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About this City Journal

Berkshire, A New Metropolis

Entries in this City Journal


Newcastle: Full Update

So here are some more pics of Newcastle:

The Main Railway Station in Newcastle, and surrounding slightly newer buildings:


Around the corner is the High Speed Rail Station. This is a very small station for the HSR system that takes passengers from Chelmsford to Earcester (the National Capital) and beyond in only two hours on the Southway Special Express route with only two stops in Sachem and Kent in between. This is the fastest way to travel throughout the nation.


The Center of Newcastle:


Church of the Ascension and Christ's College:


Broadway Tower, one of the older structures in Newcastle:


Though Newcastle was settled in ancient times, most of the modern city was built in the late 1800's as indicated on the city hall. The construction of the Summer Palace demanded that the settlement be made fit for royal living.


Outside of the very center, Newcastle becomes very quickly suburban.


The South Lawn is at the south end of the Center where Broadway becomes the great Chelmsford Road. The minimalism and elegance of Newcastle's parks balance the extravagence of much of its architecture.


A very old chapel overlooking the Spauldiung River on a beautiful promontory:


Thank you for visiting!



Here I have a sneak peek at Newcastle, an old city in the north of the Chelmsford region that was once home to the King's Summer Palace.


It holds the titles of "The Garden City" and "Most Beatiful City in Southfarthing" among various other nicknames.

Thanks for reading and don't hesitate to comment!


Chelmsford Mosaic

Alright. Thanks for all the comments everyone!

viva-panda: I suppose a little bit of brighton slipped in there with the Galleria mimicking the pier. I was mainly basing the street pattern off that of Hampton Beach in NH. Basically, it is a mix of all the beachy places of been to or seen.

So here I have a (very sloppy and very incomplete) mosaic of Central Chelmsford. There is some minor beautification that still needs done, but I think you people deserve to see it anyways. At the top is the Spaulding River and its eponymous parkway. Then there is Uptown, centered on Broadway and Washington BLVD. The Financial District is centered on Columbia Place, and southeast of that is the historic dwontown area and the old port area on Chelmsford Bay and the remodelled Quay Village.


Thanks for coming by!


Watersmeet Teaser

So last two days I have been working on the beaches in the south of Chelmsford. This picture is a preview of the major resort center of Watersmeet, near the mouth of the Chelmsford Bay. The beaches front the Great South Bay on the South Coast of Southfarthing.



Chelmsford: Westmere

Hey Everyone! Thanks so much for the comments! Its good to be playing Sim City again.

Today we will have a look at the Westmere area of the Chelmsford Region. The area is the center of sporting and large scale entertainment in all of Southfarthing. Westmere sits on a point at the confluence of the Chelmer and Spaulding Rivers. To the North is the Chelmer and to the east is the Spaulding mouth that empties into Chelmsford Bay to the immediate south.

An Overview. In the foreground is the Westmere Arena and Waterfront, containing retail, offices, a planetarium, and an IMAX theatre, as well as an underground tramway stop. To the right are the stadia and a surface tramway stop. In the background is the spirit tower overlooking the Westmere Interchange.


A couple of closer-ups of the Spaulding River Waterfront area.



The low hills here are home to the Spirit Tower, with an observation deck and restaurant at the top with spectacular views of the Chelmsford Skyline across the Spaulding River.


The two Stadia line the Chelmsmouth and host the Chelmsford Football Club and the baseball team. Also pictured is the miniature tramway that serves the parking lots to the direct west of the stadia and piggybacks on the Chelmsford Rapid Tram (CRT) system.


Here, we can see the South Plank Road Tram Stop and the Plank Road Dam that used to serve as part of a canal system, but now serves as flood control and creates the West Chelmer Basin that runs from here northwest to just north of Bergen, all part of the Chelmer River.



Here is the main Hotel District aside from the beaches in the south. These rooms are much cheaper than the seaside rooms and provide convenient access to Westmere, the airport, and even downtown Chelmsford. The airport is just 10 minutes by express tram and downtown is only 5 minutes by local tram, both from the S Plank Rd Stop.


