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Trixie Festival 2010!

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South Sea: Trixie Port

On Schulmania's far southwestern frontier sits the Sea of Simtropolis. This large freshwater sea is best known for Stovokor, the Klingon island off the coast of Wirdleonia. The potential for this area has been largely untapped, due to the extreme distance from Schulmania's towns. But, the potential for maritime trade with Schulmauckland, the nation also bordering the sea further to our southwest, is too great to ignore.

In the spirit of the season (Golden Llama season, since you were wondering...), an expedition riding the aforementioned llamas led city builders to a nice harbor site along the eastern coast of the Sea of Simtropolis. Here, a new town, Schulmania's maritime link to its neighbor (and the greater Simtropolis community) will be established. The small town will also serve as the district capital (as first and only city in the district, this seems fitting...) of the newly establish South Sea District. The extreme southwest, bordering on Huddleston Bay as well as Harar and Schulmauckland, will be part if the newly established Bay District. At present, there are no settlements in the Bay District and none planned for the foreseeable future.


The coast is a little rocky but will not be an impediment to ships.


Trixie Port, as the new town will be called, features a port based on the classic design of famed architect Maxis Vanilla. The Customs House and Port Authority buildings are adjacent to the seaport.


The Customs House processes international visitors, the majority of whom will be arriving from Schulmauckland. Simtropolis guests transiting through Schulmauckland to Schulmania will need visas unless their city journal has established diplomatic relations with Schulmania. An exception, of course, is those who carry the Golden Pawprint of the Bureau of Feline Affairs in their passport. They are welcome to come on in anytime.

The statue, Spirit of Simtropolis, faces on Trixie Square. On the other side of the small square is the domed façade of the Golden Llama Bank & Bureau de Change.


We anticipate a brisk trade developing here at Trixie Port.


Dirktator Drive faces the seafront. A notable structure is the brick corner building housing the offices of Mod, Admin & Dirk. From their fourth story office windows, they can survey a panoramic view of the Sea of Simtropolis.


On the southern side of Dirktator Drive (the town is bisected by Trixie Port Road)is the largest building in town, the Simtropolis Exchange. Here, all sorts of sim business is transacted- lots and lots of lots change hands daily.

Fronting Trixie Port Road (at lower left, facing us in the image above) is the South Sea Company, best known for its historic bubbles. Anyone want a historic bubble?


At the end of the road sits Leslie Nielsen Manor, where all people NOT names Shirley gather for hors d'oeuvres and conversation... unless, of course, they ate the fish for dinner.


Back on the north side of town, we see all sorts of great commercial destinations. Businesses of all sorts line the street: from Forum Games to Phat's Hot to Ben's Ten & Ten Store, we have it all.


Trixie Port has enough residential units to house a goodly percentage of active members, should they all choose to descend upon the town simultaneously.


Look, here's the famous Simtropolis House of Worship.


Make yourselves at home!


And be sure to stop by our many fine businesses.


Ever thought about attending a class at Omnibus Academy?


Or perhaps taking up residence at Green Acres (on left)? [insert theme music here]


Of course, a visit to see the latest and greatest is always necessary at the STEX Building.


Don't head back out to the port yet!


Stop by the Government Center for a free cookie first.


And be sure to say hello to the bosses!

Welcome, Schulmania visitors!




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 sorry 4 the dubbelpost!

Merry Xmass schulman and al the other schulmanians!!!
and all the best for 2011!!

ps...schulman...June has enterd the Miss simptropolis padgent!!
would you please be so kind to vote for her!!!??

best wishes!! Ferry

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NOTE: All replies above this are now added to post count totals for rank and awards.


Page 131 is messed up and I cannot post a viewable reply there. So, all posts for Page 131 are included as well here.


Reikhardt   Crumbs? These are all crumb free! Just one of the many technical innovations we have here in Schulmania!


TheMentalist   Awesome! And as a ST favorite, your rent is only 1 purr a week and includes free wifi and concierge service for STEX downloads.


ImVhOzzi  Cool! We should have a neighborhood picnic sometime…


Hester   Open wide!


TekindusT   We don’t have free ones at the moment but 1 purr per week is a great deal!


Fledder200   I am sure one could be opened… since they are after all the highest peak in shoe fasion!


Fledder200   Merry Xmas and Happy New Year to you! And I will certainly vote for her… as long as it does not incur April’s wrath!


SC4portugal   Daniel! Long time no see!




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