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About this City Journal

My second CJ (First is Shayden)

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§haÅ--Ñ€ §hÅŽo


Evillions: I have been doing that though. And I can't find anymore sites with W2W Buildings (Never got email notification from SimCity Polska)

Samerton: Thanks, I just found out that the Mediterrian usaully never gets any snow storms so that is a once in a long time storm.


Some of the city after the snow storm, during the storm we saw no sun, but now it's shining bright!


The Jericho Aquarium. It is a popular spot for tourists and field trip endurers to see some of

the pretty fish of the world.


Another picture of the city, this is right beside the sport area so most of the people living here are a sports fan.


Some more views of the development beside the coast.


More commercial and residential areas. With some wind towers and trees to beutify the area.


Some more of the many skyscrapers in Eltrayton.

Sorry for the lack of pictures this time. Tell me what you think about this European Metropolis.

§haÅ--Ñ€ §hÅŽo

There's finally some snowfall in Matinenda, but a blizzard instead of a nice flurry... 14.gif

Anyway, here are some pictures of the blizzard. For just this post, I'll post the before pictures too because I'm new with the making snow deal, and so the AIN can see more of Matinenda's cityscape. I can only use Paint.Net so it's not perfect...



The beggining of the storm. It started out as a bad blizzard, it will end as a bad one...



The worst of the blizzard. It blew down 1 inch an hour and it lasted for 3 hours. Can you do the math?



This is after the snow dump deal. It was so bad they closed the schools for the day.



Snow went everywhere. It just wouldn't stop. Eltrayton was about to call a State of Emergency.



The pictures of the city got less clear as the snow got heavier...



Soon none of the roads could be seen.



The snow is terrible.

That's it for now. Bye.

§haÅ--Ñ€ §hÅŽo


TowerDude: Thanks now I got more Euro buildings in a matter of less then a day. I'm working hard on Matineneda. I hope I get accepted into the AIN soon so I can get back to a weekly update and not 3 a dddaaayyy. They aren't forcing me to make so many I just want to show Matinenda progress so I get in. Excited to see Matinenda is liked more then Shayden was! 5.gif

Huston: Thanks, many of guys at the AIN site helped me out by showing me the great BATers! So here's a shout out to them! 48.gif

Schulmanator: Yeah I gots me some more in this new post too. 9.gif

Blakeway: You have a good point. So now I have more downloaded and used in SimCity. 2.gif

ROFLyoshi: Haha, I could call it that. Thanks, I plan on even more too. 9.gif

More Euro BAT's installed and used. Ah shoot me if you must but no captions again. Deal with it mkay? Rating time too so vote on what you

think of this CJ. Begin voting and more importantly enjoy this CJ! Any flaws tell me and I will take care of it.  Some idiot decided to vote 1 and not tell me the problems, that is pure bull! Really, Shayden had a 3.33, and it was a crappy CJ compared to Matinenda. That is ridiculous, at least tell me the flaws and I would have been cool with it. But it seems like some zero bomber just came in for no good reason and voted 1.










That's it for now, yes only 9 pictures. Enjoy!

§haÅ--Ñ€ §hÅŽo


Reikhardt: Thanks! Yeah, plus they get rid of pollution so it's two in one.

TowerDude: Nice to see that your proud of me, but Matinenda is supposed to be European 8.gif

ImVhOzzi: Thanks!

ROFLYoshi: I will in a different city, but commercial is having no problem standing by itself.

Well it's come to my attention that my CJ looks too American, so I downloaded some European buildings and they have grown in, here are the pictures, no captions this time sorry:


















This was rushed so sorry for the terrible update.

§haÅ--Ñ€ §hÅŽo


ROFLYoshi: I'm glad your seeing what I'm doing. I'm trying to make an urban city, but with lot's of trees to reduct the pollution and make the city look nicer. Cause Matinenda is in Europe. All of Europe signed a Treaty against global warming, so Matinenda is involved. So I also plan to continue the tree scheme in every city.

Schulmanator: Well they have Saw on right now. It's only the first one sadly enough. 45.gif

As time progressed, Eltrayton had boomed. With the good enviorment (Again, not using Air Purifier like on Shayden). In a matter of time, Eltrayton had booned into a major city with over 188,000 inhabiters. There were no job problems because commercial flourished. The only regret for Eltrayton was that it didn't have too much industry in it. But they either had to choose a good environment or good in industry. They'd rather have the clean air. Also the Senator of Eltrayton, David Ulyess, refuses to support any industry. But they're still 250,000 commercial jobs that kept them occupied. Now to the pictures:


Harlem Hotel, for all of the tourists that need a beautiful place to stay in for the night, this is one of the many hotels willing to welcome them.


A petting zoo for the kids. It's in between some houses and offices because a store named Piggly Wiggly owns the farm. It has horses,

cows, and llamas. Don't you just want to pet them?


Away from the petting zoo are some more and big commercial skyscrapers.


Piggly Wiggly, a local butcher that has many meats (Steak, hot dogs, Sausage, Chicken etc.) Remember when I said

that Piggly Wiggly owns the Petting Farm? Well they don't kill and eat those animals, they keep them on display to show

that they aren't complete animal haters. So nice of them huh?


Fuddruckers, another restaurant that serves good food

(it's the Old Country Buffet of Matinenda, only smaller)


A Hyundai dealership. Another foreign vechile that gets sold here.