Lastly, another preview of Downtown Chelmsford. This is the Historic Civic Center, known locally as "The Center," since several of the axes of the city (Market, Cumberland/Fort and State) cross here, at the locations of the Courthouse and City Hall. This is the most historic area of central Chelmsford.


Thanks for stopping by!


Chemlsford: Wespark

Hey Guys! I have some pictures to drop off:

First, two regional overviews of Chelmsford, the principal and capital city of Southfarthing, a state in my fictional nation that remains unnamed.


...and one with some crude labeling


Next we have some Roadgeekery from the Wespark on the west bank of the Spaulding River.

Plank Road is the primary artery from the Westmere Entertainment Complex to the Northwest, and the (unbuilt) airport.


This exit leads east on a very short super-two to the center of Wespark and dumps into the Westside Bypass, a demi-expressway connecting Westmere and Cambridge.


The complex infrastructure in this area is due to the numerous road upgrades made necessary by increased traffic as the shopping, office and industrial areas expanded, leaving less and less space between the mountains and the river. THese are some of the most confusing roads to drive in Southfarthing.


Just north of Mark Tree Road, there is this monster of an interchange. It is designed for high-speed access to the northwest, over the hills toward the airport. To the Northeast is the town of Cambridge, home to Southfarthing State University.


Finally, I'll leave of with a look at Republic Square in Downtown Chelmsford:


Thanks for visiting!


Hello Again. This time, I have a region shot and a snippet of downtown overlooking the vine street expressway.



Thanks for having a look! I hope to have a full update ready next time. Shout out any suggestions for what you want to see first, or second.... or whatever!


Okay Everyone! Here's what I've been up to over the past few weeks!

Berkshire is heavily based on Philadelphia, even to the point of borrowing names like Market St, Vine St Expwy, and also borrows the semi-strict grid system and uses elevated and submerged light rail transit. This is my first true large-scale city, so there are bound to be challenges but its well on its way.

I know its not much to show, but more previews are coming.



East End

East End Introduction

East End is a collection of neighborhoods in the northeast part of Wescester. Here are some of the most diverse streets of Westramine.

One can travel from the ritzy Bloomingrove Cross...


To the East End Industrial Park not 5 minutes to the southeast.


On the North edge of the valley lies a small commercial district and a large commerce park.




Grampian Boulevard runs all along the north edge of the valley from Loyalsock Creek in the East to Arch Street near Central Westramine. The Regional Medical Center is located on Grampian, and Shaw Park is not far from there.


Southeast of Shaw Park is Warren Elementary School.


Follow Euclid Avenue east two blocks and it ends at College Town, a small commercial district that grew around the old Mansner College campus.


And finally, a peek at Mansner College:


Thank you everyone for stopping by and reading!


The City of Wescester

Wescester is the new project I have been working on!

So today, I'd Like to show you the area of Near East Side. This neighborhood is located directly east of Downtown and is centrally located within the city limits. Near East Side is notorious for its odd-angled streets as it is located by a bend in the Susquehanna River.

Let's start off with an overview of Wescester's Road Map, highlighting Near East Side.


Next up is the sleepy neighborhood near Sheriden Park, a simple track and field.


*(Note that most N/S streets in central Wescester are tree names)

Near Sheriden Park is Central High School, the original public High School in Wescester, but now it is one of three in the City.


Just west of Central High is the north end of Susquehanna Univerisity's Main Campus.


The Center of Campus is wedged between Park Avenue and Chestnut Street.


An old Church near campus:


Brandon Park is the old city commons.


The odd street layout in this part of town make for a lot of multi-way intersections called squares.

Susquehanna Square is home to Wescester's tallest building, Grit Tower, the headquarters of the nationwide newspaper Grit. It marks the border between downtown and Near East Side. Susquehanna Square is also synonymous with the theatre district, though it is truly located in the blocks to the west of the square. Washington Boulevard, a major artery into the lower east of the city, also begins here.


This is Washington Square, the traditional East Edge of the Central Commercial District


Penn Square is located several blocks northeast of Washington Square and, along with Wilshire Square is an outlying business district. It is home to the Regional CocaCola HQ as well as some shopping and lofts.


Thanks for visiting Wescester!


A New Hope!

Hello All!

I know I have been MIA for a long time, and I can't promise I'll be any more active. . .

