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The Start of the Beginning (Pt. 1 of 5)

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Date: November 1st.

Location: Safe Zone 1.

Today is a big day for the Safe Zone. Joey, and a crew of 6 others are starting their Journey onwards to the Presidencial Safe Zone. They are going to make a revolutionary journey.

Anyways, on their way to the Pres. Safe Zone, they will head through a very large city, that is now abandoned. It will take about a month to get there, and many many pictures will be taken of the site.

Also, today is the day, where the Infected Fighting Squad, will first go into action. They have been training for the past 3 weeks, and the 15 super soldiers, will help Joey, and his crew through the first mile from the Safe Zone.

The new IFS, isn't just new here. The presidencial Safe Zone, is also starting this, and other countrys like France have also started this. They aren't traditional soldiers, they've been trained to move stealily, and make good kill shots. Meaning, mostly head shots are made. Since, the infected can survive shots to the chest. It's, extremely hard to kill these things with guns.

The Vehicle the IFS uses is a simple pick-up truck, that has been modified to have a steel bar cage in the back, and some other things.

Anyways.. Joey's first mile through the Dead Zone, went quiet well. The IFS took care of most infected, and the others were shot down by Joey's Crew.

The J Crew (Joey's Crew) have a modified Police Van. The back doors were reinforced, the wall seperating the drive/passenger seats from the back was took out. Only 6 guns were brought on board, for the crew of 7.

The J Crew has now travel about 100 miles. It's over half way to the Abandoned City. Although this is a normal 1 1/2-2 hour trip nowadays, they barely are trucking by, they are constantly having to be careful about the infected, and conserve their ammo.

Gasoline isn't much of a problem, since there are many abandoned gas stations out there, the only problem is going out to get the gas. It's very dangerous, but is has to be done.

Presidencial Safe Zone:

The infected are becoming very smart. They aren't just attacking in massive hordes like they use to, their are using stradegy. They, come in at small hordes of 20-50. About 6 of these hordes attack all at once, all over the place. Then, a second wave of infected comes, about 200 come at a time then. This, puts loads of strain on our security forces. We have, about 2 1/2 months until we are going to have to start evacuating this place.

The IFS is having a lot of effect though, going out and fighting the infected 1 on 1, is proving to be pretty effective.....

Joey's Crew is now on the out skirts of the Abandoned City. The Date is now December 3rd. Tomorrow, the J Crew, will start going through the City. So far, trouble with the infected has been very limited, let's see how it goes inside the city, where there's tons of obstacles...

Hey, I'm VERY sorry it took soooo long for me to update the CJ this time.. I've been occupied.. Anyways, The next few days will see more updates..

Stay tuned, and give feedback!

I still want you to give me what you think should come next, it proves to be very very helpful with me!



I'm also changing how I update this CJ. I'm no longer having a loose storyline i'm following. I'm now, writing segments of the story at a time. As you can see above, this is Part 1 of 5. I've got the basic idea of the other parts written out.

Anyways, the difference, is now when I think of a idea, I'll write it out, work upon it.. Then split it into parts. This means the CJ will be updated irrigulary, instead of a few times a week, it will vary. When I have a entire Storyline written out, then I'll update a lot for a few days. While Working on a storyline, there will be NO updates.

Luckily for you, I have a second story line being written now.

This is where YOU come in. I want you, to start making these storyline concepts in the comments.

Here would be a example:

"Date X, Location: X.

The Safe Zone, is running low on food, there is a large food supply at a abandoned place about 30 miles away. The IFS starts heading out there to gather the food supplys."

That, is currently being written.. I want YOU to start making storyline concepts like that for me. It will really help!



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Date: December 1st Year 2011
the J crew were progressing well and they infected on the other side of safe zone one built rafts and started to come across the river the ifs soldiers went out and tried to defend but were overwhelmed some were killed and now the safe zone has barely enough food and the food they have is rationed out

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It never ceases to amaze me how you guys make the storyline I already have planned, sound completely boring compared to the story's you guys are coming up with!

That is truly a good suggestion.. I am sorry to say, that I'll be unable to use it.. The end part of your suggestion, is going to be used for sure


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