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About this City Journal

It all starts when 2 Majors who built a city each on the same map don't get along. A war is started between the majors. As the war gets worse, The Disaster prevention agency discover a full...

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Pages 9-10 edited

Hey everyone! Pages 9 and 10 have been edited with more pics, and (on page 9) some more details right after the Marines take off! :)


...And stay tuned for a new story update and an upcoming City journal!


Death of Seryville

phew! That was close! A borrowed firefighter-plane really comes in handy...
As the plane takes off, jake and his parents look back

Inside helicopter:
Marine 3: well, looks like that's everyone.
Marine 2: Wait! Where's Major Trembland?
Marine 6: bows head
The Marines leave, putting the abandoned Seryville at the mercy of the alien invasion...
The damaged UFO rips the airport jake was standing on just a minute ago to smitherenes, The UFO Warship Crashes into Seryville:
Inside plane:
Pilot: Hold on tight!
(Huge Mind-blowing blasts are emitted)

An Energy field...


Inside Jake's plane
Pilot: Holy (another dollar in the swear jar)!! We got a big shockwave coming this way! Now switching to hyper thrust. Hang on to your hats fellas,
It's gonna get a pretty turbulent.
Jake: mom, where are we going to go?
Mom: Volcano City...

To Be Continued...






Marine 3: They keep collapsing! This thing Won't die! Throw grenades at it!
Marine 2: Were out of grenades!!
Marine 3: You're Joking RIGHT?!!

inside DPA HQ

Marine 6: (running down hall) gotta get out of here...
Marine 6: Major Tremland! what are you doing here? The whole place is about to come down any sec (building rumbles, shakes)
Major Tremland: (sitting against the wall Very injured) (coughs) I'm staying... here. This is my city, as major it's my duty. You need... to keep fighting...
Marine 6: We are being out numbered, there's a whole bunch of giant UFO stuff out there! They're taking quite a beating, they already lost one
Major Trembland: You Marines... put out a good fight..., but you need to go. Radio in the Helicopter.
Marine 6: Major, it's been an honor to serve you-
Major Trembland: You... too... sir! (Bang!) Go!... Go... (coughs) Now!
Marine 6: yes sir. (and leaves)
Marine 6: (on Radio) This is Marine 6, All hands abandon Seryville, I repeat, All hands abandon Seryville!
Helicopter arrives, and rescues marines

3 Hours later

Marine 2: Are you ready?
Marine 3: Yes sir! Got the TAC Cannon? (as seen on Crysis)
Marine 2: Yep, I'm ready to fire!
Marine 2: (fires)
Marine 4: YES! Perfect hit!
Marine 5: I see a weakspot, right in the hole over there! Fire it in!
Marine 2: (fires!)
Marine 3: Come on! Lets blast that Son of a (bad word)!!!
Marine 2: (Blasts 4 more TAC cannons) 
Marine 3: Yes!! It's going down! 
Marine 6: Oh man! It's going to hit the city!
Marine 5: It's going to crash into Seryville!! We gotta leave go go GO!! 
Pilot: Hang on to your hats! (flies to outskirts of Seryville)

Seryville international airport
Jake: mom? Hello? anyone? Help!!
(airplane arrives at airport. Bottom of plane opens with little pathway)
Mom: Jake!!!
Jake: Mom!!
Mom: come on Jake!!
Jake: Starts running
Mom come on! You can make it! Hurry!
Mom: Watch out!!
A crack forms between the plane and Jake and begins to get wider. To make things worse, a huge autosarous wreck comes up behind jake.
Mom: Jake, you're gonna have to jump!
Jake: I can't
Mom: Jump!!!
Jake: (jumps)
Jake: Nooo!!!! (starts falling)
Dad: Gotcha! (grabs Jake's hand)
Jake: Don't let go!
Dad pulls jake into the plane
Mom: (hugs Jake) Jake!


Back at Seryville

Marine 4: What are these!?
Marine 3: Oh (censored)! They just keep coming!!
Marine 2: This is impossible! Too many of them!
Major Tremland: I didn't get paid to hear you guys whine! Suck it up Marines and Fight! We
can not Lose this CITY!!!

