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About this City Journal

My second CJ (and now that I have more time more likely to be updated) and this time it's (somewhat) Interactive! The Imperium of Rothenburg. CJ ON HOLD

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Ok so with the pre-Christmas rush and all that it's difficult to find time to play SC4. I'm also finding it hard to continue the plot line.

So basically:

CJ is currently on hold over the Christmas break

It may be back next year, however it's likely if it is then the story shall not be continued with it

Hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!



Making the deal


Seems the troops have quite a backing :P

@ EyeOfMobius, thanks for voting :) good to hear that the non-SC4 pics go down well

@ Shaggy100, Thanks for the vote!

@ ZombieHunter, Thanks for the vote :)


"Let me get this straight" You say "You want me, to illegaly sell you weapons behind the back of your government and mine?"

"Pretty much"

"Why not" You respond, as Daan breathes an audible sigh of relief.

"Excellent, now the question I have is what can you supply?"

"Depends on what you need, and if you can get me clearance I can have some demo's sent over by tomorrow morning"

"Consider it done. If you can bring them to my office in the Palace that would be brilliant."

"I shall see you there tomorrow then"

You leave at the same time as Daan and make a phone call to your 2IC in New York, telling them to send over a shipment of demos right away.

The next morning you drive to the capital:




Before arriving at the Palace


Prince Daan greats you warmly and leads you to his office, upon entering you place your briefcase on the table and open it up.

"So, I have MP7s, Several types of Grenades, Sniper Rifles, RPGs, Anti-Tank guns" You say pulling out a sample MP7


"I can also supply SAMs, Weaponry for Aircraft, Naval equipment, etcetera,  etcetera"

"And how much would all this cost?" Daan asks.

"Seeing as this deal isn't exactly legal. A bit more than the normal price and in cash as well"

"And as I asked, how much is that?"

"Depends on what you're getting but a rough figure would be..." You pause to do some calculations


A Midnight meeting.

Sorry guys, no in-game pics today. SC4 has been a bit annoying recently so there's nothing new to show

"I see you recognise me" Prince Daan says "I'll admit it was a bit foolish to talk to you last night"

"But your highness, I have to ask why all this secrecy?"

"Because this meeting, isn't what's the word? Ah yes, exactly legal" the reply comes "I have no authority to make these deals"

"So why are you?"

"Because of the troops in Afghanistan"


Rothenburg's troops are at the positions marked in Red

"I can't pull them out, Reina can't pull them out. That power lies with the government, and they're under pressure from Washington and NATO to sit still" the prince sounds bitter "So if they're stuck there, I want them to have the best technology at their disposal. That's where you come in"

"Let me get this straight" You say "You want me, to illegaly sell you weapons behind the back of your government and mine?"

"Pretty much"

Do you make the deal? Yes/No


Warning long update!

As you leave Topeka's house after a sucessful meeting he slips a bit of paper into your suit pocket.

"Ring that if you need more business" he says before showing you into a taxi.

The taxi takes you back to the station, where you hop on a train. Your cell rings.


"[Your name]? It's Michael Greenway, just wondering if you know more about whether your busy or not tonight?"

"I'm free"

"Oh, good. Well then we shall be going out for dinner. Dress up and be in the hotel lobby at 7 PM sharp. I'll send someone to collect you"


The rest of the day is spent settling business, and preparing yourself for the night ahead. At 7 PM you're in the hotel lobby when a somewhat older man, dressed a bit like a butler walks in and talks to the manager on duty, who gestures in your direction.

"[Your name]?, Good Evening. Sir Greenway sent me to collect you"

Nothing more is said as the man drives you down the wharf where Sir Michael is waiting with his wife and a pilot boat.

The Pilot boat takes you out to a larger ship


(No idea why it's being funny like it is :/)

You  board the ship and enter the dinning room


And if you hadn't been impressed by the luxury yet you look down at the menu.


(Just noticed the spelling mistake with Barramundi my bad :|)

The hall is full with diplomats and stewards offering drinks. Tonight certainly seems to be one of grandeur.

After sitting down and conversing for a while. Two heralds enter the room, everyone is slowly standing up much to your confusement.

"For goodness sakes, stand up" Sir Michael urgently whispers to you.

