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Things get serious...

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George: What? do What?! (Dial tone) what in the world...

The bomb tears up a small commercial zone instantly

Back at Kayla's house
Kayla: Mom!!! What's going on!
Mom: it's a bomb get inside!!! (car alarm rings, firefighter sirens everywhere, citizens in chaos)

News announcer: Hello everyone we're live here at Techville, and as you can see, Woodland town Nuked
us, destroying several buildings. The general is in charge of a major evacuation, and.. We gotta get out of here
General (from Techville US Army) ATTENTION! Line up everyone. Alright, this battle is turning into a war,
and the citizen's live are in danger, we have to evacuate all civillians from techville!
Soldier 1: but where will they go?
General: They will be sent to Seryville, that city's big enough for 5 techvilles, Do you understand!
All soldiers: Yes sir!
Effective immidiately!

Kayla's house 8:34 PM

(knock on the door)
mom: (opens door) hello
Soldier 1: I'm with the US Millitary forces and we're doing a major evacuation. You must leave your house and
head for the airport! we're taking Techville to Seryville.
Dad: Seryville? I always wanted to go there
Soldier 1: Then take anything you need and go!!
Dad: yes sir!

As the techville civilian population is evacuated, Woodland is also evacuated by their US forces. The polulation,
including Jake's family have been evacuated to seryville. Meanwhile... (pics taken earlier at 3:23 PM)

scroll down
Jake's new house:

48th Main Ave.
Disaster Prevention Agency Headquarters

Serville is a metropolis (located right next to the cities at war) built by by major Tremland. 
Born in May 23rd, 1954, he grew up in seryville back when it was a small farming community. In the age of 19, he moved to Seatle, and joined the millitary and became a Sergeant Major. He then moved back to the more developed Seryville (had no major at the time), and was elected major of Seryville in 1976.

The US Disaster prevention headquarters (DPH) headquarters is located in the core downtown of Seryville (tallest building)

Inside the building 8:32 PM

Marine 1: (looking at telescopic images) So far so good, but something wierd...
Marine 2: (interrupts) Sir! heads up, we have a wave of civilians coming our way
Marine 1: From where?
Marine 2: From Techville and Woodland, the Cities at war, They're doing a major evacuation
Marine 3: I heard of those cities, you know, Jeff and George K. Are so immature, why can't they just be at peace?
Marine 2: I don't know, and it gets better, The general of techville US forces is in charge of the whole operation, and he means business
Marine 1: Check out these readings, it appears to be some kind of extraterrestrial body, an unknown entity
Marine 3: It's a whole bunch of them, and they're headed straight for Earth.
Marine 4: we only have 36 hours...
Marine 2: Did you hear? George and Jefferson are about to destroy each other's city!

Sargeant major Tremland: The Aliens are planning for a full scale invasion, because they might be looking for something buried underneath somewhere. I've never seen anything like this before. Get ready for a real war boys...

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 Very nice urban centers. Its just that you should improve on how you build them. It looks like it goes from a quiet suburb to a bustling downtown litteraly down the street. You should improve density zoning. The suburbs already there turn them into high and med residential and the outer part of town turn it into suburbs.

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