By now, pretty much the whole population has left Seryville. Only a handful  of people still remain...
Jake: (waking up) Hello? where am I?
Doctor: you're in the hospital son. That was quite a hit.
Jake: where's my parents
Doctor: Don't worry, your parents have been sent by helicopter to Volcano City's hospital. They'll pick you up along with some more survivors
on the last airplane.
Jake: Are they okay?
Doctor: yes, they are, and so are you. Now you might want to catch that flight. It's at the airport close to your house. It should be there in
a few minutes.
Major Tremland: Holy (curse word)!
Marine 1: SON OF A (CENSORED)!!! Look at the size of that thing!!!

Marine 2: This can't be real!!
Marine 3: That thing's huge! More Rust-metals coming down!!
Marine 4: We're being outnumbered, we can't fight that thing!!! Retreat!!
Marine 3: Marine 1! WATCH OUT!!!
Marine 1: We need backup, Call-(Screams)AAhhh!
Marine 3: He's being abducted!!
Marine 4: what in the...
Marine 3: Noooo!!
Marine 2: Marine 1!!!!! Marine Down!!!
Major Tremland: What's your status marines? report
Marine 3: Marine 1 is KIA I repeat Marine 1 is KIA These things seem to be made up of cars! They're dinosaurs!
Sargeant Major Tremland: KIA?! son of a (Censored), Pay your respects and move on, a helicopter is on it's way
to pick you guys up, you fought well marines!
Marine 4: The whole city's coming down around us! There's a huge exosuit up there! Look up!
Marine 5: (Censored) IT!! There goes another building!!



Frozen War

Inside DPA HQ
(general radioing George and Jefferson) This is the General of Seryville, I'm picking up negative imput on your signal
General of Seryville: Come look at this
Marine 3 (Lieutenant): holy (censored)
Marine 2: It appears to be a dangerous spike in the temperature! The whole place is frozen solid!
Administrator of DPA: we got multiple contacts up ahead! Many more! OH (censored)!
Major of Seryville: (breaking in) Marines!!! Get out there and fight!!! These Sons of (Censored) Are tearing my city apart!!! 
come on! Move MOVE!
(Marines Leave the building)
Kayla's house
Mom: we're getting out of here!
(thunders outside)
Dad: The skies are getting pretty ulgy out there!
Kayla: I'm scared
Mom: come on sweetie, we're going to the airport
Jake's house
Mom: Jake!!! Get in here! it's not safe out there!
Jake: I want to get out of here!
Dad: Hold on, we're almost ready we just need to (Thunder)
Mom: I never seen anything like this before...
Dad: these skies can't be natural... We gotta get out now! Get in the car!! And-(Flash Kaboom!! all knocked unconsious)
Jake: MOM!!

Back at War City (where techville and Woodland are)

George: Man it's cold out here!
Jefferson: If it weren't for these suits, we'd be dead! these termperatures aren't survivable!

George: we gotta get out of here
General of Seryville: You guys still alive?
Jefferson: Yeah, but not for long, I can't tell what's goin' on here! whole place is frozen solid! It's -100 Degrees celsius here!
General  of Seryville: Any survivors?
George: Doesn't look like there is sir.
Jefferson: We got multiple contacts up ahead!
(it's 2:14 PM right there!)
George K.: We gotta stay here and fight!
George K.: This is George, General, do you copy? General!
Jefferson: George?
George K.: GENERAL!! C- what?
Jefferson: He's DEAD!
Jefferson: My city's ruined! So is yours. This war isn't worth it.
George: If we survive, let's sign a peace treaty, but now, We gotta fight these mechanical (censored)s!



Millitary Key
MIA- Missing in Action Techville:
George: ...No! no no! Help! Please!!! Someone! nooo
Jefferson: (Blasts the Robot with Missle launcher) Come on!! Follow me!
George: What the (censored) is going on?!
Jefferson: We're getting aliens everywhere, here take this suit and put it on!
George: Thanks, but I thought we were (explosion) at war
Jefferson: We are, with the Aliens! Come on move!
Through radio: this is Marine one from the DPA, what's going on out there?

Jefferson: Radioing all marines, situation is critical!
Marine 6: Marine 7 is M.I.A.! I repeat M.I.A.!!!
General of Techville: (another dollar in the swear jar)!! Another one?!
Jefferson: Hold on, my millitary will do an Airstrike

General of Techville: Why didn't you say so? send them NOW!!

