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Alexandria CIty

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About this City Journal

Visit us here in Alexandria!

Entries in this City Journal


In the Wilderness


In the wilderness you will find the remnants of hunters. This river's bend is host to a watch tower. There is no wildlife at the moment, however, the river is filled with fresh catfish which local bears usually feast on.

Thanks to Deena Harbertroutsniffin for the photo.


It looks like a lonely traveler has taken an expedition into the outer reaches of the city of NewSorgun. He must not have packed up far because he seems to be without gear.


BLAST IT! This is what any naturist wants to avoid. It seems that many years ago a person dumped an entire car here in the forest. Of course at the time the river didn't flow directly through here, instead the river flowed around a small homestead which was owned by a man named Farmer Ben. You can see a wall from those early days.


Portia in Autumn


This town is only

worth mentioning because of the

new highway which runs through it!

I would like to welcome you first to the historic John Davis High school, home of the Rebels.

School Song:

Go you rebels we're all for you

fight fight fight and go onto victory

We will always stand up and shout

The red and white will always fight

Rah Rah Fight win

Rebels we're all for you



Portia Portia South!!!


Portia, while having plenty of space to expand prefers

to now build upward than outward ever since the Green Act in 2007.

These nice apartments, built in 2010, now hold as many people as

the neighborhoods just across the street on half of the land!

Portia is trying to set an example that our forests and open

spaces are more important than human expansion.


This final picture shows the overall region of the town of Portia.

I so hope you liked this small suburban town which is so far in

the middle of nowhere, it IS the somewhere.


Comments are more than welcome!

This has been an Ontario Systems production, thank you for reading!


Fall in Selma


a city of suburbs.

After a long struggle in the government the country of Daynemark has

lost a monarchy and is trying to be a free republic. Fall has rolled

in and tensions have been soothed for the time being. "Leafers", as

the locals call them are visiting to see the famous leaves of Daynemark

while many Daynes live among them.

These are aerial photos of a few areas around

the city of Selma in southern Daynemark where Fall has been prevalent.


Many of the homes are small, one family homes built in the

20's through 50's. Unlike in many countries Daynemark has

made sure the middle class hasn't been strangled. Only 1.7%

of the population lives under the poverty line. Not to say

that many people aren't still poor, but it is a much better

percentage than much of the world.


Fall is a time when for future years will be host

to the Independence day. Halloween it quickly approaching

and billions of dollars have been spent on candy and scary

decorations for this festive holiday loved by all Daynes.

You better bundle up this year though, it gets very cold very quick!


I really hope you enjoyed this very delayed update.

This has been an ©Ontario Systems production


I apologize for re-posting this. I guess I have two of

the same CJ's and the other one was completely empty.

I do hope you can enjoy it a second time at least with some more to read added!


Bradford Town


City of Bradford Town, a thriving suburb.

Welcome to the city of Bradford Town! Bradford Town has a population of 80,000 sims within its' limits.

Bradford Town was founded in 1890 by William Bradford

looking to make his mark on history by hitting a gold

jackpot. When William finally hit it big thousands of

sims flocked to Bradford Town for a chance to also

become rich. The town was now noticed by the federal

government. William, with his large amount of money,

builds Bradford Town City Hall which still stands

today as the center of the thriving city.

Let us look at some pictures now, yes?

Bradford Town City hall built in 1896


The citizens of Bradford Town enjoy the manicured lawns and

parks surrounding the Bradford Town Hall. Many citizens

would say that Bradford Town is one of the best places to

raise children especially with the low crime rates and

terrific award winning schools! Being a suburb has many perks,

tax money being one of the main perks.


Williams Boulevard as seen from hot air balloon.

The balloon was soon grounded after flying too low.


Bradford Tower is a recreation of a bell tower which stood

on the site back in the mid 50's. The earlier bell tower

collapsed after a large semi trailer had a collision almost

straight on with the tower. The tower was built to be

stronger and a few feet were also added to the tower,

standing at 150 feet tall it is the tallest landmark

in the city.


I hope you enjoyed Bradford Town!

Brought to you by the makers of...


It's Yummilicious!


Now that there's a big one!


^ ^ ^

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Navy Pier 20

Thank You TIMES OF TROIX© for choosing my photo!



This photo has been selected as one of the photos due to appear at the Times of Troix ... Congratulations


I am proud to announce that this CJ has made it into the +10 on Ben's top 10 +10!

Give yourselve's a round of applause.

I'd like to welcome you to Navy Pier 20 in the city of Aidel, directly north to the major city of Alexandria.

The pier was built for the Royal Navy of Daynemark back

in 1928 to combat the rogue Kayssians who had shown their

might by wielding weapons of mass destruction. When the

feud ended in 1965 the pier was left to sit and rot until

the city of Alexandria funded a project to refurbish the

pier into a popular tourist attraction which will fuel the

local economy.


The Liberty eye, as the ferris wheel shown is known,

was built in 1972 as a bonus attraction to the pier.

In its' first year the Liberty Eye brought in 800,000§.

The Eye is known as one of the most recognizable structures

in the country of Daynemark.


In 2009 around 1.2 million sims visited the pier bringing in about 89§ million.

The pier has been a major boost to the local economy and

has helped actually turn the town of Aidel into a thriving

city with a lively culture unto itself.




View your movies at Utopolis.

A subsidary of ©Ontario Systems, Wraner



Alexandria International Airport

This is the Alexandria International airport that serves 20,000 passengers per day.

The Airport is very well known for its' park surrounded by the promenade.



The airport is temporarily closed due to bomb threat.

No bomb has been detected but with so much tension growing in the

surrounding countries Daynemark, especially Alexandria can take no chances.


The morning after


With storms end comes beauty and a multitude of sunny activities and a city cleaned of its waste.


I do hope that the heading above was very uplifting, though, this is not the full truth.

With storms end comes an armada of filth that is washed into the ocean to be caught by

local fishermen and the ships owned by the city which were originally used to catch

oil, but are used also to catch trash before it flows out into the Gulf of Winchester...

Enjoy the early update!



As a hurricane pounds the United states on Earth a common thunderstorm hits the city of Alexandria.

Alexanians are use to storms like these, they hit at least 12 times a month in the summer.

Alexandria City Center.


Arlin Circle center.


Aerial view from passenger plane.


I hope you like my photo editing! I'm new at it.

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