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The New Forest

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Samerton: More is on it's way ;)

TowerDude: Thanks :)

Benedict: Thank you :golly:


Well after a week of trying to fix my malware problems I finally ran my PC in safe mode and installed Malwarebytes, ran it, and now my computer is okay again. I didn't lose anything at all and nothing was corrupted, I call that a success! SC4 works fine and I now have new pictures from Somerford:


So here's Somerford:


The whole area of Somerford in SC4, with the A35 running along the top


Some small apartments built in the 70's, does anyone know how to get rid of the visual abandonment?


A housing estate along Normandy Road built in the late 90's


More housing along the side of Somerford Junior School


A little piece of woodland in between the two housing estates


The fields of The Grange School


The traffic view of the harbour, fairly accurate but not 100%

Oh well, after that little glitch this CJ can carry on, won't update as much though, end of year exams and whatnot, see you next time on the New Forest!




samerton- Thanks Sam!

ImVhOzzi- Thank you for your comment

Reikhardt- It's coming together very slowly :)

sumwonyuno- Tell me about it! :uhm:

Timmystwin - I think you'll find that that nature bit was all that was in the last 3 updates Ian :whatevs:

Suomi2005 - They're possible but it just takes a VERY long time to get anything decent :)

TowerDude - I think there's a problem with that lot :boggle:



Sims have started to move in now, also more development in Purewell

Anyway that's it for now but I am doing more work on it now, see ya'll later!




- Thanks Sam, still looking forward to your Welsh CJ 6.gif

cacks - Thank you very much 1.gif

Towerdude - We need urgent medical response now, suspect is on floor due to being overwhelmed by a half finished city! 14.gif

MechaKnight - Thanks Kristian, and keep well 18.gif

ImVhOzzi -  I wouldn't go too over the top 4.gif


Crikey, a whole month (and a bit) since last update, can't believe it's been that long, hope you all had a good festive period and had many happy celebrations. Not a terrible amount has been done as I've been; thinking about my GSCE choices which I still haven't decided yet, more homework this term (whether I do any of it is a complete other matter) and a superspecialawesome secret Rollercoaster tycoon 2 project 41.gif Anyway progress on Christchurch (which has the oldest average living population in the UK) has got on quite well, I've figured out the main roads, done the river, and refuse to plop any trees 'till Girafe realeases his Mayor Mode Seasonal trees. Here is the area I've done

View Larger Map

Here is the main area I've been working on...


...and the Sim City 4 rendition


Twynham School and a car park...


A more in-depth look at the new area with a dodgy bridge and some left over dirt trails from road building...


A closer look of where the A35 Christchurch bypass meets a roundabout...


Maxis sewage plants will do, they look surprisingly good to be honest...


 Where Stony Lane meets Bridge Street, I bet you can't guess the country this is in 3.gif...


B&Q, for all your local littering needs, and I swear I don't have a Mini generator, they just like to get everywhere...


A position of another bland housing estate... Joy.

And that concludes this todays update, next stop more roads and maybe a bit of flora plopping, which hurts my finger after a while. Stay tuned on the New Forest CJ.



blakesterville - Thank you and Merry Christmas! 

ImVhOzzi - Thanks, and for once I think I did your username right 3.gif

Alejandro - I'm surprised you could see much 2.gif

Samerton - Snow Snow Snow SNOW! Thanks 4.gif

Super Mega Massive Update 1 

I know I said that I wasn't going to update before New Year but I have actually done quite a lot, about 1/5 of the road network and the first commericials! 

View Larger Map

A Google Maps overview of the area


A Sim City View of the area, try and pick out the same things


A finished Hengistbury Head (About time too!)


