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Lower Class Growth Continues, Storm comes in.





hjbk-Thanks! And the trees I forgot what mod I used, it was some realism mod.

city89- It was a modular theme park in 3 styles but to do what I did you have to download all three of them.

matezswag12- Thanks! Glad I did a good job on the theme park.


Current Residential Population: 401,229

Last Updates Residential Population: 262,989

Current Commercial Population: 397,468

Last Updates Commercial Population: 281,334


Sorry I haven't posted something in a while, but I have been working on joining the AIN, and this CJ will become the Ceaser Metropolitan Area after this update, since Cisco was a bad city, many mistakes, and just not built like the way I usually build my cities. So thank you all for reading my updates for Cisco, Ceaser is a tad bit smaller though, but still a very big city.


The Cisco Bay Area is known for its huge industrial population and its surprisingly middle class residential wealth. In 2009, The Great 7.2 Cisco earthquake struck 2 miles away from the bay. A 32 feet river tsunami hit the bay area and traveled down the Cisco River, despite the fact that it originated from Lake Peasant. The wave also caused damage in Downtown Cisco, only because it hit Cisco has zero hills or mountains. Anyway, the "Lower Class Revolution" has brought un-employment and a decline in the average income of Cisco.


As you can see, the "Lower Class Revolution" caused a "Middle Class Exile". The middle class people in the Cisco Bay Area demolished their houses so the lower class can't live in them. After that, they moved and never came back, which caused the lower class to move in, Cisco suffered a population loss, but it's population is now higher than ever at 401,229. The average income has fell from its peak of $40,000 down to $29,000


And now for a change in subject, this picture shows the evacuation for Hurricane Viking, named for being a Category 5 hurricane, and is expected to be a Category 3 at impact. Last hurricane to impact Cisco was Hurricane Vienna, which was a Category 2 and brought flood waters as high as 4 feet. Flood waters destroyed 2 buildings and damaged 19 buildings. It is estimated that 250 people died from this, and the city was lucky due to the fact that only 20% of the city evacuated. The storm has already passed over Short Island, home to almost 700,000 people. It was said that 890 people died, and 6,000 were injured, which is only because the hurricane struck during rush hour. After seeing the damage it did to short island, Cisco residents evacuated right away, and roads started to get a little crowded.


This is a picture of Hurricane Viking hitting Short Island, you can easily see how it caused a lot of damage. Channel 13 News interviewed residents when the storm's eye passed over the island, and this is what one resident said.

I was shocked to see it was this strong, my house flooded and our son had to go to the hospital after being electrocuted by the television. You should have been here to see it, all we heard was a loud roar and saw power flashes here and there. Then out of nowhere lightning struck in the middle of the road right of across from the food court. We are still waiting for the government to pick us up and take us to some bunker underground. I am just glad that we can get a break.

Since this is the last Cisco update, there are many ending scenarios, such as Cisco being destroyed, or a huge tsunami taking out the city, or the landscape being spotless after the storm, or basically just everyone dying and the world ends in a Day After Tomorrow like scene. So you readers out there can come up with one and make your own ending.


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wtf, great city! and nice edit..
i love the first pic.
5/5 maybe.
but In My opinion (just my opinion), you shold remove the arrow in the OWR.. by reinstalling NAM :D

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where did you get the hurricane and tsunami mod? .... Waaahhh!!!Waaaahhh!!!!!Waaaahhh!!!! Sshhhh AK, want me to feed you some bullets? .........

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Hmmmm... Huge tsunami, landscape spotless [i]and [/i]everyone dying in an end of the world style scene!

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