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Introduction & Welcome




Introduction and Welcome to Harar

Welcome from Queen Vera


Welcome to Harar, a self-governing protectorate of the Schulmania Bureau of Feline Affairs. I am pleased to share our nation with you. Harar is a loosely organized region southeast of Schulmania whose resident population is non-domiciled feral felines. The vast free range feline territory was placed under Bureau of Feline Affairs protection to deter potential military threats. As Schulmania's senior liaison to the non-domiciled population, I volunteered to coordinate the effort to organize a government for the territory. To preserve our feral lifestyle, government and domestic intrusions will be kept to a minimum. Our government is entirely self governing for internal affairs and aligns itself with the Bureau of Feline Affairs for foreign policy.

We, the non-domiciled felines, often called "feral" are the proud standard bearers of feline culture and tradition. We alone maintain the ancient, time-honored traditions felines have followed for generations. Our simple and natural lifestyle is in harmony with our lands. Abundant prey and ample resources make Harar a perfect place for felines. Please join us as we explore Harar's lands and learn more about the dignified life of the non-domiciled feline.

With warmest regards,

Queen Vera

Basic Country Information


Country Name: Royal Protectorate of Harar (short form, "Harar")

Government Type: Royal Felinocracy

Capital: Lake Felis (court is itinerant)

Administrative Divisions: 11provinces (Bureau of Feline Affairs dependency)

Independence: None (Bureau of Feline Affairs dependency)

National Holiday: St. Francis & St. Flora Day, 1 July

Constitution: None

Executive Branch: Chief of State: Queen Vera

Legislative Branch: Bureau of Feline Affairs Council

Judicial Branch: Royal Harar Court

International Organization Participation: Bureau of Feline Affairs

Political Parties: None


Area: 453,120 square meows

Size Comparison: Approximately the size of the Regency of Wirdleonia (Schulmania).

Terrain: Central mountains and rolling hills, rocky and forested.

Climate: Temperate with cool winters and hot, humid summers (cooler in central mountains)


Population: Unknown (population is feral and there has been no census)

Growth Rate: Unknown (population is feral and there has been no census)

Fertility Rate: 3.89 kittens per litter

Nationality: Feline (adjective), Feline (noun)

Ethnic Groups: Feline 100%

Languages: Feline, Meow, Purr

Literacy: 100%


Economy: The population generally engages solely in sustenance hunting for small game. Some trading of meat occurs with Schulmania.

Currency: Schulmoneta

Currency Exchange Rate: Set at a 1:1 ratio with Schulmania and Bureau of Feline Affairs


Military: Defense is the responsibility of the Bureau of Feline Affairs


Flag: The national flag is flown alongside the banner of the Bureau of Feline Affairs


Coat of Arms: Granted by Bureau of Feline Affairs Governor-General H. J. Franciflora






Recommended Comments

Yes! I'm the first to comment! 

Congrats on making the spin-off you promised, Schulmanator! I hope to see this region grow and expand!

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452,120 meows in size.  That must be pretty big!  I'm looking forward to more.  Love the coat of arms.  Those are feathers, aren't they, at the top? 

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Wow, Harar looks very promising and I especially like the touch of wilderness... the Coat of Arms looks magnificent, its' designer must be very gifted and skilled ;)
Looking very much forward to more foreign 'Meow',

take care,


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It's a Schulmanian production! And I missed it cause it's in here. lol Good thing I saw your Signature!

"Feral" felines? Uh oh, these kitties are wild and rambunctious!

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Unknown-Figure1           Thank you and congratulations on being Harar’s first commenter. There’s not many opportunities to be first, so it is a definite distinction.


Leech10               Thanks. This will be updated intermittently, as the area will primarily be undeveloped.  I have a good number of large city tiles reserved for Harar and have already started work in two of them.


Reikhardt            Don’t be… bring a can of tuna and you will have a friend for life!


Efkin      Thanks… more furry goodies are due to arrive both here and Schulmania soon.


tigeria   Thanks for coming by. More will be here and in Schulmania soon. Harar will be updated more intermittently though.


Hester  Thanks. And yes, feathers do adorn the coat of arms. After all, they are trophies of the hunt.


ImVhOzzi            Thanks. I hope to see you here and in Schulmania many times.


lucky7   Danke! More meow is due to arrive soon!


Archean               LOL… aren’t all kitties wild and rambunctious?! :P



A note to commenters: I am not yet sure how I shall calculate any posting awards for Harar. I am sure though that the posts here will not be combined with Schulmania posts. We will have two separate sets of statistics and perhaps different awards as well.

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9988           Welcome! You are correct. Harar is updated less. It mainly serves to fill  in the story of Schulmania's neighbor to the south.

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Even better! Harar's first #1 ranking EVER!!!!


In case you haven't noticed, Harar just beat Schulmania in BTT-CJ... Schulmania Volume 3 has never been #1 in this section before. Woo hoo! Great job, Queen Vera and associates!

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