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Costa Palma (AIN)

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About this City Journal

you want info? then just come and look D:

Entries in this City Journal


Forthwall & Kakado_to_save: SHHH!!! don't tell anyone ] ;)

SimEmirate: Thank you! I downloaded that MMP car pack as a depedency and I never used it so I tried it out and found a car wreck so thats how I came at the idea :P

Ggamgus, LoonyMan, 111222333444, Kj3400, Towerdude, Schulmanator, Hazani Pratama, Hiigarar, Ace: Thank y'all! :D


Welcome again!

It has been a while ago since the last update, i've been busy with homework and my laptop crashed. I brought it back to the store, and they send it back to the factory. And unfortunately my old region didn't survived the crash, including Los Santos. :(

But i created a new region, and i started making a city inspired by Havana, its called Costa de los Mayas. Costa Palma was already (meant to be) communist, but when i looked back i realized it doesn't really look communist, i bet you thought it wasn't XD. So i made some commieblocks for the new city :D

I hope you'll enjoy it :thumb:

But first a Mayan city somewhere around Costa de los Mayas, called Tulenqua






And here are the commieblocks :D





Next update i'll show the downtown of Costa de los Mayas. I hope you enjoyed it!

See you until the next update! :D (please comment and rate :3).


Update 3, Los Santos


Mithrik: thank you, i have been inspired by Mexico City, Los Angeles and Havana when i made this :D

10000000000000: thanks, i know i forgot to put out the grid, and indeed the traffic, i know, but that has been solved cause the whole city is Ploppable, so there was not a residential area yet :S

Hazani Pratama: thanks!

Kakado_To_Save: thank you!

Ggamgus, Schulmanator, RepublicMaster: thanks, and i wish you also a happy new year :D

I wanted to do this update before the new year but i had no wireless internet for 2 weeks, i could only come online on a computer with wired internet, thats also the reason why SimEmirate did the photoshopping


Today we are going to visit Los Santos, the capital of Costa Palma, but watch out, cause its not the safest place to be. there are a lot of drugs gangs in the city, only in downtown there aren't so many of them, almost none, the only thing you have to watch out for are the many pickpockets, so be carefull with bags and never show your purse and keep them in your front pockets.

Not far away from the highway to Los Santos there is an ancient Mayan city, we first make a short stop there.

Before the parking lot there is a small town with some souvenir shops.


These are the ruins:



Now we must go on.

This is not a bad neighbourhood, so its also not dangerous out here.


Here we see one of the 3 canals in the city, they protect the city from flooding, cause it rains a lot here, it can start raining suddenly, and it can also clear up suddenly, there is even a car wreck out there, the water takes almost everything on its path.


We're there!


Los Santos has a lot of appartement blocks, like these.


Here are all the government buildings, this square is the oldest part of Los Santos, the Cathedral and the two brown/red roofed buildings left and right above are the oldest buildings of Los Santos that still exist.


Here are some night pics:







Its getting late, we will stay at this inn


I hope you enjoyed it!

Next time we will go to the coast and we'll go on a cruise, bye!


less time

i can't play sc4 very much, only a few hours a week cause of all the homework, this causes a delay on my CJ, the Christmas holidays are almost so thats when i have some more time and probably the next update will be around the new year

till then, bye


Update 2, San Juan


Schulmanator: thank you, i also like your CJ

Hazani Pratama: thank you

hello all, welcome to my new CJ entry, today we're visiting the city of San Juan.

we're passing by some typical white villages.



but we must go on.

San Juan is not far away from here, only 3 km

We're there!



view over the central square


this is the city hall


the cathedral and the Palacio de Gobierno, thats where the governor lived in the 16th century when the city was just founded by the Spaniards.



here are two night pictures



that was it for now, next time we will be heading to the coast.

I hope you liked it, (dont forget to comment :D)


Update 1, Santa Maria

welcome to my first entry of my new CJ.

i will put a video of latin music in every update, this is Taka takata by Paco Paco.

today we're visiting the Santa Maria farmers region.


passing an almost dried up river, it is spring so the landscape will soon wither when summer arrives.

the most hated animal here is Squirrel Monkey, cause they eat all the fruit of the farmers, and because they come into your kitchen and in the stockroom of the farms.




we will stay at this Olive farm, we will work here to earn some money so we can continue our journey, if we want to see the coastline we have to get money cause thats a very expensive region cause of all the tourists there.


they have a lot of olive fields so it will be a lot of work but look at the surroundings.



i hope you liked my first update, i know its short, next time we will visit San Juan, the capital city of this region, so it will be longer. again, i hope you liked this update, please rate and comment.

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