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  1. hiya all

    hi all... while i fix my comp and ut sc4 on there again :/ i have decided to make another cj... i dont know how this will go or if it will go well at all i just decided to do it while i waited... this is going to be a dwarf fortress cj ... and its going to get batle bloody and very constructive so be wary ahead... and if you read on... thanks for reading
  2. Owerview of the City of Optimia

    what custom content did you use for that i have been looking for some ancient stuff 
  3. MOON

     very nice environment you have there will that be the area where the city or colonization effort will start
  4. take off

     this is star ruler the previous is cities xl
  5. take off

    while sending out explorers to explore more of the planet we found a secret facility. when i sent an armed inspection team to check the place we found a massive ship. with the technology we had we fixed it up. it was not the best fix but we got it operational and sent it to the closest planet we could find on our star charts and sattelites. the ship left the planet quickly. a couple months later it came upon a really flourished planet. we knew this would be the perfect farm world for our empire to expand the planet which you can see now was fully functional with many farms and cities (will be making a cities xl city on this soon) everyone who moved to this planet enjoyed it. plus it got some good trade going and very useful food resources
  6. Skilled and offices

    the industry in skullderia was fairly good although the people thoughts they were being ripped off with some small pollution issues... these issues were resolved and the people demanded offices so that they had more skilled people in the city. the decision was made to build offices and skilled workers house and they filled as a quick as a bees nest swarming the area was small to save money but once the office area was built income peaked at a high 1.3k a month the offices were a big success and the people really enjoyed the business it was bringing to the town the next decision in the history of skullderia is what to do with this newfound money put your reasons and why and i shall choose the best in the next entry. we need people to tell me because i shall be checking back soon and if noone chooses anything i shall make my own.
  7. details and first decision

    the refinery will be on the ground plus i am thinking of making this cj a unique one so i can add some screenshots from star ruler to simulate planet colonization 
  8. details and first decision

    skullderia was going well many people enjoyed living and moving there. the people of skullderia thought they were on a gold (oil) mine when they spotted some blackness in the water when the environment was perfect. the details were released to the advisors about the situation of money and population population: 316 money: 362,173 income: 780 environment quality: perfect the first major decision in skullderia's history will be chosen here by the public (commenters) of skullderia A) siphon the oil and sell it to omnicorp (the giant spacestation orbiting the planet LOL) B) make another village and sell the oil to them for any chosen price (list price) and the final thing to be listed is the advisors Advisors Transport: Tepodon Health: Noone Population: Area49 Pollution:Bigthing Colonization:The00guvna
  9. Skullderia

    in my next entrie i shall note your positions aswell as the first decision in the city making process. it shall be a small decision but later might affect the whole city ;) anyways thats enough for a sneak peek 
  10. Skullderia

    the first small village we made was called skullderia. it was a close to home we took the liberty of planning the basics of the city first before the settlers moved in many settlers moved in very fast and the people were happy in this small village eventually we had to expand to more homes for workers and we got to this we loved the many people moving in and loved how happy they were. it was good that this small village was cooperating together and we made a decision on who was the transport manager and that position goes to (drumroll) tepodon because he was the only one who applied for the position remember there are always the other positions
  11. intro (soz no pics YET!)

    @tepodon you have been given that position i shall be posting pictures soon and you shall be able to see the small town that it is... btw to all people this is 100% vanilla so if you think i should use some mods post them and i shall try to use them in my mod
  12. intro (soz no pics YET!)

    @ kolnikov inc if you have ever heard of star blazers or space battleship yamato then you would basically know what i mean because they made a rebirth version showing the earth "nearly" destroyed by a black hole... the earth in this story was not destroyed it was decayed, ruined and was destroyed by pollution and radiation. they left so that they would be able to live longer instead of just living underground for their whole lives...
  13. intro (soz no pics YET!)

    we left the earth in giant shuttles. there were at least a hundred of them i couldnt believe we only managed to get a quarter of people off earth. we were the lucky ones but i think it was a lucky hell for now we needed another place to live and we did not have any space allies. we traveled through the months until we spotted a lush green planet that looked fairly similar to earth. many people liked this new world and many just accepted it because they liked their old homes better. we started work on some small shelters and assigned jobs to eachother like hunter,clothier,scout and such we had been on the planet for a month and started developing an economy when i was elected mayor of the town of precarial it was a small town but i loved it. i started asking around for advisors and helpers for public transport but none would accept the power. i started getting desperate and now i ask YOU! advisor positions available: transport advisor health advisor population advisor pollution advisor and last but not least colonization advisor
  14. Sparto Centra Grows

    lol its nice that u used the university as the goverment house
  15. introductions

     i gotta agree with you there and all the custom mods and maps make it alot better