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Visit By Former U.S. President Sparks Mass Protests In Capital

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Click to see the CJ based on this news site: The Kingdom of Aoyama



**CAUTION: May Contain Strong Content**


(Sakura City10:00 AM: Protesters crowd up Sakura City streets as it's officially announced former president of the United States, George W. Bush, will meet with Aoyaman Prime Minister Masanori Kitaro today.

According to RTA sources, for security purposes, when, where, and how George W. Bush's escort will drive him will not be disclosed to the public.

Despite Prime Minister Kitaro being a left wing politician.  He took the visit with warm welcomes.  Eyewitnesses however found the Prime Minister discussing with various media crew dotted around the park, directing how cameras will face Bush, supposedly to set-up the former president.


(Transcript from N24 "News 13 with Ichiro Izuka and Harumi Toyama")


1:05 PM

Ichiro: A police barricade has been made in haste as announcements has been sounding off via city speakers that the former president will be arriving momentarily via a secured convoy and we believe at just half past one we'll be able to see him.

Harumi: Yes and meanwhile now already over what some reporters down on the ground now say nearly 80,000 protesters may be situated down there.  Wow, when he comes by, I don't think they'll be down there just to watch him.

Ichiro: Well some 500 police officers have been dispatched and we already have reports some riots have broken out into the streets, police are already dealing with the situation.



1:32 PM

Ichiro: George W. Bush's escort is now visible.  It makes its way to the front of Parliament.  Some eight police cars and six Sector 8 escort vehicles are now um uh...visible.  And now it seemed more riots have broken off off camera and......uh......(god this is so f---ing boring), and uh (oh crap!) uh uh about two people have confirmed arrested and uh detained by police.

Harumi: Hold yourself together Ichiro, it's rolling news.  We might be here for another two hours or so covering the same d-mn story.  Anyways we just got reports that some fire has broken out...




1:37 PM

Harumi: It appears now that the convoy has now just stopped and arrived at the entrance of Parliament now and it seems that he's, um, chopper, can we get a closer shot of the former president?

Chopper Crew: Sure should be fine, oh wait wait wait! No, that's not possible, a uh Sector 8 squadron heard our conversation. He says he'll shoot us down if we uh descend any further.

Ichiro: Don't worry that's fine we can see Bush from up here and...

Harumi: WOW! He's got such a nice suits he's got on and....

Ichiro: What!? Oh god, Harumi are you doing that again, like last night? On camera!?  Jesus Christ Harumi! And not just that like I mean, your 25, and he's like.........90!

Harumi: Oh come on!  What is this, primetime? Like, who's on earth is listening to this channel anyways?


(End of Transcript)

Bush's intended to visit as a speaker as a means to propose various terrorism safety measures to the prime minister. Aoyama ranks near Iraq and Afghanistan in terms of  fatalities caused by terrorism.  This year, over 5,000 were killed and over 40,000 injured in a series of car bombings, building explosions, and urban warfare that plagues nearly every city across the country.  Unlike Iraq and Afghanistan, Aoyama's problem stems from extremist pro-Japan nationalists instead of misguided religious fanatics.


Once Bush made it into parliament, it's reported the prime minister and the the former president had some a small chat.


During a outdoor press conference, President Bush spoke about various achievements he accomplished during his term.


"Since 9/11, I proposed some of the most effective terrorism measures ever seen in the country.  For the past eight years in office, no Muslim was ever able to infiltrate our great American system."


Half the conference groaned in disgust.  One vomited on an AP reporter.


For about one hour, Bush discussed how the country should open arms to allow private contractors based in America to 'relieve' the burden off from Aoyama's military personnel.  The former president went even further by proposing the privatization of healthcare facilities and schools to reduce Aoyama's debt burden .  He calls it a way to "make easy money in hard times".


Nearing the end of his speech, one reporter from Himitsu News asked the former president.


"concerning everything you said.  Including the establishment of an 'independent' American defense network here in the country.  Isn't that just another attempt to allow companies to profitize from our public works projects, like Blackwater?  It does not sound smart to privatize our public works when the country you  privatized got screwed with debt in just eight years."


The former president stared at the reporter and stated "Sir, I assure you that's all just Obama's fault.  I understand your concerns, and I like how you stand up to your beliefs.  It's rare these days to here the general public speak such bold statements to a person like me.  On that,  I salute you."


Momentarily, Bush stuck his middle finger.



By the end of his speech, various consultants for Bush spoke to him.  "It's best if you're not here after what you did" said a consultant off the mike.  Bush's escort hurried on back to the airport.


Immediately afterwards, media crowded around the Prime Minister.


He stated "Well that sucked.  He didn't even bother to stay for dinner!  I was beginning to like the guy!"


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Now that's funny  !  Having Bush blame Obama is a great twist  on things.  It's usualy "bammer" that's quick to throw anyone else under the bus to save his political hide.

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Comments! (God I procrastinate a lot)

k50dude: Some thought what a bada$$ prez his is.  Others fired a rocket launcher as his plane took off.
We are such a violent nation aren't we
simfreak1998: Wait until you see what I do with Obama
Jetty Jockey: Thanks for the comment!  "We here at RTA give the "real" perspective the simworld deserves!  We're hope you stay tuned with us!"
-?Maitre?: Thank you Maitre!  Keep up with your CJ!

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