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About this City Journal

My cities set in Estonia , Poland and Lithuania

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Helsinki 2

Kjeldsbourg is a town in southern Estonia, It has a very rich history and beautiful buildings

History- (actually just copied and pasted from my CJ on Xl nation

The earliest recording of Kjeldsbourg was in 1229 after Livonian Crusade. Kjeldsbourg was then a small town of about 2000 citizens , it was described as having a monastery on the south bank and the town on the north. It was part of the Livonian order until 1346 when The whole of Estonia was sold to the Teutonic order and became part of Ordenstaat. (Germany)

By now Kjeldsbourg had grown to around 10 000 people , While Russia was successfully invading Estonia the Teutonic Order had collapsed. Sweden then overtook Estonia and the population swelled , Including that of Kjeldsbourg. It now had a castle and around 12 000 however, after the Great Famine of 1695–97 killed some 70,000 people (20%of the population of Estonia) the population fell again to around 10 000 .

After the Great Northern War (1700–21) between Sweden and Russia , the Swedish empire lost Estonia to Russia by the Treaty of Nystad. However, the upper classes and the higher middle class remained primarily Baltic German. The war devastated the population of Estonia and Kjeldsbourg dropped to 7000, but it recovered quickly. The monastery in Kjeldsbourg was heavily damaged in the war , the Russians rebuilt it like St Basil s cathedral in Moscow in 1834. . After the Russian revolution of 1917, Tallinn remained under Soviet control until 24 February 1918, when Estonian independence was declared.

Kjeldsbourg had now a population of 16 000 and was an important food producer , in WW2 it provided food and ammunition for Russian Troops , before Estonia was occupied by Germany . Many

of the people that had come to Estonia making ammunition stayed , the population swelled . It hit the 20 000 mark in 1948 . By now the war had ended and Stalin saw it as an opportunity to regain Estonia .

After the end of Soviet Rule (1991) when Estonia formally declared independence and the Soviet Union collapsed , the population was 34 000 . It continued to grow as Kjeldsbourg was recognized as a Tourist resort and the airport (Kjelédbürager regional airport) was opened . Today Kjeldsbourg has a population of 56 000 people and continues to grow. it is an Exporter of Food and a famous holiday destination



The Cathedral


A street


A plane on the taxiway


The church of St Michael




At the bottom of this photo you can see one of my earlier RHM (realisitc highway mod) interchanges

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