. It gets quite a lot of traffic of people heading inbound to work from Byner, which has lost much of it's commerce after Stark City developed. Across the street you can transfer to the el rail, which can take you to the industrial center, or downtown.


There are several large apartments like this around the CBD, and you can also see some el rail traffic! There's also a nice peaceful park and the city pool, great for relaxation on a hot day!


Here is the main interchange for downtown Stark City, located just south of the suburbs. Thousands of people enter & exit the city daily, and this is the main way to do it. Westbound heads to Riverbrook and Byner, while eastbound leads to the still developing areas of East Stark City and Port Isle.


Here is the industrial hub of Stark City, full of manufacturing. It also is the main supplier of power for Stark City and surrounding areas.


This is just west of where the two lines join to run parallel. They then drop several feet, becoming sunken and then rising back up again to meet Stark Station. Northbound is to Tanguay and beyond, while Southbound is to Byner and beyond.


This is the beginning of the planned monorail link to Port Isle, which is several miles east of Stark City, on an island. It hasn't been built much past the water, as they're trying to decide how to cross it. Several proposals have been put out there, including a bridge, a tunnel, and a causeway. All are under consideration by MDOT.


And lastly, this tranquil shot of 4 transportation networks running by each other eastward; HWY-3, the Stark City-Port Isle monorail, el rail to East Stark City, and South Avenue to East Stark City.

In the next update, you'll see the pride and joy of Mitron: Downtown Stark City! Enjoy!


@Agunter999: I do have a terrain and water mod, I believe. :P

@darkaliendude: I hope these pictures are better for you! :)

@Sylvio Jorge: Yeah, I probably should have put more highway shots. But I do plan on having highway updates & tours in the future.

@GeometryMath Algebra: I've got the Street Side mod now. :D Love it! And HWY-3 is the official designation, although it may be downgraded to Coastal Parkway.

@DMANLOVE: Thank you for coming to my defense. ;)


Welcome to the city of Riverbrook! Most of the people barely make enough money to support their families, and most people are rough, gruff factory workers, so don't pick a fight with anyone, or show off anything shiny. ;)

Also, some good news. East of Riverbrook, a new city has been developing....we'll see it soon enough. It's brought much more money to Mitron, as well as attracted people to move here and many businesses and corporations have decided to come to Mitron as well. So, the highway system is back online! Well, not really. They're completing HWY-3 right now, which goes through Riverbrook, as seen. All previous sections of the National Highway System will be upgraded to code. However, no new highway will be built for now. :(


As I was telling you, Riverbrook is full of slums. Most of the people can't afford to keep their houses looking nice, so many homes are rundown and yards are dry and dead. However, some streets have people that make slightly more money, and as such they have nicer homes and yards.


Some more shots of homes south of town center.


The small town center. Most of the stores are manned by high schoolers, college dropouts and anyone else who's desperate for a job. :P


Riverbrook is home to lots and lots of industry. Factories populate this area north of the highway. A couple of power plants also provide power for the city.


Here's a small little brook. Two rail lines cross over it (one farther north) as well as HWY-3. This is on the east side of the town center. On the west side is the river, which is why this city is named Riverbrook. Get it? :(


The brook ends here, in a small little lake. Sadly, because of it's proximity to the polluting factories, you can't swim or fish in it. In fact, most people stay away from it! :P


On the west of the river are more farms. I know, you just can't get away from them!

No overview today, for some reason some of the buildings weren't generating at the farthest zoom level, and I figured this update was overdue. :'( Sorry!


@Forthwall: Thanks! It helps to see all the parts of the city in one big picture :D

@monomass: Thanks, I spent a lot of time working on the railyard. I also had about 5 tries before I settled on this. And go Tribe!

@emperordaniel: No, I'm not going to use that :P It'd be too expensive for the country, plus we don't run electric locomotives...yet ;)

@clockcannon: Just make sure you don't copy everything exactly. Use the ideas, don't make an exact recreation :) And have fun with it!


Today we visit the city of Byner. Yes, city. The population is currently 19,000. This is the largest city in Mitron so far, and there's some cool stuff to see.