A small-ish modern church facing Southbourne Coast Road


Saint Katherines Church Of England Church and a few shops facing onto Belle Vue Road and you can just see the edge of Saint Peters Catholic Comprehensive School


Some Suburban Shops and St Katherines Church of England Primary School


And one big final overview of the area

That's it for today but stay tuned for more and keep well! Bye




cacks - Well most of them have slid off the road in this weather now! 9.gif

Aldini10 - Thanks 2.gif

k50dude - I think maybe too many perhaps 14.gif

Samerton - And more you shall have 2.gif


So this will be the last update for this year, and I have been particualy lazy and haven't got much done Sim City 4 wise, but \I just wanted to leave you all with this before 2011, my pwnzor Photoshoping skills. Have a good one and stay safe!




cacks - Thank you 9.gif

Samerton - Looking forward to your Wales CJ as well 5.gif

tankmank - Was it as windy and as bitter up there as usual 3.gif

tigera - Me too 1.gif

Towerdude- Thanks dude 1.gif

Hengistbury Head: Almost finished 

I know long time no see blah blah blah. I have excuses, real life comes first I'm afraid. Anyway, with Trixies coming up soon I thought it might be a good idea to show the world my talent again, totally not asking for you to nominate me or anything 2.gif

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         So here is what I've managed to get done in a month.


Some marshland and a few boats moored up


A closer look at the boats


A view of the Solent Meads Golf club, *cough*richpeopleinbmwsplace*cough*


Powerboating across the harbour

And that pretty much concludes todays short update, don't worry the next one will be far more substantial with the main roads and zoning going on. In the meantime stay safe and stay tuned for another episode of DanniBee's ridiculously ambititious project. One small thing for now though, do any of you know where I could find such a building or simular to this one: 


Anyway, thanks and see ya later!


Hengistbury Head: Progress


Towerdude - Thank you 3.gif

Timmystwin - Thanks, it takes ages to plop though 9.gif

cacks - If product comes into immeadiete contact with eyes, rinse quickly 46.gif

Samerton - Thank you very much 1.gif

Reikhardt - That was a real pain to get to work, glad it didn't go unoticed 16.gif

ImVhOzzi - Thanks 4.gif

kolnilkov inc - They don't as FAR as I know ( I'm so punny) 3.gif

TekindusT - Nope, they're only 45 and 90 degree angles 34.gif

paulobergonci - It's hard finding the buildings and right roads isn't it? 1.gif

tigera - Thanks you 1.gif

n_wilson - I would but as FAR as I'm concerned it looks better like a street, thanks anyway though 5.gif


Just a quick little teaser for you all.


Will have a new update soon, stay tuned! With less puns.

Hengistbury Head: Part 1


armpit43 - Your welcome, there is quite a lot of stuff on the STEX, but Gascooker has loads of stuff on the LEX which is English-y 5.gif

towerdude - Got it working now, thanks 2.gif

Schulmanator - Thanks, 9.gifHengistbury Head: Part 1

So, after much fiddling about with the map towerdude so very kindly made for me, I now have a HUGE working region, yay!

Today you will see the small section of land I have worked on, but first a little bit of backround and copypasta, yum.

"Hengistbury Head is a scenic and historic headland near the town of Bournemouth on the south coast of England. It stands mid way between Poole harbour and Hurst spit and forms the main division between Poole and Christchurch Bays. Hengistbury Head incorporates many different habitats and supports a wide variety wildlife and rare plant species. It is also a site of significant archeological importance. For many years it has been a site of scientific interest and a major tourist attraction. Each year it attracts visitors from all over the world. Hengistbury Head is also a major educational resource and is heavily used as the foundation and subject for a range of studies related to local history and the environment."

The area I have worked on is this bit here:

View Larger Map

I hope that worked. Without further ado and filler, here is the update.

simcity4201009201724094.jpgAn overview of the whole area that I have completed so far.

simcity4201009201724136.jpgA better view of the car park and restuarant.

simcity4201009201724292.jpgA field and the building where the land trains are kept.

simcity4201009201724442.jpgA beach to the south of the area, into cold the English Channel

simcity4201009201725059.jpgSome marshy areas to the north next to Christchurch Harbour

And that nicely concludes this update, stay tuned for more development. Remember to comment and I'll see ya when I see ya, Bye!