The two Heralds play the french horns they are carrying before one announces "Ladies and Gentlemen, Her Majesty Empress Reina the First, and His Royal Highness Prince-Consort Daan"


Her Majesty, Empress Reina I

"I thank you all for coming" The Empress says as she walks into the room, "Please sit down, socialise, enjoy yourselves. I have been informed that dinner shall be ready shortly"

The night progesses with much talk, eating and merrymaking until eventually the tenth course has been consumed, and the guests retire to the ballroom for some post-dinner entertainment. Whilst you stand conversing with Sir Michael, Prince Daan approaches you.

"Sir Michael! Such a pleasure you could join us" He says.

"The pleasure is all mine your highness" Sir Michael responds as he moves to bow

"Let's have none of that" Prince Daan says  "I hate all the formalities of  bowing and curtseying, just don't tell Reina I said that"

"It's safe with me Your Highness, have you met my wife?" Sir Michael says introducing his wife.

"Your highness" She responds

"And my friend from Oxford here [your name], He/She's a bigshot C.E.O Over in America nowdays"

"Your highness" You address Prince Daan.

"A pleasure to meet you both" Daan responds

Sir Michael and his wife move off to get some more drinks leaving you with the prince.

"So tell me [your name], what does your company deal in?"

"We're defence contractors your highness"

"Here to try and sell stuff to the military are you?" Daan jokingly asks

"Not at all Your Highness, just here to secure shipping with Topeka Lines" you respond.

Prince Daan seems to falter slightly at this and quickly excuses himself.

The rest of your night is spent socialising with Diplomats until eventually at 1 AM the next morning the party breaks up. Only after reaching your hotel do you remember the piece of paper in your pocket. You pull it out, on there is a number and a note "Call anytime day or night"

Taking a gamble, you decided to call it.

"Midnight, 63 Station Road, Greysham. Near the logistics centre. Call when there"

The voice sounds vaguely familar but you can't quite place it.

Waking up the following morning, you go into the office and conduct more business. Also you decide it's time to hire a car.

That night, you make your way to Greysham.




You arrive at the address given. And call the number "Wait until you see a taxi, it'll park and flash it's headlights 3 times. You then flash yours twice if nobody appears to be watching"


After a wait that seems like for ever, a taxi arrives in the darkness and flashes its headlights 3 times, you can't see anyone else so you flash your lights twice.


You see a figure exit the taxi, as you climb out of your car. It's dark neither of you can make out each others features.

"Mr(s). [Your surname], Good of you to come"

"Who are you?" you ask

"My name is unimportant, what is important is what I want"

"And what is that?"

"To make a deal"

You're still trying to piece together who this is, the voice sounds like one you've heard but it's still hard to place, the only way to find out is to keep them talking.

"What type of deal?"

"A military one"

Suddenly it clicks, you know exactly who you're talking to...



Episode 3

No idea about the name ^ if anyone has a good idea let me know!


"So my good friend do you have plans tomorrow night?" Sir Michael asks

"I'm not sure, I'll have to check my schedule" you respond.

The next day, you have a meeting with Mr. Topeka, An old business contact of yours

You rise early and read the morning paper.


(Credit to Australian Broadcasting Corp for Pike-River story and photo)

After seeing the fact that High-speed trains aren't operating you decide to take a normal one. Fortunately they all operate out of the same station so you call a cab and make your way there.





You arrive at the station, just in time to purchase a first class ticket and board the train.


Arriving at your destination you're greeted by a young woman

"[Your name]?"


"My name's Maartje, Mr. Topeka told me to collect you."

You follow her out of the station and into the 4WD


As you drive along the main avenue and pass the Memorial Cemetry you hear gunshots


"What the heck?!" You exclaim loudly

"Relax, it's funeral guns." Maartje replies


"Because the bloody Afghan war keeps claiming the lives of our troops, that's why" Maartje sounds bitter "Anyhow Mr(s). [Your surname], what exactly is it you do?"

"Umm Defence contracts" you reply awkwardly as Maartje deadpans in your general direction.

Fortunately you're near Topeka's home so the deathly silence doesn't last much longer



An unexpected meeting

Previously, after checking in at your hotel you hear a familar voice

"[Your name]!"

You spin round and see...

"Good lord!" You exclaim, "Michael Greenway, I haven't seen you since Oxford! What are you doing here?"

"I could ask you the same question, and it's Sir Michael now by the way" He replies

"I'm here on business and my apologies, when did you get knighted?"

"Since I moved here 3 years ago, I'm the British Ambassador"

"You're kidding!"