A Staples, it has the most important commercial tools needed for a business.


A Martial Arts business that helps train people to defend themselves.


Another neighborhood that holds one of the many citizens in Eltrayton.


An apartment that holds some of the college and university kids.


Repsol the Gas Station. It doesn't have much of a

buissness because of the cost, it's 8 Euros per gallon.


The Olympic Tennis Court. It's just been built lately because of the demand for one.


A Rugby Stadium for the Eltrayton Knights. Once more cities are developed, they will all face off against eachother to see who is the best.


This is the last picture I leave you with for now. A new skyview picture.

Goodbye for now. Please leave a comment. It took me 2 hours to do all of this.

§haÅ--Ñ€ §hÅŽo

Replies: (I'll make a new header later...)

ROFLyoshi: Thanks, I'm going to finish Eltrayton before I make a overview picture of it.

ImVhOzzi: Thanks, I hope this CJ is better than Shaydens, I know I need to get more organized. And I just said that as an ending.

Here are some more pictures of Eltrayton!


Some buildings... And a street... Yeah...


A picture of the coastline. Sorry for the box but the guy I downloaded it never said if their were any dependencies. Well there were... Otherwise it's a great view!


A Cricket field. It's not popular at this time of day but wait till the kids get out of school!


An apartment for those who can't thrive on the 7% tax.


Hagwood Movie Threater, self explanitory.


You wanna Honda? We gotta Hondas!


Marina for those who want to venture the Mediterranean Sea.


The Langhanan Skyscraper. It's created 3000 jobs and really pretties up the city!


The Sangition Building. They had the same idea with the reflective design but in a smaller



If you want a Ford this is the place for it.


The Toyota Lot. Here you can buy from one of the biggest car company in the world.


The View of the Mediterranean Coastline. We have trees close to the ocean to make sure no one builds a home too close to the waters.


The rugby field for the Rugby Union. It used to be Football Union but "FU" won't look to

pretty on the newspapers or TV's...


A huge skyscraper that gives jobs to 4000 people.

Ok that's all for now. I know I didn't do too good of a job on this one but tell me what you think anyway. Kthxbai!

§haÅ--Ñ€ §hÅŽo


Welocme to Matinenda, my second CJ! The first was Shayden but due to more expirence I bring you Matinenda!

Matinenda is a European country,infact heres a map to locate it exactly:


The dark red section shows where Matinenda is located.


Here is the Matinendian Flag, it will change, later on but this is only for now.

Now to the city pictures!


Here is a picture of the Leighngton University, beside it are some commercial buildings and seasonal trees.


The Local Food 4 Less. Their name doesn't lie.


Another International Store. B&Q is a superstore bent on

having whatever you may need.


A local buissness. Duelatte Electronics was made in Matinenda during the Industrial

revolution and still stands 150 years later. But due to pollution issues, all of the industrial

zones are forested off to fight off some of the pollution.


An apartment that shelters 1700 people


A clothing store. J.P Stephens has whatever clothes you need.


Some more industry. Said again: As an effort to prevent global warming the industrial areas are blocked off except for roads by using trees.


Ba ba ba ba ba! I'm lovin it! A McDonalds fresh from America.


The Ministry of Foreign Relations. You a country seeking friendship? Come here! We'll give

you a friendly welcome!

That's all for now. So how is it now? Tell me all of my flaws. Also: More city views later. kthxbai!

§haÅ--Ñ€ §hÅŽo

I'm making Matinenda first of all for these reasons:

1. Shayden was babied:

It was never in wars, never in debt, no pollution, no crime. No problems to explain it. Or a Utopia. But with Matineadia I plan on actually playing the game without cheats (Except for some, like a military base for a big city to enforce security [You don't deserve it.] and to hide my unused zone color for pictures [zoneria])

2. I never made a location for Shayden:

I never said where it was because I wasn't sure for where to put it. And that kind of hurt the CJ even more.

3. "No Maxis Mod" will be in effect the whole time for Matineadia:

With Shayden I just slowly got more plugins and then just got the Maxis Mod. But with Matineadia I will have it in effect the whole time so it won't look unrealistic.

4. Unrealistic:

In my cities, I had residential right beside industrial in some of my cities. But once I got an eye for realism I didn't really care for the way I had made the old cities. Such as the Airport. I have six airports in Shayden and only one is customly made (in Orlean).

5. Better made map:

This map was made way better then how I made Shayden. This is where I've got the new map for Matinenda, thanks NHP! You can see it's better made then Shayden was, Shayden had a river and thats really it. But Matineadia has everything. Mountains, rivers, and it is 32x32 (Shayden is 15x15) So Matineadia is 2 times as big.

I'm really just saying, I've learned more, and I think it's time to try a new region. Shayden isn't going to be deleted off my computer, definitlely not. But now Matineadia has been moved to the priority region. I could to tell you the truth never delete Shayden, I got so far with it (deleting a region with 2,390,000 people living in it would be a kick to the gut eh?) so I'm definitley not deleting Shayden, and I will still play on Shayden occassionally. But for now like I've said 300 times before, Matineadia is now the main region. It will be vulnerable to whatever I decide to add to the storyline. Unlike Shayden that nothing bad ever happens. I will only use a money mod if for some reason my expenses get too bad. But I only intend on using it when the money count is about to go to the negatives. Later today I'll post the info for this region.

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