Jefferson: Radioing general US army of Woodland I repeat Woodland

General of Woodland: Radioing Jefferson, what do you need?
Jefferson: Incoming!! Call in an airstrike on Techville!
General of woodland: Command recieved! Calling now hold on a sec!
Jefferson: come on! I know a safe place to go to! follow me!
George: I'm right behind you!
Planes fly in to join the battle
General: yesss!!
George: Holy (censored)!
General: plane down plane down!!!General of Seryville: (censored)!!!! They're all coming down!!!!
Jefferson: Let's go to Woodland, It's safer the--- oh (CENSORED)!!!!
Get Back!!
Jefferson: up here!!
George: yes sir!
Jefferson: look at this

George: woah, what it this?
Jefferson: I don't know, but what ever it is, these Aliens want it!
George: WATCH OUT!
Jefferson: (screams)


Incoming Aliens!

George K.: Hello?!
Marine 2: Major, you have to stop fighting!
George K. No! My millitary's invading Jefferson's stupid city tomorrow!
Marine 2: you don't understand! There is an alien Invasion coming in thirt-
George: (interrupts) Aliens?! I'm hanging up!
Marine 3: (yelling) If you hang up, I'll drop a 20 megaton bomb to your city!
George:  Fine!
DPA Administrator: Look, we have a full scale alien invasion coming to Earth in 24 hours. The whole World is at risk!
If you could stop fighting and unite with Jefferson to fight the Aliens-
George: Stop? stop fighting with that [censored]?
Marine 3: okay this is pathetic, (Screaming) IF you Don't sign a peace treaty with Jefferson in 6 Hours, I will Launch the 20 Megaton
bomb to your CITY!
George: NO! And it was Jefferson who started this [censored]
Marine 2: 6 HOURS! And FYI, The aliens were the ones who launched the MISSLE! not WOODLAND you [Censored]! (Turns off talkie)
Marine 4: We gotta get this city prepped. We need the best forces this city has to fight them off. those aliens are coming to these
cities first!
Marine 1: how about the civillian population?
Marine 3: Evacuate them! All of them!
Marine 2: How are we going to  evacuate 100,000 people in 24 HOURS?!
Marine 1: By doing it now! Sound the alarm now!
Marine 2: fine!

Jake: I love it here, but I'm sure gonna miss my old house.
dad: Your old house has been destroyed
Jake: ohh
(TV in background:
Anchorwoman: ...And our town Seryville is at stake.
Anchorman: Could anyone believe it? I never knew that aliens exist!
Anchorwoman: I know right? In the mean time...continues in background)
Mom(calls over) Hey look at this
Dad: (comes over to TV) What-
Anchorwoman: ...A major evacuation of Seryville is effective now! You must pack your bags and leave this city
We're going off air in 12 hours for--(Power goes out)
Dad: What in the...
Jake: Dad!
and goes back on


Marine 1: look at this!
Major Tremland: Looks like the entities are interfering with our power grid
Marine 2: this isn't good at all...
George K.: HEY! What are these (explosions) Sons of [bad word]?!
Marine 1: What's going on?
George: There's a whole bunch of robots tearing up my city!
Marine 1: can you hear me? (static) I..(static)
Major Tremland: (bleep) it!! what the (censored)'s goin' on out there? are the aliens here already?


George: Back! Back you rusty pile of metals! (robot gets closer) Back! No! no no!! HELP! PL...




Serious Nukes

George K.:(on line with Jefferson) So... you like nukes don't you?! That's it!
Jefferson: What?!
George K.: If you drop even one small bomb, I will tear your city apart with 5 nukes with 5 megatons each!
Jefferson: Do it and I will give you a nice, big bomb to your city hall!!!

Meanwhile, the alien spacecrafts fire a nuke from space. The nuke hits techville
When George sees it, he thinks it came from Woodland

George: That's it!!! I warned you! (hangs up)
Jefferson: What?! (Dialtone)
Woodland City is blasted with 5 bombs. Houses go up in flames.
Luckily, Jake and his family along with all of Woodland have already been evacuated. phew!
The bomb hits directly into the abandoned town square

Woodland is blown up, incinerating the residential zone, including Jake's house.
Good thing they all evacuated...
The shockwave from the bomb shot at Techville hits the Nuclear Power Plant. The plant goes up in flames, then...
Nuclear Meltdown!!!
The nuclear plant explodes, plunging both cities into darkness.
And somehow, Kayla's house is still intact!