Here's the CBD. As you can see it's quite large. A Tina's Grocery store has even been built. It's a chain of grocery stores from Folland, but it has spread to other countries in Euphemia. Right through the middle of town is Rt. 2 (E/W). It should become a very popular thoroughfare.


Here you can see some sprawling suburbs. These surround the central CBD.


As of now, funding for the national highway system is gone. It lost interest among the citizens. In all honesty it's not needed for such a small country, so the money is going to more important things. All construction has been put on hold. Routes are becoming more popular. There are talks among MDOT that even once more funding is allocated, they'll put the project on hold anyways, until it is needed.


Another shot of the halted construction. It's a shame, it really is, but it's best for the country. You can see the beginning of HWY-3 here.


On another note, the rail system in Mitron is on the other end of the spectrum from the highway system. It's a quick & easy way to travel from town to town, there are stops in every city (so far), and it's a lot cheaper than building a highway. Here you can see the Byner Railyard. It stores engines & passenger cars. With all the rail use they needed somewhere to store everything, and soon, so the railyard was built. There's sheds & maintenance, refueling stops, and plenty of sidings to store cars too.


There's even a roundhouse with a turntable. It's a rail lover's paradise!


Byner's train station. It's a very popular stop for people coming from the countryside to shop.


I know I said I wouldn't show you a farm town, but to be honest, about half the city is farms, I just didn't show it. :P


The city also has some high tech industry. Very fancy stuff indeed. Oh, and there's a drive-in movie. Cheaper than building a whole theatre, right?


Today I end it with the whole city shot. I decided to change things up. :P


Welcome to Tanguay! Can you guess what it is? No, it's not a tropical fruit.....Yes! It's a city!! What kind of city? A farm town!! Stop groaning already. I promise it's the last one for a while. Now look at the pics already!


(Didn't realize I had the pause screen!)


This is where MDOT began construction on HWY-1. They managed to build northward towards Seager, and a little south towards new lands, until they realized they were running out of funds. So they had to cut down. There was no overpass to be built, they began to cut back on paint, and a bridge was out of the picture. It's basically just a cheaply made limited-access road for now.


Lots of people live in Tanguay. It's the most populous of any city so far in Mitron, with 8,000 people calling Tanguay home! Mooreville has 4,500 residents, Seager 3,000, and Hayward 2,000. You can also see a junction between the short freight line out of Mooreville & the newly named Orange line.


Here you can see some apartments, which help contribute to the higher population. Oh, and a nice little park for residents to relax at.


Lots of people are trying to start this new trend, to paint your house bright colors. It's had moderate success so far.


These are how farms USED to look in Mitron. But now a new law was passed, and new farms are much more orderly looking. New, improved farms have been made since the law was passed.


Most people call it the Geometric Bill, because now farms mirror geometric patterns and shapes. It helps to increase efficiency though!


The train station of the city, located just outside of the main part of the city.


A nice little treehouse located at the top of one of the hills. A walking trail was built to it and it provides a nice little walk on a calm Sunday afternoon.

Well, now we've caught up to present time (this is the most recent settlement besides Seager). Just thought you might like to know!


@emperordaniel: Thank you!

@Ultimate727: Why don't you like? And thank you, I take pride in my rail! :D

@fatjuice888: I don't have too many mods :P And I smooth out what I can but usually they leave empty tiles and everything looks bad then!

@Forthwall: I'll give it a looksie.

@RepublicMaster: Thank you! They're my favorite part of SimCity! Them & the highways.


Welcome to Mooreville! This is the second settlement in Mitron. Located directly west of Hayward, this is more of an industrial rather than farm town. It was decided that the country would need to be self-sufficient as quickly as possible. So it was decided by the fledgling government (who had yet to have a proper place to govern from; everyone was huddled in one guy's mom's basement) that Mooreville would be dominantly industrial. This meant that there was everything from manufacturing of textiles & tires to cement & construction materials. They also decided to start logging. I mean, why pay to import all the lumber if your backyard was a giant forest.



