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BREAKING NEWS - - - - - A series of bombing attacks by ARF has killed over 1,000 people nationwide. The attacks were in retaliation for Aoyama's hosting for the SIBF World Cup Games. ...

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ARF Strikes SIBF Games

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 Over 1,000 killed.  Corruption suspicions in Royal Police. 


By Stephanie Akita

Published Monday 2010/12/19

(RTA) Aoyama has suspected it to happen, but they were never prepared to expect an attack as profound as this one. Since early morning Sunday, countless bombings have been reported across the entire country. Himeoka, Minami, Kagayaki, and now Sakura City have felt the earth shattering explosions. The masterminds of the attack appear to be from nationalist terrorism group ARF (Aoyaman Revolutionary Front). They couldn't even wait until after Christmas.

This was amid the nearing of the finals for the Sim Mania Baseball World Cup games that were hosted here in Aoyama.

Since the start of the games last November, officials were still puzzled to why Aoyama was chosen as the host to begin with. The country has faced a series of terrorism issues which neither the Ministry of Defense or Homeland Security was able to handle. Aoyama even asked for addition troops from Russia and Aoyama’s protectorate territories to assist in the security issues.

Unlike the United States, despite its heightened issues with Al Qaeda, it was able to maintain a sense of order and control; an issue Aoyama has greatly failed.

 10:45 AM – Wave One – Chuo District 

During mailing hours, reports of letters appearing acrossvarious television studios dotted around the country. At first, TvHimitsu received the letter and reported it on NewsWorld. RTA received the letter minutes later and reported it on N24. At 11 AM, parliament received the letter. As a result, the National Terror Watch was immediately raised to orange.

The letter was scribed:

“Duck and cover. It’s home run for Juni.”

State counter-intelligence agency Sector 8 was called in ASAP. Immediately the analysts were stumped for what the meaning the letter meant. No forms of substance were present in either letter sent. The investigation continued.

At 12 PM, all hell broke loose...




The blasts targeted the Sakura City Apple Store, as well as various malls across the Chuo area. As it was a weekend, the streets were jammed with people. Frantic pedestrians ran across the street once they heard the blasts. It was absolute pandemonium. 600 people were killed in the district alone; 100 were killed by car accidents, 12 were run over by the street train.

2:55 PM – Wave Two – SuperSports Centre

A second blast was felt at Supersports Centre two hours later. It soon became apparent to the media the attacks were targeting the SBWC finals.




SuperSports viewers in Aoyama and worldwide were greeted to

this video before the match between Insulo and Shushtrepistaz

The blast knocked off SuperSports’s satellite linkups, wrecking all transmissions for the broadcaster. About 127 staffers and 3 sportscasters were killed.


3:00 PM – Wave Three – Kagayaki Stadium


Just minutes after the SuperSports bombing, a small blast was felt at near the Kagayaki Pacific Centre, near Kagayaki Stadium.  This is the same stadium in which the match between Insulo and Shushtrepistaz were to play off on.

9:00 PM – Wave Four – Minami City


A throwback to the Minami Riots, explosions have been set at the same stores from two months ago. About 300 people were killed. Another potential attack nearly took place on the Himeoka Broadcasting Transmitter, but was ultimately stopped by military squadron. In addition, a plot to thwart the Skyline Centre in Himeoka was stopped as well.

International viewers may cringe at the events, but attacks like these have become so commonplace that people get use to it. We spoke to a random bystander about the tragedy. His response was oddly monotone and lethargic. “Oh wow. I heard it was tragic.” He later said he was on valium so he felt “in the mood”. Another bystander said “human here are like flies. When we swat one we like “oh well, it died”.

At around midnight, the Prime Minister addressed the issues in a press conference.

SIBF Response

Out of all the SBWC games, this is the first game in history to be struck by a terrorist attack. For the PM, it was an embarrassing moment. On Sunday midnight, during the same PM press conference, Wacky32, head of the SIBF responded to the incident.

"This is surely the 1st ever terrorist attack in SIBF history. I certainly hope it will never happen again. Aoyama is a great country and it was suprising to hear this. Hopefully next time they host an SIBF tourney, that won't happen. The Finals game will begin shortly."




The State Blame Game

Citizens now point at the government for the terrible state of security.

Already the death toll has reached 6,000 this year due to terrorist related incidences. Since 2000, nearly 100,000 people have lost their lives in the decade-long ARF siege. To put this into perspective, that is the same amount of causalities in the seven-year Iraqi War since 2003. Analysts say the Aoyaman war is far from over.