Back at Seryville...
Marine 1: Those aliens are looking for something buried under the rocks
Marine 3: which ones?
Marine 1: Woodland City...
Marine 4: (looking out the window) Look! Those cities are destroyn' each other!
Marine 1: We gotta radio and warn them, they need to stop fighting for one minute, and fight those aliens together!
Marine 4: Hurry!!
Marine 2: (calls George with long range walkie talkie radio)

George K.: Hello?!





George: What? do What?! (Dial tone) what in the world...

The bomb tears up a small commercial zone instantly

Back at Kayla's house
Kayla: Mom!!! What's going on!
Mom: it's a bomb get inside!!! (car alarm rings, firefighter sirens everywhere, citizens in chaos)

News announcer: Hello everyone we're live here at Techville, and as you can see, Woodland town Nuked
us, destroying several buildings. The general is in charge of a major evacuation, and.. We gotta get out of here
General (from Techville US Army) ATTENTION! Line up everyone. Alright, this battle is turning into a war,
and the citizen's live are in danger, we have to evacuate all civillians from techville!
Soldier 1: but where will they go?
General: They will be sent to Seryville, that city's big enough for 5 techvilles, Do you understand!
All soldiers: Yes sir!
Effective immidiately!

Kayla's house 8:34 PM

(knock on the door)
mom: (opens door) hello
Soldier 1: I'm with the US Millitary forces and we're doing a major evacuation. You must leave your house and
head for the airport! we're taking Techville to Seryville.
Dad: Seryville? I always wanted to go there
Soldier 1: Then take anything you need and go!!
Dad: yes sir!

As the techville civilian population is evacuated, Woodland is also evacuated by their US forces. The polulation,
including Jake's family have been evacuated to seryville. Meanwhile... (pics taken earlier at 3:23 PM)

scroll down
Jake's new house:

48th Main Ave.
Disaster Prevention Agency Headquarters

Serville is a metropolis (located right next to the cities at war) built by by major Tremland. 
Born in May 23rd, 1954, he grew up in seryville back when it was a small farming community. In the age of 19, he moved to Seatle, and joined the millitary and became a Sergeant Major. He then moved back to the more developed Seryville (had no major at the time), and was elected major of Seryville in 1976.

The US Disaster prevention headquarters (DPH) headquarters is located in the core downtown of Seryville (tallest building)

Inside the building 8:32 PM

Marine 1: (looking at telescopic images) So far so good, but something wierd...
Marine 2: (interrupts) Sir! heads up, we have a wave of civilians coming our way
Marine 1: From where?
Marine 2: From Techville and Woodland, the Cities at war, They're doing a major evacuation
Marine 3: I heard of those cities, you know, Jeff and George K. Are so immature, why can't they just be at peace?
Marine 2: I don't know, and it gets better, The general of techville US forces is in charge of the whole operation, and he means business
Marine 1: Check out these readings, it appears to be some kind of extraterrestrial body, an unknown entity
Marine 3: It's a whole bunch of them, and they're headed straight for Earth.
Marine 4: we only have 36 hours...
Marine 2: Did you hear? George and Jefferson are about to destroy each other's city!

Sargeant major Tremland: The Aliens are planning for a full scale invasion, because they might be looking for something buried underneath somewhere. I've never seen anything like this before. Get ready for a real war boys...


Tension was arising between Jefferson and george during this arguement:

George: (on phone) Hey Jefferson! I'm working on a new section, and I would like to build the wall closer to your town.

Jefferson: What?!

George: I said I would like to build the wall towards your city So that I have more room.

Jefferson: uh So let me get this staight. YOU want TO get more space, and take away space from my city?!

George: yes!

Jefferson: WHAT!? Are you CRAZY?! I'm trying to scrape money to build this city, and you want more!

George: I need space!

Jefferson: Okay then, let me respond to this in the following way (gets airhorn and blows it into the phone)

George:(HONK!!!) OUCH! What was that all about?!

