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Snow Covers Aoyama

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Click to see the CJ based on this news site: The Kingdom of Aoyama





 Morning Crew Reports 


(Himeoka City) It's only near the end of November and now the Aoyama National Meteorological System has confirmed that the entire country is blanketed in snow. One week ago, reports have shown that the first northern cities of Aoyama, including Sakura City and Himeoka have confirmed reports of the first fall of snow have covered the cities.  However, according to the ANMS, the yearly blanketing of snow occurred two weeks earlier than expected.

UPDATE 11/22/2010 22:44:09 AST

The National Aviation System has grounded all air traffic.  We'll keep you updated on the situation.

----------------Transcript from "Morning" on 11/22/10----------------


7:20 AM

Takeo: Well the ANMS has now confirmed that the entire country is completely covered in snow.


Ai: Yes and to report on this special occasion we now have our sky chopper crew outside up in the sky so we all can see the beautiful white snow. Satoshi are you there?


Satoshi: Yes, I'm here and I feel just absolutely miserable! Visibility is just terrible! We think the temp gauge shows minus 18 celsius! We are...

Takeo: Yes Yes. We hear you now so can you show everyone how white the ground has become?

Satoshi: Like I can!? We can't see anything for jack! Visibility is somewhere at 10...uh...feet or meters. I can't tell what it is because we can't see the freakin’ gauges from here! The fog has seeped into the cabin and we're flying blind!

Takeo: I see that’s terrible, well then we'll catch you later on then, just keep flying around and uh…

Satoshi: Are you crazy!? What the fu---!?


Ai: We're so sorry everyone but it seems that the weather isn’t doing Satoshi any good for now.

Takeo: Anyways, we’ll move on.

7:30 AM

Takeo: Welcome back it's half past 7 and you’re watching Morning on Channel One.  Now it’s time for the morning weather update with Peter Rotmensen.  Rotmensen?


Peter: Goedemorgen Tak-san.  Well actually, not really “goede” at all.  It’s just bloody awful.  In fact I’m not surprised Satoshi gone off camera like that earlier before because all around the country we’re experiencing weather conditions only seen on other planets.  We’re right now tracking this huge Siberian Cold Front that’s dumping sub-zero air into the airspace.  Temperatures have reach all time lows this year, Sakura at negative 17 and much across the board all in the negatives so there is a good chance you could die from frostbite.  We also expect chances of golfball-size hail in the East Midlands as well so try and keep away from your windows.  Also, an urgent forecast warning has issued for the Northern provinces by the ANMS so for those up in Yuschenkov and Kitahana may god have mercy on your souls.  Ai, Takeo, back to you.

Ai: Alright, thank you Peter.  Now about 10 minutes ago, we spoke with our chopper crew who's just right now are flying in the air but we have experienced some minor technical difficulties, but now we have him back online.  Satoshi are you there?


Satoshi: You c*cks!  I hate you all!  We nearly crashed into a GODD**M BUILDING!!!

Ai: Oh uh…sorry there.  Anyways Satoshi, can you show us the snow?

Satoshi: I better get a hell of a raise for this!  Okay (takes a breath) we're right now off in the woods southwest of Himeoka City near Mount Aoten and uh...Brian, what the hell is that beeping sound!?

Takeo: Wow! I have to be honest with you that scenery is absolutely beautiful!

Ai: Ah soo desu nee! It really is! I absolutely love the winter season!

Takeo: Well now Satoshi, this is absolutely amazing and...


Takeo: Satoshi? Are you there? Heh. I'm terribly sorry everyone but it seems that we again are having some more technical difficulties with our connection with the chopper crew.


Ai: Must be the clouds interfering with the satellite signal.


Takeo: I think you're right. Anyways, we'll be catching up with Satoshi and his crew later on in the program. Now...uh...ok...

Everyone it seems that we now have some breaking news.  Ai?


Ai: A helicopter has reported to have crashed near Mt. Aoten this morning. The National Aviation System has received a final log from the chopper just seconds ago.  From the data from the black box they received, they believe that the choppers engines seized solid after freezing midair. We now have an RTA chopper on the scene live and uh...


Takkun.  Does that chopper look familiar?

Takeo: Uhh...no.  Never seen it before in my life.

----------------End of Transcript----------------


-Aoyama to Host SimMania Baseball World Cup (SBWC)

Military propped up to ensure safety of the games from terrorists.

-Report finds Wealthiest 10% of Aoyamans Responsible for 60% of Tax Evasion Cases

-Kitaro Regime Injects $300 million into Military Wartime Propaganda

Fund will go to support radio and TV jamming campaigns in North Korea and Myanmar


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Recommended Comments

Fantastic job simulating all the TV stations and news tickers; everything has a very professional look (except the Rontmensen guy)!

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Good update.
I laughed at the way the people in the studio couldn't care less about the helicopter also the weather thingy was funny.

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Replies from the Editor in Chief

TekindusT: Thank you! Btw, that is what happens when you give the Dutch loads of drugs!  jk
Samerton: Thank you!
Jamesrules: Thank you!
SmartbyLaw: Thanks!  I must say tho news in general just feed off of chaos, doesn't it
Alejandro24: Thank you!
bwong: Yes, when I high!
zanzibar42: Thank you!
Nooo245: Thank you!

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