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Nouadhibou, The Oasis City (Part 1)

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Noudhibou.... The "Oasis City". Noudhibou is an arising metropolis on long peninsula. For 200 years it has been a center of trade, a turn-of the century port, and now its becoming a commercial megacenter.

      People call Noudhibou the "Oasis City" for a reason. The original peninsula was a bank of sand stretching into the atlantic. Now, with the help of urbanization and desalination, the city is the second top tourist destination in Africa, with its warm ocean waters brought by the current, strong religious beliefs, quaint hotels, and rich culture, people from all over Europe and the Middle East come to the city to enjoy the lifestyle.


     Noudhibou is in a strange location. On the far-far edge of the Sahara, were the dunes meet the sea. No natural vegitation to be seen away from the small seasonal river, and what else? A small peninsula on which the city sits, protected by the eroding shore. The closest cities? The ancient walled desert city of Atar, and the flourishing megaopolis known as Zukuraai.


At night the city remains alive, but somewhat dead. Lights everywere, but utterly quiet. People sit in their homes spending time with family, and eating dinner. Mom & Pop stores still are prevelent here. No Wall-Marts in the entire city, mabey even the entire country.



     Noudhibou Central Station... Utterly dead at night. No trains in at the moment. Just a large empty building, with a lone person behind a counter.


As the sun rises off the ocean, the skys and the oceans turn bright orange, and people wonder... the people wonder... why? The sun rising in the west... A rare site indeed.


     8a.m, The city is already bustling. People walk and drive to work everywere. Small shops, hotels, construction sites, you name it. Tourists still eating breakfast, so the Bordwalk, (although its cement), is dead, and the beach desolate aside from a few Spring Breakers, who passed outin the lifegard tower from drinking too much Vodka.


    Central Station is now awake. A train is due in any minute. People wait inside on the benches and the ticket lines, for the 8:10 to Zukuraai.



     Slums... a sad sight to behold in any city. The Inner City slums, (as called by locals), is a large "Shantytown" of the poor. Very few people are actualy homelessin the Royal Gansbaai Kingdoms. Ganssbaai has an extreamly low unemployment rate.





     Islam is the National Religion of Gansbaai, and the largest as well. So ofcorse,  many mosque's exist in Gansbaai. All allowed to built wherever they want. Freedom of religion is not only a right, but a law in the country. The people here respect that. There were not even any protests about the New Catholic Churches being built next to that elementary school playground.




And Ill end part one with a mosaic 44.gif


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I stand corrected, that is indeed a huge mosaic! Also, great use of the unpaved streets! Really adds to the slum-touch

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I was going to join the choir of people saying your beach is amazing, but that HUGE mosiac is just superb. Hats off to you sir for something that is just so different from other CJ's.

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 This is very different. And at first, I wasn't sure what to make of it. But now I truly know that this CJ is so different and so amazing. This is just wonderful and very beautiful. Please keep going!

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lol, thanks

TowerDude:  Thanks man

Gammafreak: Thanks

tigeria: Thank you. And dont worry, eventualy you will be able to.

Paulobergonci: Thank you

Thomaskrules: Thanks  I just left because I feel as if I wasnt contributing much, and I didnt wanto make it a chore to do so.

lesgaz: Thanks.  Im glad you like my taste in maps.

panthersSC4: Thank you. It took a long time to do those beaches.

k50dude: Thanks. (btw watch your moth mr.) ........ 

CTM&R: Thanks Im glad you like it 

spursrule14: Thanks

aidcity4: Thanks ........ please dont expand smileys 10-fold... kinda scary .........

Reikhardt: Thank you. Both took me long to make.

Drummaster4: Thankyou very much. I hope you like any future updates I have.

DCMetro34: Thanks man!

Sky Guy: oh god, stop veiwing my CJ... I cant have a lawsuit on my hands...

vivapanda: lol, Im glad you like it

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