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Update 2: Why Mars?

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"We were nomads, and we are still nomads"

Carl Sagan

Sims in an intelligent specie with plenty of curiosity and needs for exploration and new adventures. Their ancestors explored Earth and now the history repeats, this time on a new world. But why? Why we should colonize Mars? For the same reason that the ancient Sims explored and colonize Europe, Asia and Africa.


For the same reason that some Sims dare to explored and colonized the New World.


For the same reason that Sims explored all the Terran seas, and now are ready to explore a new sea.


The Cosmic Sea!


Earth was suffered with terrible problems. Global warming, Aids, nationalism, nuclear weapons, many of big problems. Some Sims prefer to stay on Earth and rebuild the home planet. Other prefer to leave Earth and build from scratch a new, better world on Mars. But why? Exploration, better economy, scientific studies, the joy of a new adventure, the creation of the Utopia, spreading the beauty of life elsewhere, survive of Simkind in longterm... many reasons to build our dreams on Mars.


But why on Mars? Why not on the Moon or in the Terran oceans? Because Mars is the most suitable to support life with the technology of the middle of the 21st century. Mercury and Venus are too hot and too close to the Sun. Terran seas can easily bring psychological problems to the colonists. Moon has no atmosphere, but still it soon became the biggest spaceport ever made so far. Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune has no solid surface and the conditions there are too deadly. Mars however has atmosphere, 24 hours days and nights, a bit cold but not extremely cold, good enough gravity and almost close to Earth.


Also, Mars has plenty of cool features to explore. Olympus Mons is the largest mountain in the Solar System. 3 times taller that the Terran Everest! Valles Marineris is the largest canyon it the Solar System. 10 times longer than the Terran Grand Canyon!!


Ancient natural canals, evidence that Mars had water in the past.


Exotic mountains.


Ice, enough to support the new colonies.


And plenty of mysteries. If Mars had water, what about life? Was Mars the home world of ancient intelligent species? What's going on with Cydonia and those exotic formations?


Close to Acidalia Planitia we'll find the first Martian colony, Hope-1. A colony rich of hopes for a better future.


Thanks to the robotic workers, the creation and expansion of the colonies are very fast. More Sims are coming to town.


There are many questions about Mars, but this is the most important. Will be Mars the new Garden of Eden? Is it possible to build the always dreamed Utopia on a cold, desert planet? Had those Sims right, when they said that Mars is the next planetary homeland? Stay tuned Smiley

The whole Mayor Diaries is a tribute to Carl Sagan (1934 - 1996), the man who mixed science with poetry Smiley


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Nice update, that's a nice history for why to colonize Mars. I see that you use a map of all Mars for the CJ.
I use a Valles Marineris map as region, also I have a CJ with Valles Marineris like the Earth.
I will follow this CJ, has a nice start.

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[b]timcravey[/b]: We need more people like Carl Sagan, especially nowadays. Thank you for the comment :golly:

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