We start off today with the town center. Located on top of a hill, the planners decided immediately to have the CBD on top of the hill. But it was a bit difficult to figure out where to put the intersection for Rt 1 & the main road of the city. Eventually they decided on the elevated intersection we see. South of the hill is where everyone lives.


There are actually a couple large buildings here. Rt 1 is where most of the businesses are in Mooreville, because the lease for buildings on the hill is too expensive for everyone but the richest companies.


Here's a close-up of the homes. As you can see, many are the same style, with red roofs. It's cheapest to import the red roofs, because for some reason the company that the contracters buy from doesn't sell much of them in the rest of Euphemia, so Mitron gets the stuff no one likes. :( But everyone takes what they can get.


This is a continuation of the rail line we saw in Hayward. There are many shops are around it, because many people anticipate that once the country grows, it's a great area to get travelers shopping at your business.


The ferry is how people get from to their jobs, if you're a factory worker. A bridge was too expensive for such a young country, so a ferry runs across the river. During rush hours in the morning & evening the ferries are very busy. If you're late, that's bad because the ferries slow down to half hourly in non-peak hours.


Here is the industrial zone. As you can see it is mostly factories that produce much of what the country will need to be self-sufficient.


Somewhere was needed to get rid of garbage, and fast, and since Mooreville already had polluting factories, they figured a waste management area wouldn't be too big of a loss to the city. Eventually, trains from neighboring cities will come with cars full of garbage & waste. There are also some big boy natural gas plants to help produce power for multiple cities.


Since there's no land bridge across the river, trucks are useless, so this little freight depot gets a lot of use. It's planned that trains will leave this depot with a vast array of goods to carry to wherever needs it!


And since this is the end of the freight line (the garbage centers are the end, and they are just down the road) they needed to put in a way for trains to go from front to back. Instead of having an engine pushing the train from the back, they put this siding in. An engine simply detaches and goes through the siding to the other end of the train! Such a simple solution, but it took a while for it to actually be thought of. There was originally plans for a wye, a full-out circle, and many other ways to turn around the trains, but this was the most minimal. When you're driving here you have to be careful though, many hours of the day trains are maneuvering around and you have to be ready for a traffic jam.


This is the logging camp I was talking about. It's really just a small area where trains & trucks are loaded with timber that was chopped in the city.



Those are a couple of logging operations.


These farms are much more orderly than the others we've seen. Why? Turns out one of the city planners had the idea to make farms like this, & it has really helped raise efficiency, and it's much more orderly now. He's fighting to make this the standard in Mitron.


@Forth: Thanks!

@Shortsonfire: I hope this CBD is a nice size for you :P And don't worry, I have tons of train stations to use now, for every setting. It's my new obsession, my rail system.

@Huston: I guess it's a good thing the first people settled on those islands then, isn't it?

@TWrecks: I hope you like the new way I'm trying out my farms. And don't worry, I switched the bridge to a ferry & even made a ferry here too.

@emperordaniel: Stop staring at my face & look at the city! Sheesh...... :P

@Titanicbuff: I hope you like these roads better. So far zero accidents, cross your fingers though!

@sejr99999: Thanks! Without the trees or terrain mod (or even water mod) this would be a lot uglier.

@bigbents78: Just keep watching!


Today we visit the original settlement on Mitron, the twin islands, aka the city of Hayward. This is a very small town. What happened was the first people got settled down here, and then after that most left to new lands. Thus, this is a very small town. I'd explain more, but I'll let the pictures do the talking.


Also, if you haven't looked at the edit I made on the first update, you'll be confused right now. Or maybe you never even looked at update 1 so you won't be confused. Either way, important information there. :P


Here we see the western island of Hayward. This contains the main part of the city.


As we zoom in on the western island, we can more clearly see the very small CBD, and also the train station. This is the beginning of what will be a rail line that will connect many, if not all of Mitron's cities. The planners here all love rail and would like to see it, along with highways & routes, be an integral part of Mitron travel.


Here we see the residential area of Hayward. Many people left so some homes are vacant, but there is a fairly steady group of current residents who refuse to leave.


This is the eastern island of the two twins. This one is entirely made up of farms. The two islands are connected via a road bridge.


