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A non-intro like introduction

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Cisco is a city that is growing very fast due to the migration of Mexicans and Americans to Canada and Seania. Earth has seen the full force of global warming, the only reason why humans are still alive is the invention of food able to grow in conditions up to 928 degrees Fahrenheit. It is 2009 and the Earth now has 19 billion humans and the lowest average yearly temperature on Earth is 98 degrees in Antarctica. Seania has quickly grew from 1.2 million sims in 1967 to 291.30 million in 2009, which is almost impossible to believe, and the United States quickly shrunk from 199 million sims in 1967 to 23 million in 2009. Cisco is actually one of the only cities in Seania with steady growth.

Cisco Geology and Climate


Cisco gets an average of 567 earthquakes a year below 5.0, and only 2 a year above 5.0 BUT below 6.5. The largest earthquake to ever strike Cisco was a 7.1 and was unfortunately had an epicenter in Downtown Cisco. When this struck, all of the Seanian Farming Community (SFC) suffered from a severe economic downturn.


Cisco has a generally warm climate and averages only 2 months with lows under 60 degrees Fahrenheit. The city also gets an average of 32 inches of rain a year, with the wettest year at 71 inches and the driest at 2 inches.

Population Demographics


Cisco is a city that has a very well controlled but speedy population growth rate. Ever since the city was started sims been rushing to the city as if there was no tomorrow. Cisco is known for having a history of middle class residents, and has just now started to welcome lower class residents in 2007. The Cisco metropolitan area is expected to grow to 634,202 in 2025. The rte of development is falling, but not fast enough and the average income for the metropolitan area is still 39,000.

City Structure



These two pictures show you how the Cisco the downtown area isn't interrupted by any of the water flows (rivers) and acts as if its just pieces of paper in a lowered terrain!


This picture reveals the common building styles in low density areas of Downtown Cisco. This common styling has never been changed that much and they have buildings with these styles since 1921!


This picture shows the Avengers Stadium and the Goobify Towne Mall, in which both are surprisingly easy to get to due to the fact it is near Cisco Avenue (6-lane road in top right corner). Both of these have provided a healthy but steady boost to Cisco's already strong economy.


This here is Cisco Avenue, the busiest street in Cisco and a primary access source for Cisco's commercial population. The segment of Cisco Avenue in this picture gets an average usage of 3,981 cars a day, and the record usage was 5,011. When the usage hit that amount, the only jobs in Cisco was in downtown and there was no public transit besides ferry, and the usage only went down when jobs where spread out around the city.




Now you can see the complex but slowly developing suburban form of the Cisco metro, due to the weird fact that sims are interested in moving into the Cisco Proper instead of the Cisco metro. Development hit a high in 2009 for the Cisco Metro Area, when re-development came in and more houses equaled less workers which resulted in a full population loss of the lower class, but if you look at the population chart above, it didn't take long for development to spring up again. As for the Cisco Proper, development hit a high in 2002, when the population was growing at an un-controllable rate and it wasn't in the budget. This resulted in the city budget going negative, and that caused commercial abandonment. When this happened jobs went away and so did the population, as you could see in the population chart, it took a few years for growth could pick up again... it was like a mini-recession.


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in the 9th photo how did u get that avenue like that i want to get that but hav not found a mode i only hac to lane avs can u gev d link plz

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Ooo it looks very nice I especially the trees and terreforming :D

I would add trees or seawalls to the coastline though, especially around the skyscrapers!

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Cool city! The only recommendations i have would be to press G to turn off the grid... looks a lot more realistic that way. And maybe add a terrain mod as well.

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