Meanwhile the regime points its finger at the Royal Police Ministry.


During the midnight press conference, Aoyaman Prime Minister Masanori Kitaro issued a speech to the world press, infuriated and agitated at the state police. Some thought he lost his mind.

"This is so f--cking embarrassing! I am so sick of the police here. This
whole country
is so sick of them! They’re nothing but a bunch of INCOMPETENT, CORRUPT, WORTHLESS pricks! I have a
pile of letters in my office; half complain about the police. One wrote said [the police] beaten her in the street at an
checkpoint because she did pay their “monthly state bribe”. What STATE BRIBE!? If these are the people in charge of Aoyama’s terrorism issue, it’s no wonder why we’re rated one of the worst countries in Asia!"

A reporter asks: “What will you do about the police then?”

The PM responds:

“I’ll let this be a stern warning to them. If they screw me one more time, I will personally call for an end to their funding. I call for a full-on rebellion against the police. WHO’S WITH ME!?!”

In a strange attempt, even the Royal Police got onto the blame game bandwagon.

Captain of the Force Naoto Takano said “if the citizens complied with our laws, none of this would happen”. His reply seeped bits of paternalism, as if the people didn’t know better.

On a sad note, chances are November 19 will not be a day left in infamy. Like the Minami Riots of October 19, terrorist tragedies like these are often forgotten. Every American remembers the September 11 attacks, even naming the event as 9/11. What special name do we give to events like the Minami Riots of 2010, the Student Massacre of 2008, the Parliament Explosion back in 2007? Here in Aoyama, there are just too many names to remember. There are way too many 9/11’s here to count. An attack like this is a just a somber walk in the park for us.

According to the Aoyama Sporting Board, the SBWC Games may be resumed either before or after Christmas.



Snow Covers Aoyama

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 Morning Crew Reports 


(Himeoka City) It's only near the end of November and now the Aoyama National Meteorological System has confirmed that the entire country is blanketed in snow. One week ago, reports have shown that the first northern cities of Aoyama, including Sakura City and Himeoka have confirmed reports of the first fall of snow have covered the cities.  However, according to the ANMS, the yearly blanketing of snow occurred two weeks earlier than expected.

UPDATE 11/22/2010 22:44:09 AST

The National Aviation System has grounded all air traffic.  We'll keep you updated on the situation.

----------------Transcript from "Morning" on 11/22/10----------------


7:20 AM

Takeo: Well the ANMS has now confirmed that the entire country is completely covered in snow.


Ai: Yes and to report on this special occasion we now have our sky chopper crew outside up in the sky so we all can see the beautiful white snow. Satoshi are you there?


Satoshi: Yes, I'm here and I feel just absolutely miserable! Visibility is just terrible! We think the temp gauge shows minus 18 celsius! We are...

Takeo: Yes Yes. We hear you now so can you show everyone how white the ground has become?

Satoshi: Like I can!? We can't see anything for jack! Visibility is somewhere at 10...uh...feet or meters. I can't tell what it is because we can't see the freakin’ gauges from here! The fog has seeped into the cabin and we're flying blind!

Takeo: I see that’s terrible, well then we'll catch you later on then, just keep flying around and uh…

Satoshi: Are you crazy!? What the fu---!?


Ai: We're so sorry everyone but it seems that the weather isn’t doing Satoshi any good for now.

Takeo: Anyways, we’ll move on.

7:30 AM

Takeo: Welcome back it's half past 7 and you’re watching Morning on Channel One.  Now it’s time for the morning weather update with Peter Rotmensen.  Rotmensen?


Peter: Goedemorgen Tak-san.  Well actually, not really “goede” at all.  It’s just bloody awful.  In fact I’m not surprised Satoshi gone off camera like that earlier before because all around the country we’re experiencing weather conditions only seen on other planets.  We’re right now tracking this huge Siberian Cold Front that’s dumping sub-zero air into the airspace.  Temperatures have reach all time lows this year, Sakura at negative 17 and much across the board all in the negatives so there is a good chance you could die from frostbite.  We also expect chances of golfball-size hail in the East Midlands as well so try and keep away from your windows.  Also, an urgent forecast warning has issued for the Northern provinces by the ANMS so for those up in Yuschenkov and Kitahana may god have mercy on your souls.  Ai, Takeo, back to you.

Ai: Alright, thank you Peter.  Now about 10 minutes ago, we spoke with our chopper crew who's just right now are flying in the air but we have experienced some minor technical difficulties, but now we have him back online.  Satoshi are you there?