But I have a picture to show you I haven't completely abandoned Sim City.

This is a new Region using the fantastic map of my Hometown, WIlliamsport, PA. The city is also loosely based on Williamsport. It is far from finished, but some pics will be ready soon. I'd really appreciate some advice on growing large expanses of Residential Areas as growth has stalled in the region at the moment. Thanks for stopping by!




Thank You everyone for the comments! :wub:

Well, anyways, I know I've been gone a while *sniffle, so here are a few pics of Warsaw.

Warsaw is a smallish town somewhere in the north/central area of Westramine. I haven't decided where yet, but a few candidates are:

1. A short ways south of York

2. Some ways Southwest of Umbria Heath

3. Somewhere far in the north

Link to the map of Westramine... If you have a suggestion for an alternate location, please leave one!

Anyways, on to the pictures:






And that's about it. Thanks for stopping by!! Don't forget to leave suggestions as to where Warsaw should be located. There should be at least one A(green)-Road running along the south edge of the Warsaw area, roughly E-W, and hopefully one running to the North, but the latter may be optional.




Hello All! Topsham is a section of Sunderland directly west of the Center and Downtown, across the River.

First, an overview to situate yourselves (the outlined portion is Topsham):overviewu.jpg

In the west of Topsham are single family houses that work up to rowhomes, walkups and even row apartments, but the area around Madison High School is calm, peaceful and affluent:


Some Mixed Development and Roth Grammar (K-8 gr) School overlook the Aanmeer on the tops of the bluffs:


To Continue East on Highmount Blvd, We come to Hepburn St, and a housing project with the best views of and in Sunderland City:


An Office Park was recently built in an abandoned block north on Hepburn St:


The Church of the Ascension overlooks Downtown and the centerline of the Nave aligns with the center of 4th St, Which tunnels under the church and surfaces in the next image:


Here is where 4th St surfaces and interfaces with Hepburn and Telmont. Also Pictured is Telmont Grammar (again, K-8 gr) School.


Northwest on Telmont/4th brings you to the business district of Old Topsham. Here, stores, shops and restaurants line Nicholls Ave, the Western Extension of W 9th St.There is a complex Intersection and partial (to North and from South only) access to the Crosstown parkway, the massive tunnel under the Topsham plateau.center1i.jpg


That's All Folks!I tried to label the streets to better acquaint you with Sunderland and the relationships between the buildings and neighborhoods.Thanks for visiting!


Topsham Teaser

Just a small teaser today!

Unfortunately, I have been unable to work with SC4 lately because of RL stuff (all good, though). I am starting to feel like Sunderland is stuck again, so I'll probably start Van Meer next, but I really want to show you guys Downtown and Central Sunderland before that.

But here is a teaser of Topsham, the brownstone neighborhood on the top of the plateau to the immediate west of downtown. Theres not a whole lot of exciting stuff going on up here, but hopefully a future update will cover this area.


Thanks for stopping by!


The M-98/ SSC Interchange is an odd interchange that grew from a simple trumpet to the monster it is today.

It was first designed to Connect Downtown and Southern Sunderland with the M-98, which loops up over the north side of Sunderland. The South Suncerland Connector Highway, which is of A-Road status, greatly reduces travel time to Downtown Sunderland, even with its lights and intersections. As Development crept west, however, the trumpet was expanded to provide some partial access to the west on Southern Boulevard, the Western Extension of the SSC.

An Overview:


The Eastern Approach on SSC Westbound. The SSC still uses the old trumpet setup to have full access to M-98 East and West. Also, we can see the roads that provide access to Southern Boulevard.


The Central Portion of the interchange where the old trumpet can clearly be seen.


The Southern Approach on M-98 includes a very long, and for motorways, steep, grade down a mountainside. Because of this special speed limit matrix signs have been set up and an extra south/west bound land has been added for trucks and busses to climb the mountain without interrupting traffic flow on the main motorway. Because of this, many extra signs are present forcing large vehicles into the Climbing lane exit.


The Western, partial access Approach on Southern Boulevard Eastbound.


An "All-Turns" Exit provides access to the township of Brightside and U-Turns on Southern Boulevard. All-Turn Lanes are common on Southern Boulevard and SSC.


