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This can't be real!!!

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Back at Seryville

Marine 4: What are these!?
Marine 3: Oh (censored)! They just keep coming!!
Marine 2: This is impossible! Too many of them!
Major Tremland: I didn't get paid to hear you guys whine! Suck it up Marines and Fight! We
can not Lose this CITY!!!

By now, pretty much the whole population has left Seryville. Only a handful  of people still remain...
Jake: (waking up) Hello? where am I?
Doctor: you're in the hospital son. That was quite a hit.
Jake: where's my parents
Doctor: Don't worry, your parents have been sent by helicopter to Volcano City's hospital. They'll pick you up along with some more survivors
on the last airplane.
Jake: Are they okay?
Doctor: yes, they are, and so are you. Now you might want to catch that flight. It's at the airport close to your house. It should be there in
a few minutes.
Major Tremland: Holy (curse word)!
Marine 1: SON OF A (CENSORED)!!! Look at the size of that thing!!!

Marine 2: This can't be real!!
Marine 3: That thing's huge! More Rust-metals coming down!!
Marine 4: We're being outnumbered, we can't fight that thing!!! Retreat!!
Marine 3: Marine 1! WATCH OUT!!!
Marine 1: We need backup, Call-(Screams)AAhhh!
Marine 3: He's being abducted!!
Marine 4: what in the...
Marine 3: Noooo!!
Marine 2: Marine 1!!!!! Marine Down!!!
Major Tremland: What's your status marines? report
Marine 3: Marine 1 is KIA I repeat Marine 1 is KIA These things seem to be made up of cars! They're dinosaurs!
Sargeant Major Tremland: KIA?! son of a (Censored), Pay your respects and move on, a helicopter is on it's way
to pick you guys up, you fought well marines!
Marine 4: The whole city's coming down around us! There's a huge exosuit up there! Look up!
Marine 5: (Censored) IT!! There goes another building!!


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 Next update please!!!!!!

They went to Volcano City...? What if the volcano erupts... again....?

Nice update!! Can't wait to see what happens in the end!

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