Jefferson: I Am not allowing it! I need my space and I don't want your city shrinking it!

George: Com'on! I offered you electricity!

Jefferson: So? you have tons of electricity President Greedyface!

George: Escuse me?

Jefferson: That's right!

George: Well then, I think your'e a ---------!

Jefferson: That Tears it! (hangs up the phone and launches missle)


George:(Kaboom) what in the world? He Bombed my City! I can't believe it! (dials phone)

Jefferson: Hello?

George: Cute! that was real cute! I do not play games!!! My millitary can destroy your puny city in seconds! 

Jefferson: I'm not afraid!

(hangs up the phone)

George: I'm calling in my millitary!

Commander: Soldiers! we are going to drop 5 bombs on woodland Town! Got it?

All: Sir yes Sir!

planes take off and head for woodland and then







Jake: mom? what's happening?

mom: I don't kno-(BOOM!) Get inside Were being Bombed!!!!


(That is not Jake's neighboorhood)

Jefferson: (on phone, furious) OH so that's how it is huh?

George: Ha! That will teach you a lesson!

Jefferson: George, I'm afraid I got no choice but to do this. (hangs up and launches nuclear bomb at techville)


The introduction

When two mayors where hiking, they both purchased the same piece of land! George K. and Jefferson T. had few things in common. George K. Likes being organized, but Jefferson just wants to build a place for people to live. So they built a wall in the middle of the map. 

George K.: Here, you can have the hill part of the map. I like my cities flat.

Jefferson: (whispers) And I like my cities "hidden."

So they both began to build their cities,  But Jefferson Had an Idea:

Jefferson: (on phone) Why can't we build one big city together?

George: (on phone with Jefferson, annoyed) because your'e Disorganized! Dis-or-gan-ized!!!

(hangs up)

Jefferson: (sarcastically) jeez, that was pleasant

George is indeed very serious about his city. He wants everything almost perfect.

Eventually, They built their cities. George K. named his city Techville, and jefferson named his city Woodland Town. Here's how they look so far:

Let's check out techville:


Indeed it's very organized. Each Section is surrounded by walls. The main town is a Section of the city, where the city hall, courthouse, and mayor's house is. There are some commercial buildings, surrounded by a suburban area separated by an avenue. The City also has it's downtown, it's mall under construction, And a place for the wealthiest sims, a small, private neighborhood of huge mansions.

Everybody get's fed well, they get a great education, healthcare, and strong security. Here's a nightime image of cityhall:


And images of the suburbs:


Pools sure are popular in this town.


Population: 20,000

Commercial Jobs: 10,000

Industrial jobs: 2,000

Techville also has a VERY strong millitary. Here's an images:


They also managed to build a a nuclear power plant,  a federal prism, and a HUGE millitary army training camp. Here's the rich part of town:


Now let's look into Woodland:

Population: 10,000

Commecial jobs: 5,000

Industrial Jobs:1,000

Woodland Town is just one city, with no sections. It's just one big city. It has decent education, health, but no police stations, or firestations!

It is a very poor town.It has a weak military with a few missiles to launch. They couldn't afford any powerplants so jefferson asked for some electricity, and Geoge said: "Very well then, here's some power for your puny civilization." So they built a powerline over the wall to the other town. Here's the images of woodland Town:


keep scrollin'


Now here's a night image of Techville:


Now were going to meet two families, one in each city, to compare how they live.

In techville we have a 12 year old girl who lives in the suburbs of techville. Here's what she says:

Hi, I'm Kayla! I'm 12 years old, and I have a little brother, my mom and my dad. I'm Loving this town and all my friends at school! The mayor is so friendly! He replaced the broken swing sets on the playground! This is where I live:


I love swimming in my pool in the back yard in those hot days. I live in that nice, two-story house right there. I ride my bike to school everyday.

And now from Woodland City, we have an 11 year old boy. This is how he lives:

"What's up everybody? I'm Jake, and I live in this house right here with my mom and dad and no siblings:


I live in a two-story house, take the bus to school, and I have a lot of friends! My neighbor has a swimming pool in the back yard, and I swim there with my friends. I learned in school that there is another town called Techville. It's right next to this town. I hope I get to visit it someday.

So there we have it, two families. What's going to happen next I wonder?

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