Towerdude - Thank you, it's still not as good as Hong Kong 3.gif

-?Maître? - Thanks 1.gif

tankmank - More is on the way 2.gif

Cacks - Thanks mate, there will be moar 1.gif

Reikhardt - It took a lot of time on Paint to get that to work, thanks 4.gif

Tigera - Thank you 1.gif

DrumMaster4 - It took ages to terraform all that 2.gif

kolnikov inc - Thank you 1.gif

simfreak90 - Thanks 9.gif

sloid - I think that I'm using the Columbus Terrain Mod, it's on the STEX 19.gif

Vlasky - Thnk you for your comment 4.gif

sneakypete - This tile is the smallest there, I really had to cram it all in 1.gif

Jetty Jockey - I feel honoured, thank you 1.gif

The Problem

Don't worry, I haven't managed to corrupt it all yet, but I still do have an issue. 

The thing is, I made that little city just as a test, it's the

only city in the region, but I've managed to place it completely wrong so it's facing north-west. The region which I started it in was just an Auto-Gen one so I can't really fit any part of the forest in there, so I have several options.

1. See if any mapmakers will make me a region of the forest.

2. Continue using the region I've already started now, bearing in mind the the orientation is the wrong way.

3. Restart the entire thing by using a custom config.bmp and see if I can place it right this time.

4. Use this region here: www.simtropolis.com/stex/details.cfm which only contains the east of the forest

5. See if any of you guys could find me some terrain data, 'coz I have absolutely no Idea where to find terrain data for the UK

Please tell me which Idea you prefer in the comments section, I'll do a vote. See y'all later 9.gif





tigeria - Thank you, the next entry's here 3.gif

Reikhardt - Thanks, it really is a lovely area, I'm local there, so I know what it's like. I will add my own twist to some areas though 2.gif

tankmank - Thank you, plenty of surprises await

Update I

Okay, so the area I will showcase today is where the A31 dual carrige-way meets Verwood Road. Inside this red square, here.updateioverview.jpg

I chose to recreate this area due to the complex junction and to show off my RHW skillz 3.gif However the scale is completely off, meh


Here is the overview of the whole area, as you can see, the junction is a tad on the large side, but It's the best I could do

 simcity4201009040657013.jpgHere is a better view of the junction itself, don't ask why there are trees in the middle of the flyover, 'coz I don't know either.

 simcity4201009040656315.jpgA little wier for the river with some farming going on 

 simcity4201009040655249.jpgA little parade of houses

simcity4201009031359299.jpgA close-up shot of some woods across the road from the farms 

simcity4201009040656178.jpgCows grazing opposite the river. ( Do they need MOAR COWBELL?)

simcity4201009040656063.jpgThe Castleman Trailway has a wooden walkway going over the river

simcity4201009040655525.jpgA load of neighbour connections which are gonna need re-doing thanks to the new NAM release, but without them we wouldn't have any of this so I can't complain.

simcity4201009040655375.jpgSome more of the Castleman Trailway and the road which goes down to the local scrapyard

And there you have it, Update I, a new update will be up soon showcasing something, I don't know what though. Have a good one! And remember to comment!



The New Forest is a area in the south of England, just located west of Southampton, a major port for the UK.


The New Forest National Park covers around 570 km2 , 26 miles of it stretches along the coast which equates to 76% of Hampshire's coastline. 

Despite its name, it was actually created by William the Conqueror in 1079 as his "new forest" for deer hunting. Modern New Forest Commoners, occupy land, owned by the Crown, with "commoning" rights to graze their livestock in the forest. New Forest ponies are the most famous inhabitants. Ironically, its also the location of where two of William's sons died.

The majority of the forest is conifers, due to a sudden demand of wood in the First World War, that is however being reversed in some places with more deciduous being planted in the last few years.

In this CJ I will attempt to recreate a few areas of the forest and other surrounding parts which I find interesting. Anyway, without further ado let's get this show on the road. (What's with the metaphors?3.gif)

♦ I don't mind you saying that you don't like it, as long as you give a perfectly good reason why

♦ If you want to know a certain plugin, just send me a PM, it will be much more helpful and won't clutter up the comments

♦ Or you can recommend me a plugin if you want, again, just pop along a PM 2.gif

♦ I will do my best but thanks to the games limitations some places will be a bit hard to do

So, erm, yeah welcome to my CJ, and I hope you enjoy it! I'll post replies in the next Update, and I will update them


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