Satoshi: You c*cks!  I hate you all!  We nearly crashed into a GODD**M BUILDING!!!

Ai: Oh uh…sorry there.  Anyways Satoshi, can you show us the snow?

Satoshi: I better get a hell of a raise for this!  Okay (takes a breath) we're right now off in the woods southwest of Himeoka City near Mount Aoten and uh...Brian, what the hell is that beeping sound!?

Takeo: Wow! I have to be honest with you that scenery is absolutely beautiful!

Ai: Ah soo desu nee! It really is! I absolutely love the winter season!

Takeo: Well now Satoshi, this is absolutely amazing and...


Takeo: Satoshi? Are you there? Heh. I'm terribly sorry everyone but it seems that we again are having some more technical difficulties with our connection with the chopper crew.


Ai: Must be the clouds interfering with the satellite signal.


Takeo: I think you're right. Anyways, we'll be catching up with Satoshi and his crew later on in the program. Now...uh...ok...

Everyone it seems that we now have some breaking news.  Ai?


Ai: A helicopter has reported to have crashed near Mt. Aoten this morning. The National Aviation System has received a final log from the chopper just seconds ago.  From the data from the black box they received, they believe that the choppers engines seized solid after freezing midair. We now have an RTA chopper on the scene live and uh...


Takkun.  Does that chopper look familiar?

Takeo: Uhh...no.  Never seen it before in my life.

----------------End of Transcript----------------


-Aoyama to Host SimMania Baseball World Cup (SBWC)

Military propped up to ensure safety of the games from terrorists.

-Report finds Wealthiest 10% of Aoyamans Responsible for 60% of Tax Evasion Cases

-Kitaro Regime Injects $300 million into Military Wartime Propaganda

Fund will go to support radio and TV jamming campaigns in North Korea and Myanmar



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**CAUTION: May Contain Strong Content**


(Sakura City10:00 AM: Protesters crowd up Sakura City streets as it's officially announced former president of the United States, George W. Bush, will meet with Aoyaman Prime Minister Masanori Kitaro today.

According to RTA sources, for security purposes, when, where, and how George W. Bush's escort will drive him will not be disclosed to the public.

Despite Prime Minister Kitaro being a left wing politician.  He took the visit with warm welcomes.  Eyewitnesses however found the Prime Minister discussing with various media crew dotted around the park, directing how cameras will face Bush, supposedly to set-up the former president.


(Transcript from N24 "News 13 with Ichiro Izuka and Harumi Toyama")


1:05 PM

Ichiro: A police barricade has been made in haste as announcements has been sounding off via city speakers that the former president will be arriving momentarily via a secured convoy and we believe at just half past one we'll be able to see him.

Harumi: Yes and meanwhile now already over what some reporters down on the ground now say nearly 80,000 protesters may be situated down there.  Wow, when he comes by, I don't think they'll be down there just to watch him.

Ichiro: Well some 500 police officers have been dispatched and we already have reports some riots have broken out into the streets, police are already dealing with the situation.



1:32 PM

Ichiro: George W. Bush's escort is now visible.  It makes its way to the front of Parliament.  Some eight police cars and six Sector 8 escort vehicles are now um uh...visible.  And now it seemed more riots have broken off off camera and......uh......(god this is so f---ing boring), and uh (oh crap!) uh uh about two people have confirmed arrested and uh detained by police.

Harumi: Hold yourself together Ichiro, it's rolling news.  We might be here for another two hours or so covering the same d-mn story.  Anyways we just got reports that some fire has broken out...




1:37 PM

Harumi: It appears now that the convoy has now just stopped and arrived at the entrance of Parliament now and it seems that he's, um, chopper, can we get a closer shot of the former president?

Chopper Crew: Sure should be fine, oh wait wait wait! No, that's not possible, a uh Sector 8 squadron heard our conversation. He says he'll shoot us down if we uh descend any further.

Ichiro: Don't worry that's fine we can see Bush from up here and...

Harumi: WOW! He's got such a nice suits he's got on and....

Ichiro: What!? Oh god, Harumi are you doing that again, like last night? On camera!?  Jesus Christ Harumi! And not just that like I mean, your 25, and he's like.........90!

Harumi: Oh come on!  What is this, primetime? Like, who's on earth is listening to this channel anyways?


(End of Transcript)

Bush's intended to visit as a speaker as a means to propose various terrorism safety measures to the prime minister. Aoyama ranks near Iraq and Afghanistan in terms of  fatalities caused by terrorism.  This year, over 5,000 were killed and over 40,000 injured in a series of car bombings, building explosions, and urban warfare that plagues nearly every city across the country.  Unlike Iraq and Afghanistan, Aoyama's problem stems from extremist pro-Japan nationalists instead of misguided religious fanatics.


