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Update 9: Elmore



It's been a long time! But don't worry, this CJ isn't dead, I just got sidetracked and temporarily lost interest. But I'm back and I'll have to say this is my best city yet. Boasting a population well over 100,000, Elmore is an outlying suburb of the currently under construction capital, Beaumont. Located about 15 miles from Stark City, Elmore has a little of everything -- factories, shops, offices, sprawling neighborhoods, even some midrises too. Elmore encompasses what the Chancellor envisions Mitron to be.


Elmore is a major industrial city. It handles much of the freight headed to the capital, most of it construction materials at the moment. Located along the Cleveland River, large ship traffic is restricted by depth and bridges, so rail handles most of said freight. Here we see a large railyard located in the middle of a large industrial district, along a major 6-lane artery.


This is how most of the ship traffic that comes through Elmore is handled -- barge. At the mouth of the river, a few miles east, larger ships that don't head to Port Adams can load and unload cargo.


As you can see at the top of the picture, Elmore has experimented in renewable energy. This is a larger scale attempt at powering this industrial area through solar energy instead of fossil fuels, although those are still needed to an extent. Most of these factories, although they look polluting, don't create that much air pollution in the area, and due to strict regulations, don't pollute the nearby waters of the Cleveland River, either.



Elmore is the "sprawliest" city in Mitron so far (is "sprawliest" even a word? :P). Neighborhoods like this seem to go on and on, and newcomers to the area often get lost heading down side streets. At main intersections, offices and shops have claimed the valuable real estate.




Heading from east to west, we see HWY-1 as it cuts directly through the northern half of Elmore. First we crossed the Cleveland River. This bridge was created without much forethought, and now it's causing issues for a planned interchange across the banks. I'm sure the guy who signed the approval is already fired. ;) Next we see the two main interchanges, one a folded diamond under Robinson Avenue, and the other a half parclo/half diamond under Fifth Avenue. The Fifth Avenue interchange generates a large amount of traffic headed to industrial jobs, so the city planners decided upon creating a high-capacity interchange along the 7-lane roadway. (Oh, and ignore the smog, it must be some dust on the camera lens or something :P)


Next, we get to the main CBD of Elmore. The eastern half, shown here, has several offices, hotels, shops, and even a Tina's Grocery store. Elmore Central High is shown too, along with it's plethora of sports fields - a football stadium, practice field, and baseball field. The soccer boys play over at a park and the indoor sports teams (basketball, volleyball) have their own complex not shown here.


Here, in the western half of the CBD, after driving along several shops, past the local hospital and several more offices, we reach the Elmore rail station. This station is both part of the larger Beaumont Transit Authority with commuter rail, as well as the nationally-owned long distance company, which connects it to Stark City. The station is expected to see a lot of use as a hub for local residents to head quickly into future downtown Beaumont, and as such tracks are kept in tip-top shape (see: small railcar, bottom rail line, edge of platform :P)





To end this update, we follow Fifth Avenue from north to south. We start at an intersection with Industrial Avenue (originality at it's best), cross the overpass, to come upon the interchange with HWY-1. Managing to get through the traffic jam that is that interchange, we cross the Cleveland River, drive through some truck traffic in the industrial area, and end up finishing our drive in the sprawl that is southern Elmore. Noticing some rather large buildings in a residential area (oops!) we pull into the parking lot at Ernie's Burgers for a nice lunch. Please, do come back another time! :)

I tried a new system this update, where I put a bunch of related pictures in a row and then explained them all in one paragraph. Please, do comment and state if you liked it or not. It definitely made it a little easier on my part, but I'll go with whatever you guys think. Also, this is my first update in a while, so I'm a little rusty on the narrative. Please don't judge. I've been away for a while! But I'm glad to be back. :D

Replies (Update 8)

@RepublicMaster: Thanks! :D

@Schulmanator: I think the curvy streets add a very positive anti-grid feel, don't you? :)

@Tonraq: I've been working hard! :D

@WreckingBall Man: Great minds think alike, right? :)

@Titanicbuff: I've got a paper bag if you need one! :(

@agunter999: I'll attempt to use your ideas to better my work, any constructive criticism is welcome! :)

@Ln X: I've been working hard and I think the layout in this city is my best yet! :D


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i really like the industrial area!! it looks really cool . 


can i get a job in one of the factories??


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