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All hands abandon Seryville!

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Marine 3: They keep collapsing! This thing Won't die! Throw grenades at it!
Marine 2: Were out of grenades!!
Marine 3: You're Joking RIGHT?!!

inside DPA HQ

Marine 6: (running down hall) gotta get out of here...
Marine 6: Major Tremland! what are you doing here? The whole place is about to come down any sec (building rumbles, shakes)
Major Tremland: (sitting against the wall Very injured) (coughs) I'm staying... here. This is my city, as major it's my duty. You need... to keep fighting...
Marine 6: We are being out numbered, there's a whole bunch of giant UFO stuff out there! They're taking quite a beating, they already lost one
Major Trembland: You Marines... put out a good fight..., but you need to go. Radio in the Helicopter.
Marine 6: Major, it's been an honor to serve you-
Major Trembland: You... too... sir! (Bang!) Go!... Go... (coughs) Now!
Marine 6: yes sir. (and leaves)
Marine 6: (on Radio) This is Marine 6, All hands abandon Seryville, I repeat, All hands abandon Seryville!
Helicopter arrives, and rescues marines

3 Hours later

Marine 2: Are you ready?
Marine 3: Yes sir! Got the TAC Cannon? (as seen on Crysis)
Marine 2: Yep, I'm ready to fire!
Marine 2: (fires)
Marine 4: YES! Perfect hit!
Marine 5: I see a weakspot, right in the hole over there! Fire it in!
Marine 2: (fires!)
Marine 3: Come on! Lets blast that Son of a (bad word)!!!
Marine 2: (Blasts 4 more TAC cannons) 
Marine 3: Yes!! It's going down! 
Marine 6: Oh man! It's going to hit the city!
Marine 5: It's going to crash into Seryville!! We gotta leave go go GO!! 
Pilot: Hang on to your hats! (flies to outskirts of Seryville)

Seryville international airport
Jake: mom? Hello? anyone? Help!!
(airplane arrives at airport. Bottom of plane opens with little pathway)
Mom: Jake!!!
Jake: Mom!!
Mom: come on Jake!!
Jake: Starts running
Mom come on! You can make it! Hurry!
Mom: Watch out!!
A crack forms between the plane and Jake and begins to get wider. To make things worse, a huge autosarous wreck comes up behind jake.
Mom: Jake, you're gonna have to jump!
Jake: I can't
Mom: Jump!!!
Jake: (jumps)
Jake: Nooo!!!! (starts falling)
Dad: Gotcha! (grabs Jake's hand)
Jake: Don't let go!
Dad pulls jake into the plane
Mom: (hugs Jake) Jake!

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