Once Bush made it into parliament, it's reported the prime minister and the the former president had some a small chat.


During a outdoor press conference, President Bush spoke about various achievements he accomplished during his term.


"Since 9/11, I proposed some of the most effective terrorism measures ever seen in the country.  For the past eight years in office, no Muslim was ever able to infiltrate our great American system."


Half the conference groaned in disgust.  One vomited on an AP reporter.


For about one hour, Bush discussed how the country should open arms to allow private contractors based in America to 'relieve' the burden off from Aoyama's military personnel.  The former president went even further by proposing the privatization of healthcare facilities and schools to reduce Aoyama's debt burden .  He calls it a way to "make easy money in hard times".


Nearing the end of his speech, one reporter from Himitsu News asked the former president.


"concerning everything you said.  Including the establishment of an 'independent' American defense network here in the country.  Isn't that just another attempt to allow companies to profitize from our public works projects, like Blackwater?  It does not sound smart to privatize our public works when the country you  privatized got screwed with debt in just eight years."


The former president stared at the reporter and stated "Sir, I assure you that's all just Obama's fault.  I understand your concerns, and I like how you stand up to your beliefs.  It's rare these days to here the general public speak such bold statements to a person like me.  On that,  I salute you."


Momentarily, Bush stuck his middle finger.



By the end of his speech, various consultants for Bush spoke to him.  "It's best if you're not here after what you did" said a consultant off the mike.  Bush's escort hurried on back to the airport.


Immediately afterwards, media crowded around the Prime Minister.


He stated "Well that sucked.  He didn't even bother to stay for dinner!  I was beginning to like the guy!"



Riots in Minami

Click to see the CJ based on this news site: The Kingdom of Aoyama







Photos & Footage



First and Second Top Picture: Rioters smash cars, and loot homes/businesses.

Bottom Picture: Police blockade in Iwajiya District.  Attempts to stop the anarchy have proved useless.



Top Picture: Iwatsuki District burned from bombings by the Aoyaman Revolutionary Front.

Bottom Picture: Fires in Iwatsuki set ablaze shopping buildings and condominiums.


Footage From N24





***DISCLAIMER (Please read!)***

Updated: 2010/10/10

This is a FAKE NEWS WEBSITE.  Please, do not take any of the stories published in this CJ seriously.

Some of the stories are based on real events, but they are twisted, spinned, and pureed more than Chinese propaganda.

Also, the "journalists" really do not reflect my personal views.

They're created for the means of entertaining you.

Thank you9.gif


Update: 2010/10/10

Woohoo! 10/10/10.  What a day to debut on!  Alright let's get crackin'!  To start things off, this page will be where the instructions will be to read this website.  I'll have it all on the top.  Also, since this is a faux-"news" website (i.e. FAKE), I might land myself into some really hot water here and then18.gif.  God I hope none of these stories gets published on CNN.  For that, i'll add a disclaimer on the top as well.

That settles everything.  Thank you for reading, and enjoy this CJ.  I hope this news site doesn't disappoint.

Update: 2010/10/08

After reading a few news websites, this little idea popped in my head.

Here's a brief summary.

Back in real life, I stumbled upon the Odds and Ends section in the Mainichi News.  It essentially features the crazy, absurd "real" news just to give you a few chuckles while you're bored.  I figure a lot of other news sites run odd news sections too.

This however, is what gave me the idea for the fictional broadcaster, Radio-Television of Aoyama (RTA) for my CJ.  RTA is the country's state broadcaster and major news agency, providing news on all the absurd happenings as the nation's mental state falls apart.  Basically, It's pure devilish satire.

At first, I wanted to keep the "reportings" by RTA as part of a few small updates on the CJ, but I changed my mind.  I thought it was not enough.  That is why I'm starting a News CJ, a city journal kept purely in news format.  It will be a supplement for my current CJ, but I might branch out into other fields as well.  The main feature of it is to give realism to a CJ, all for your entertainment.

As of now, the page is still in construction.  I believe that in one to two days, I might have it fully functioning.  I'm planning to make the entire page clickable from the "Start Page".  It will feature all of the latest news so it's not necessary to scramble through the archives.  However, this is all an experiment.  After making the first page on my CJ, I do not know if it will come out well.

Oh well, I'll give it a shot anyways.9.gif

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