We zoom in on some farms in this picture. The crops grown here are very diverse and provide for not just this small town but elsewhere in Mitron.


This is the first official route in Mitron. You are looking at Rt 1, which officially started at the roundabout at downtown. It crosses over the rail line from the western island on a hill. This small section of land is largely undeveloped, as people building the route just wanted to get away from the original settlement so new town centers could be built.


This is the only part of Hayward on the mainland, this one lonely little farm that symbolizes the end of Hayward's town limits.

That's all until next time! And make sure you see the first update! Thank you!


@Kurt: Thanks man!

@Forth: Thank SPAM for that.

@Jack: I didn't download that minimize button remover. :P I turned off grid this time, and there happened to be no zots or beaches this time either.

@grandplayer22: Thanks! I'm proud of my farms.

@yuuka221: The trees are all Cycledog's Tree mods. I forget if he has multiple tree mods or not, but if they were specific they would be like northwest trees (As in NW USA). They are part of the Columbus Terrain Mod. And thanks! I love my trees so much.

@RepublicMaster: Thank you! Yes, my first city I posted on USNW was a mess.

@111222333444: Thanks Carl!

@shoko: Thanks a lot! Farms are the easiest cities to make, in my opinion.

@mystic_destiny: Thanks! I just kind of placed the farms randomly.


This is going to be a CJ about my country, Mitron. Mitron is located on the planet Adonia and is an avid member of the USNW, or United Sovereign Nations of the World. It is an island nation located off the western coast of Euphemia. It was discovered in the 1600s and settled upon.. This is basically an American-stylized country, with a Washington state like climate. However, don't expect me to follow those guidelines exactly. I mean, it's my country and I'll do what I want with it! Anyways, let's get to the actual city now.

EDIT: I have decided to put a fun twist to this CJ. Everything I stated above is true. However, for me personally, it's more fun if I role play a little bit on ST, and ST only, and pretend that Mitron was recently discovered, here in the 2000s. That means that this update, Seager, is really one of the first settlements made in Mitron. From here on out, you'll be seeing Mitron as it grows from a newly discovered landmass into a strong country and member of the USNW. So go ahead and enjoy it already!

Welcome to Seager! It's a beautiful little farm town located off the eastern coast of Mitron. It is mostly farmland, although you will find a little bit of everything here.



This is where all the residents of Seager live and where the shops are located. This part of Seager is essentially the town center.


Here we get a closer look at the residential aspect of the town center. The streets here are spread apart and all end in cul-de-sacs.


Inside of the residential area, there is a small elementary school, along with a public pool. There is also a soccer field there. In Mitron, soccer is becoming as popular as the 3 other major sports.


Here is Main Street of Seager. This is the CBD of Seager and has many shops, and has apartments along with police & fire stations. Some of the buildings were recently on the city board for getting demolished, as the owners neglected to take proper care of them. However, a community group is planning to spruce up those buildings to their original shine. If you look closely you'll also see a Farmers' Market. This is the grocery store of Seager, where everyone buys their food. In the winter and spring, you sadly have to head out of town for a real grocery store though.


This is where HWY-2 (N/S) and HWY-1 (E/W) meet in a t-interchange. Believe it or not, the city planners had several complicated ways of creating an interchange Here, before coming upon this simple solution.


Here is the exit on HWY-2. It is located right next to Main Street, and when you get off you are just down the road from the CBD.


This a popular beach spot in Seager. Everyone loves coming here in the summer, and it even has it's own boardwalk.


This is the main attraction for anyone coming to Seager. It's the State Fair!! This is one of the things that helps the city's economy. When the State Fair is on, business booms like crazy! Main Street is busy every day and night with tourists and visitors from out of town.


Getting away from attractions, this is a major freight stop in Seager. Trains pick up and drop off crop produce. Trucks also use this as a major hub for the city.


The main way Seager, and most farm towns in Mitron, get their power is like this. Several farmers have government-owned wind turbines on their property which provide enough power for the whole city. This green way of producing power is both cheap and great for the environment.

Now we'll end my first CJ with a nice little picture of some farms!



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