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In Doug We Trust

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Land A-hoylakes.

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As our heroes stuck their heads out of the hatch of the boat, a mighty wave slammed into the side of the vessel, splashing water onto the deck.

It also bought down the hatch. Hard. On their heads.

He fell down the steps with a slight curse. She doubled over in pain – still on the steps – letting out a loud string of curse words.

He looked at her and blinked.
“WHAT!” she yelled at him.

He said nothing and climbed back up the stairs, reopened the hatch, and stepped onto the deck.


It was wet. It was windy.

She walked up beside him.

“We hit a wave just right, we'll sink like the Titanic,” he said.

She glared at him. “You can't remember your own name, but you can remember the name of an old cruise ship?”

“I could say the same for you.”

She rolled her eyes. “Who's steering?” she asked, motioned towards the cabin.

He saw no one. “Uh...guess I had better give it a shot.

“You fancy yourself a seaman?”

They heard a giggle behind them. They turned and saw the top of a chubby, balding head wearing glasses peaking at them. When he saw them, he let out a “EEK!” and disappeared, the hatch closing with a bang.

With a huff, he ran after the man, slipping on the deck, falling on his face, and sliding into the side of the hatch. He picked himself up, opened the hatch, dove through the hatch and fell down the stairs. When he picked himself up, he heard a door slam down the hall. He ran to the door, grabbing the handle and trying to pry it open, cursing under his breath.

“Who is that?” she asked.

He looked at her. “I have no idea.”

“Then why are you so intent on opening that door and bothering him.”

He paused. “I have no idea.” He gave the door one more yank, then followed her back to the deck.

The sky was now cloudless.

“We...uh...seem to be heading towards something,” she said.


Indeed, they were. They were heading towards a shore.



On the shore was a marina.


Near the marina was a large building.


Behind the building was a bunch of land and trees.


“What a wonderful place to build stuff!” he said.


She looked at him, looking deep into his eyes. “You're an idiot,” she said. “I hope we aren't married.”


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Yep, I'm definitely getting "they're married" vibes.  He may build her her dream house right there near the fjord, but not too close to the skyscraper and the smiley water tower.  It's really handy because they have everything they need, thanks to Doug's providence.  That is, if he could survive the task without maiming himself.

Now, the chubby, balding, bespectacled, shy guy kinda seems like a character from Presence of Being...a little guy who...hopped a lot...?    Oh, if only I had a memory.  Actually, I did lock my car keys in my locker at work today, and it would be really cool if I could blame it on this journal. 

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Well, whatever they are, given the trouble they're having with the boat, the were probably never mariners. 

I'm sure everyone's going to have fun building there!  That is, until the powers above see fit to screw it up again.  :P


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Darmok: It does look like a rather nice place to put a city. I wonder if it can hold almost 8 billion people? Perhaps if they made really tall buildings...

Liv: Actually, one of my coworkers has been working extensively on a "forgetting one's keys" program. Unfortunately, she has been unable to get much further, as she is presently trying to retrieve her keys - which have somehow ended up inside a vending machine!

Zelgadis: Oh, I have absolutely no plans on messing things up agai....

Oh dear. Uh...everyone...please do not be alarmed, but it would seem a giant radioactive bunny has escaped and could be soon running rampant in the city. Seriously, why would someone even take the TIME to program such a thing!

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I think she needs to take a chill pill and eat some happychips. I've seen this before too, two people lose memory of each other, turn out to despise each other as they live with each other but in the end discover they used to live and love each other and were married...yup, pretty much! :D

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