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A Change in the Story Line... Pt. 1 of 3.

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Everything that was said and done before this update, is about to change.. Though the basic idea is the same..

Anyways, the disease started as a small flu. It was novel yet, and was mutating fast. It started to infect a few hunded people everyday. Eventually, it started to spread to modern parts of Asia, and Europe. A few weeks pasted, and the Flu Virus,mutated. The infected now died, about 1/4 the time. Also, the disease spread about 3 times as fast aswell.

Large populations of the infected were pooled together, to try and prevent the spread. This, just made it much easier for the disease to mutate. It, eventually mutated to make the infected, extremely starved, and has a laxitive effect. About 5 weeks past since the infected started, and the virus mutated once more. This time, it added canalablism, extreme strength, and endless energy to the infected. The virus was continuosly mutating.

Now, the infected that were pooled together, started breaking free of their encampments. They charged through major towns, and many millions became infected. Another mutation occured, this time adding the most deadly attribute. The virus now took 2-5 weeks before it showed symptoms. Also, by the 3rd day, the infected could spread the disease. So, now people that became infected and didn't know it, fled the areas, to the america's and other places.

America, now started preparing to take on the infected. It closed airlines in 2 months of the start of the disease, and all shipments froze. Soldeirs also started being recruited. The president was then shipped to a very secure location. Also, large military complexes were being constructed, to help protect citizens from "the deadly infected".

Another month goes by, and all hell broke loose. Near 2 billion people became infected, and all of asia was desimated. 3 thermonuclear bombs were dropped on crowds of infected. The largest crowd so far, was close to 10 million infected...

About 200 million people were infected in america alone. Along with about 101 million dead, from murder, suicide, bombings, and mostly infected that attack. A mere 60,000 people are struggling to survive, and those Safe Zones, created are falling 1 by 1 by the infected.

Hey, I'm very very sorry for a long wait for a update. I, hit a dead end with the storyline, so I'm starting from scratch!

Hope you like the new storyline, it's pretty much the same. Anyways, the next 2 updates will be like this, then after that, they will be different..


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I would prefer pictures, but its a good story. I can smell hollywood lurking these pages looking for a good idea, lol.

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Very nice .... i can see that you actualley put time into this and gave your best .... though i do see some minner stolen material i am still caught up with the story its self ..... :) very nice work .... and dont worry about update deadlines work at your pace or make a sheadule :) thanks for your contributation -?Maître?

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Thanks for the comments..

Tepodon, I'll have pictures again once I get back to normal updating, these puny updates are just to get people knowing the major stuff..

Maitre, thanks, lol.. I am trying very hard and also try and keep it mostly my orginal idea.. Though it can be tricky with the vast amount of other ideas exactly like this lol


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