Sir Michael Greenway

"Not at all, tell me my dear friend. Do you have plans for today?"

"Not currently no"

"Well good, then I shall be giving you a bit of a tour"

Addressing the hotel clerk

"Take these up to [Your name]'s room"

"Of course Ambassador" the clerk responds

"Follow me, I just need to clear some stuff up at the office and then we have the whole day to explore!"

You follow Sir Michael out the door, still slightly belwildered as to the chance encounter that just happened.

The first stop on your tour of Saint Aaron is the British Embassy.


Passing by a Guard in the process:


The next stop on your whirlwind tour is the Rothenburg Imperial Art Museum


Before Sir Michael takes you up in a chopper over the C.B.D


Some night shots :P



"So my dear friend, do you have any plans tomorrow night?"

"VOTE" you reply

Please vote: Yes or No


Arrival Part 2

Please note this city is still under development so the buildings you see are Plopped

Still stuck in traffic you ask your driver

"Is there any other way that doesn't have as much traffic?"

"Well unless you want me to do an illegal U-Turn, head back to the Airport, take the B95 up North to Littleham, cross the river there and then come back. No"

You sit in silent shock at the force of his response

"Besides we're already on the bridge, next exit's ours"


Soon enough you take the next exit onto the N100, the main avenue through the town of Saint Aaron.



Your hotel is located near the Coast, in the Embassy district so soon enough you're on the N110 Driving past the Embassy buildings



You arrive at your hotel, located opposite the Australian Embassy and near the US One.


Your driver carries your bags into the hotel lobby and bids you fair well, after checking in you hear a familiar voice

"[Your name]!"

You turn round and see...



Flight VS954 From New York John F. Kennedy International has just landed at Sint Rosa Airport in Rothenburg. With you onboard.


(Yep the airport only has 1 747 gate :P)

After disembarking, collecting your luggage and clearing customs you enter the arrival hall.


A man approaches you holding a card

"[Your name]?"

"Yes?" You respond

"Good Morning, I'm your driver. I was told to take you to The Amethyst Hotel"

"Ah good, thank you"

"If you'd like to follow me"

As you move to pick up your bag

"I'll take that"

You walk outside to the Limo and hop in


Passing by some shops, your driver slowly navigates his way to the A1


He turns the radio on as he nears the start of the motorway

"Goedemorgen Rothenburg is het tijd voor een verkeerslicht update: Zwaar verkeer vanmorgen op de snelweg A1 in de buurt van Sint Rosa Airport."

Good Morning Rothenburg

it's time for a traffic update: Heavy traffic this morning on the A1 Motorway near Sint Rosa Airport.


"No [swearing]" the driver responds. As he attempts to get onto the roundabout leading onto the A1 (there's more traffic ahead)

"I'd appriecate it if you didn't swear" You say, as you look out the window "What's with the poppies on the tower?"

"Are you thick?" Comes the response, "That might be a Victory tower but it's also used as a memorial. And seeing as we just had a day of rememberance"


(Sorry about the UDI indicator, but it was the only way to get everything in) Sitting in traffic you slowly relax, it's time to catch up on some business.


Character Fact File

The main character in this CJ is dependant on YOU!

Your votes (where applicable) will shape how the character acts, where they go, how they get there etc etc. Basically the entire time in Rothenburg

Name: Your name :P

Occupation: CEO of a Multi-National Company

Nationality: English

Place of Residence: New York City, New York State, United States of America

Marital Status: Married with two kids

Passports Held: British, American

University: Oxford

As the character is shaped by you more information will be added here.


Rothenburg Fact File


Fact File:

Name (Full): Holy Imperium of Rothenburg

Name (Common): Rothenburg

Government Type: Constitutional Monarchy

Head of State: Empress Reina I

First Chancellor: The Honourable Adrianus van Meer

State Religion: Catholic

Official Languages: Dutch

Recognised Languages: English, German, Italian and French

International Membership: European Union (EU), United Nations (UN), Catholic Union, North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)

Capital: Heilige Stad van de Heiligen (Holy City of the Saints)

Land Area: 106.5 km2

Population: TBA

Population Density: TBA

Internet Domain: .rt

Dialing Code: +35

Drives on the: Right

Currency: Rothenburg Guilder (Gulden)

Other currencies: Euro

Exchange Rate: Rfl. 1 = €0,60


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