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About this City Journal

A new Country developing with a Euro Asian atmosphere and a experiment if you will since I am not using any money cheats nor plops. I would like to give special thanks to HKABT and all...

Entries in this City Journal

Duke of York

 Today Charmen Hai Ming tells reporters to be ready by 5:00 O Clock sharp in order to record a Reform speech. The Government has already mandated it to go across every channel of air space availible...Time passes as the stage is set up...Its cold outside and everything looks bland. As Chairmen Hai come unto the stage everyone stands to attention and then is prompted to be seated. He steps up close to the Microphone and clears his throat.

 " Good Evening dear citizens of the Socialist Republic of Heihe ! Today we have witnessed large growth patterns in our workers economy and

a surge of Immigration which shows we are becoming a society that everyone idols. It will not be long and everything will be in order. I would like to give a welcome to the new Immigrants as they come to find a better way of life. Please accept them in and show them how proud you are from the Socialist Republik. As you know we have strong immigration policies to protect our way off good life. Therefore in order for immigration I would like to announce I am realeasing 20,000 New ID Cards to Pakistani Immigrants. May they hold our Socialist values at hart and become fully intergrated into our way of life as we learn from there experiences. Honor your work as we achieve excellence every day ! "

 Chairmen Hai Nods once and leave the area. All stand and clap...

 The news afterwards reports with the new flood of Immigrants the demograghics change.


Heihe's Economic Report-

Federal Reserve Dongs/ 3,248,050

GDP Statistics/  + 16.0 %

Population/ 280,000 + 88.0 %

Birth Rate/ 4.0 Children per Family

Tempature/ 50 F / 8 C



New High Rise flats.


Yes I now there is a brown box...Gah I did not see it when I took the picture and now I could not have the construction picture of this because I already saves the game. Please just over look it and the reason there was a brown box was because I was cleaning my Plug Ins folder and left something out T_T...

Hope you enjoyed this update and more is on the way ! Thanks for all comments and reviews =)


Duke of York

Duke of York

 Welcome to Stage 5 of constructing Heihe ! As the economy keeps steady and Chairman Ming releases new stages for development we are starting to see a developed Central business district developing and some claim Heihe has the most panoromic views in the region. Hope you enjoy this stage and thanks for any comments ! 1.gif

Heihe's Economic Report-

Federal Reserve Dongs/ 3,248,050

GDP Statistics/  + 18.0 %

Population/ 200,000 + 400.0 %

Birth Rate/ 5.0 Children per Family

Tempature/ 55 F / 12 C

Small Shops and West Culture collides with East Culture and large offices.


Main Street


New release of land and building oppertunities creating for some large CBD developement.


 Okay thats all for this Phase. I hope you enjoyed the night pictures and thanks for all comments and reviews ! I will be back soon with more and until then Take Care 1.gif


Duke of York

Duke of York

  Welcome to stage three of the Development of the Country of Heihe ! Early this morning Chairman Hai Ming makes a very Vital speech to the people through the news and papers abroad. See as follows...


translation from Chinese to English .. "  Dear Comrades , Workers, Peasants and Intellectuals of the Socialist Republic. It gives me great honor to announce just after several years into founding our socialist republic we have managed to make great strides for all classes. We now have a Military of marvel and hunger is a thing of the past. As we practice sacrifice we will continue to achieve great influence on a global scale and through the fruits of our labor grow a Society to proudly display. Thanks to all as we continue the move forward and honor your work comrades. "


 new commercial construction.



 And now to complete this update I am also including some additional statistics with a new format.


Heihe's Economic Report-

Federal Reserve Dongs/ 1,248,050

GDP Statistics/  + 15.0 %

Population/ 158,000 + 300.0 %

Birth Rate/ 5.0 Children per Family

Tempature/ 53 F / 10 C

 Alright that is all for Stage 3...Hope you liked this chapter and Stage 4 will be out soon enough. I would like to thank everyone for there support and commentary 1.gif


Duke of York

Duke of York

 Welcome to Stage 2 of the new development of Heihe ! As Heihe experiences rapid economic growth the Government has a detailed meeting to discuss future development option. There conclusion? Instead of growing out into a suburban situation there going to utilize all there resources in new Flats and Blocs for a more dense urban development. Below is pictures of the new phase. Hope you enjoy it =)

Heihe's Economic Report-

Federal Reserve Dongs/ 720,000.00

GDP Statistics/  + 14.0 %

Population/ 58,000 + 400.0 %

Birth Rate/ 4.0 Children per Family

Tempature/ 54 F / 11 C

Time of report was completed exactly 11:12pm year 08 of countries Independence-

First High Rise construction along East Railroad track.


Flats being built in design to railroad transportaion leading to better commute.


High rise Blocs and Flats breaking ground on construction.


 As you can see the economy looks promising. I hope you enjoyed this Stage of building Heihe. Thank you for all comments and reviews ! The next update will be out soon =)


Duke of York

Duke of York

 Welcome back to the first stage in the Construction of Heihe ! In stage one Chairman Hai Ming declared a budget surplus and a major increase in trade to border East European Countreis has been achieved. Heihe's GDP is climing into positive figures for the first time since the Country declared its Independence. Early this morning you could see smoke pouring out of the local steel mill as the Chairmen Ming authorizes the construction of three new passenger/Freight rail lines to support the growth in trade and commute alike. Many citizens line up as they pass out tools to start working and generating more jobs and increases the Countries infastructure.

Heihe's Economic Report-

Federal Reserve Dong's/ 480,000.00

GDP Statistics/ + 12.4 %

Population/ 14,000.00 + 58 % Increase

Birth Rates/ 4.0 Children per family.

Tempature/ 55 F / 12 C

  New construction of the East Railroad line.ChaiMing-Mar25041279763442.jpg

Finished West Railroad line and Station.


Currently the Largest Apartments availible in the Country.


 Well I hope you enjoyed stage one ! As you can see custom content is growing in slowly so it will improve much. I would like to thank everyone for any comments and reviews and I look forward in presenting the next stage for you ! =)


Duke of York

Duke of York


 Welcome to the Country of Heihe. A Country influenced by Euro/Asia tile sets and development. Now yes I know that the start of this City Journal will seem to have to much maxis and there are a few things to improve. But that is my point and fun in doing this. I want to take nothing and make something really nice and functional out of it. There is no plot or story line in this Journal. This City Journal will be about speculation and economics. Though there will be small plots along the way within the country itself but no theme based on characters. What I am doing is taking a small Country and developing it through stages along the way in order to build a really nice funtional Euro/Asian city. I hope you enjoy reviewing this City Journal and any Constructive or polite comments will always be appreciated ! =) Now without further to do I present to you the small starting Country of Heihe.


   This is the Countries National Flag. Four stars representing the Government and good leadership of Independent people and the Red Background stands for complete Independence and Socialist unity.

Heihe Fact Book -

Chairmen/ Hai Ming

Currency/ Peoples Dong

Government/ Socialist Democracy

Party Majority/ Liberal Progressive Party (LPP)

Union Affiliates/ United World Journals Alliance (UWJA)

Population/ 6,463 ( Large right XD )

Official Language/ Mandarin/English

 Now take into account that this Country is starting from the bottom and starting small. This City Journal and the Country itself is a work in progress and in the end I promise you will look back and the beggining pictures and will not think its the same. Below I will show you one picture of the Country and then in the next update there will be plenty more.

First Development

Okay and in this Picture I am showing you some of the very first apartment development in a single family home area.

Hope you enjoyed the introduction =)

Thanks for any comments or views !


Duke of York

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