I hope you guys enjoy this!!!


The Flag of Westramine

Symbols and Meanings

One Gold Stripe: Success, Wisdom

One Maroon/Red Stripe: Courage

Two Navy Fields: Power, Authority, Integrity

Blue Field: The Sea, Peace

One Fleur-de-lis: Unity, Also represents the (main) Island of Westaar, and Norman Heritage (Colored Gold)

Twelve 12 Point Stars: 12 regions of Westramine:

Lower Left 7 (blue): 7 counties located on Westaar: Northumbrisle, Northumberland, Hampshire, York, Exeter, Midland, Seadowns

Upper Right 3 (yellow): Island Counties: Dimland, Castlisle, Vinylhaven

Upper Right 2 (maroon): Dependancies: Isle of Pembroke, Melancholia


Thanks for visiting!


North of Central Sunderland lie the neighborhoods of Lincoln Heights and Uptown. Uptown is a mixed use old industrial/residential/commercial. It is home to many walkups, row homes and a few old towers. Lincoln Heights is an old village that was eventually incorporated as a borough into Sunderland City.

An Overview to get you guys aquatinted with the area.overviewf.jpg

(psst. You can find these motorways on the map I posted on the previous update)

The industrial area is concentrated around the perimeters of M-98. Here we can see the old Schau Brewery and an old Textile Mill.industry.jpg

Here is an Office Tower located by the riverside. Also is the Upper Court Street Station on the D-Uptown (yellow) line of the Metro.uppercourtst.jpg

Here, on Maynard Street, the B-Montvale line surfaces to become a Light Rail line. This is Just south of Lincoln Heights Center.bmontvalesurfaces.jpg

Shops, restaurants and offices, as well as a branch library line Maynard Street in Lincoln Heights. Also, behind these shops is a large local park with soccer pitches and baseball diamonds.bmontvale.jpg

Trumbull Street Jr./Sr. High School is the Public Middle and High School for Uptown and Lincoln Heights, as well as some students in Riverview/Lower Trumbull (found on the metro map).trumbull.jpg

Finally, A shot of Lincoln Heights Center, a marriage of modern and historical.lincolnhts.jpg

Thanks for stopping by! Please leave comments and critiques!


Introducing Westramine

I received a comment A while back asking where Sunderland was set....

So, after a bit of work, I present, a Map of Westramine, the Nation in which Sunderland is located. Sunderland Is the County Head of Northumberland County. Gloucester, Northampton, Castledon and York are the other county heads of their respective counties. EXETER is the National Capital, home to Parliament and government offices. I hope to eventually build Exeter on a custom map, but that is a long way down the line.


The Key:

Red: Major/Included Cities and metropolitan areas

Yellow: County titles and Borders

Green: A-Roads

Dark Blue: Motorways (Major Motorways are signified as {M+an Even 10 multiple for E/W routes} or {M+an Odd 10 multiple for N/S routes}. Secondary Motorways are spurs or connectors signified by the parents first digit with an even second digit for E/W spurs and an odd second digit for N/S spurs)

Light Blue: Parkways (Minor, car-only motorways, usually signified by a single letter other than A or M, or by a three digit M###)

M-1 is the Nations first large-scale Motorway, and the only fully tolled road. It acts as a thruway, so speeds are not strongly regulated, and interchanges are rare. M-1 Interchange Numbers are shown on the Map. Most of the other major Motorways (aside from M-90) radiate from Exeter and its Metro Area. (spurs of M-1 have numbering as if M-1 was really M-10)

The Is. of Pembroke is a sovereign dependency of the Nation of Westramine, and there is a movement for Melancholia to become a sovereign dependency as well.

I do hope to have actual game pictures for you guys next time!


Hey guys! Just though I would share a sketch I drew of a house. Its kind-of based on a FLW prairie house, but with some 21st century stuff thrown in. (All roofs are hipped. for some reason the right side looks gabled.)img0001copyl.jpg



Its not actually that important, but you should read it anyways!

Today I have a small mosaic of Loyalsock, a semi rural community in the extreme southeast of the area. AND I broke out some MMP's that don't look terribly shabby at all! I think I shall use MMP's more in the future.

Thanks for coming! Enjoy!



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