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Construction Pt. 2.. & A Journey Starts

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Date: September 1st.

Location: Safe Zone 1.

Construction of the expansion of Safe Zone 1, part 2 is starting today. A amount of people were selected, to be brought outside of the Safe Zone. They are selected based upon work ethic. Anyways, before construction of the other side of the tunnel will continue, a bridge is to be built, to allow the movement across the river. So, lets start.


Here's the area where we are going to build.

We can only work on the bridge for about 2 hours of each day. Making it extremly long and boring to finish.


Farms were planted, and the bridge is about half done. 20 day into construction, this bridge isn't meant' to carry much weight, but it'll work.


Here's the complete bridge. It took a while, but now materials needed for construction of the expansion of Safe Zone 1, can be harvested.

The bridge wasn't planned to well though, anyone and anything can travel across it. No stations were built to stop unwanted things from crossing it.

Anyways, lets gets started on the expansion of Safe Zone 1.


The walls are already raised, and you can already see how much bigger this is going to make the Safe Zone.


The walls were put up, and construction of the inside started.


Construction of the new part of the Safe Zone is already half done. Also, a helicopter landing was built, for the helicopter that Safe Zone 3 brought over.

All was going fine. Until, the infected started swarming the place. They were coming from the otherside of the river. No one had any idea of what to do, so they turned to Joey. He was blank at first, but after a day said that the only way they could stop it, would be to blow up the bridge. The people at first rejected the idea, but...


When the infected from across the river started some pretty large fires, minds quickly changed. Good thing that Helicopter arrived.

So, lets start it up..


It has only 3 missles that work with his copter, so it has to be careful..


Here's the copter flieing towards the bridge..


The helicopter is preparing to fire it's missle..


The helicopter fired 2 missles at once, right at the base of the bridge. It wasn't built perfectly, so it started falling apart.


And here's the helicopter coming back after blowing the bridge.

Aparrently, the infected on the other side, learned to start fires. This, could be bad.

Anyways, work finished, and it looks good.

 Journal Entry 20.

Date: October 25th.

Construction finally finished on the other side of the tunnel, the explosion of the bridge was cool, and life is good. Today though, I got a message from the General. He said, that I have a call, from the President. There is a large problem over there.

The infected on the other side of the river, have learned how to start fires, the scientists of Safe Zone 1, wonder what else they have learned. Also, this could be a big problem. Since, some crossed the river, they could meet up with the infected on our side, and teach them. If the infected on our side of the river learn to start fires, this could mean no longer can we grow crops effectivly, and that could spell trouple for Safe Zone 1.

Location: Presidencial Safe Zone.

Mr. Froelich, since you have saved the Safe Zone 1, a few times, we would first like to thank you. Second, we want to show our thanks. We understand, that everyone in your family has passed, except for your Brother. Well, we want to tell you that your Brother is over at the Presidencial Safe Zone, and we are inviting you, to come over here, to be a Military Major. We, have some pretty big problems we want you to help us with.

Anyways, get a team together, and start heading over here.

It will take about 3 months to get to the presidencial Safe Zone, and along the way, you will be going through a abandoned city, and do some observations. I Hope you make it safely to the Presidencial Safe Zone Mr. Froelich.

I really hope you liked this update, it was hard writing this one, don't know why though.. anyways.. I still want you to write up a character for me to put into this story.

There will be some interesting things happening soon enough..


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Area 49: Thanks, and don't worry, you'll see it when you see it! (It won't be for awhile)

ShyGuy: Thanks, lol I'll update more frequantly this week, I have practically nothing goin on..


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Intriguing story. Just read whole cj - will be interested to see how the safe zone expands - how big do you think it will get?

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Oh, Well It's about is big as it needs now, with that big expansion. It will probably have lesser add-ons later on.. Only time will tell though!

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